6 Things You Do Wrong While Trying To Impress A Guy

We girls love attention, don’t we? Maybe not all the time and not from everyone but we surely enjoy the attention of a handsome boy we have hots for. We will do all kinds of stuff to grab ‘his’ attention. But sometimes we end up doing stuff that we later regret. What’s worse is that instead of impressing the guy we end up making a complete fool of ourselves. Not just that, but we also give a clear indication that we are crushing on someone. It is embarrassing and I don’t think anyone wants their crush to laugh at them. So, here is a list of certain things that are a strict no-no when you are trying to impress a guy.


1. Speaking Loudly

I’ll raise my hand first and admit to being guilty of this. I have a high-pitched voice and sometimes this pitch reaches a completely new level when I am around someone I like and want him to feel my presence. Sadly, this is an old trick and almost all men are aware of this. A guy’s instincts may not be as sharp as a girl’s but this is the silliest trick and guys know the intention behind the sudden rise in volume. So next time you are talking to someone and you see a cute guy pass by please do not suddenly raise your voice. You will only startle him and being startled is not equivalent to being impressed.


2. Acting Dumb

I am sure many of us have done this, acting to need help only to talk to a guy. Girls often act dumb just to be able to make a guy talk to them. Though this may be a good ice-breaker, it does not help in the long run. Not all men feel intimidated by intelligent girls. If anything, guys actually admire girls who are intelligent and confident. Who likes a dummy anyway? It’s OK If you have already tried this trick, just do not go on with the act. Instead, surprise him with extra information you have about the latest gadgets in the market.


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3. Feigning Interest

Girls feel that guys are impressed by girls who love sports. Though it may be true in most cases, it does not mean you have to force yourself to enjoy something just to impress him. Guys know it instantly when a girl is pretending to be a sports lover. He has his male buddies to give him company at that. So do not go overboard and fake excitement for an upcoming football match between clubs whose name you have never even heard of.  


4. Acting Tough

If you have you seen the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hain, you will know how Anjali gets friend zoned by Rahul only because he takes her to be nothing more than a buddy. Why? Because she looks and acts like a boy! I am not saying it’s wrong to be a tomboy but tell me would you feel attracted to a guy who dresses and acts like a girl? No, right? Then how can you expect a guy to like a girl who is almost like him? Opposites attract remember? It’s good to be an independent girl but sometimes you can let him feel like he saved the day for you. It’s OK to squeal at the sight of a cockroach (don’t judge him if he squeals louder than you) you do not have to be tough all the time.


5. Heavy Makeup

It is true that in the game of attraction, looks matter the most. The outer packaging of a good is what gives it a head start and the same applies to how you present yourself. But, some girls tend to overdo it. Yes, pretty women easily attract a guy’s attention but it doesn’t mean that you should hide your face behind innumerable layers of powder to look like a pale vampire. Makeup is essential but too much of it makes you look greedy for attention. A cakey face full of colour is a big turnoff for men. However, if you are dying to catch the attention of a man try to be bold but subtle. How? You can do this by targeting one feature of yours and making it stand out. For example, one day you can go for some light makeup but a bold lip colour. Next day, try a new hairstyle. Then one day you can try the boldly defined eye makeup to get those seductive catty eyes. Try to look different each day by highlighting one good feature of yours and see how he will be forced to notice you.


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6. Laughing Too Much

This one is a big turn-off. If you laugh at every joke of his he will eventually catch your fake laugh and will see how hard you are trying to be nice to him. Don’t make yourself look so desperate. Let him work hard for your laugh. Cracking you up should be a challenge for him. Laugh at his jokes, but only at those, you find genuinely funny.  


If you have done one or all of the above, do not worry it is absolutely fine as almost 95% girls do it, it’s very common. It may seem extremely embarrassing but it is all a part of the game. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. Instead, make new mistakes and share it with me below. We can have a good laugh over it.     


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