22 Best Indian TV Serial Title Tracks And Their Amazing Sound Tracks

I often go gaga over Korean drama OST’s but I cannot deny the fact that there have been many Indian serials that have had wonderful title tracks and OST’s. Here is a list of some of the best Indian TV show title tracks and OST’s that I have loved for so many years. Songs whose lyrics I know by heart even after ten years. So, let the songs begin!

Title Tracks

1. Mansha (Zee TV)

I loved this song as much as I loved the serial. And yes, that is Ram Kapoor in the video. Looks unrecognizable na? Well, this show came out way before he gained weight. Back then he was very slim. 


2. Kitni Mohabbat Hain (NDTV Imagine)       

This title track was as fresh as the show. The high pitched beginning of the track is just as impactful as the entire track itself.

3. Kahin Toh Hoga (Star Plus)     

One of Star Plus’s most successful shows, Kahin To Hoga’s title track was very popular when it was first launched.

4. Kabhi Toh Nazar Milao (Sony TV)

This show did not have a long run but its title track stayed with me even after it ended.

5. Kitni Mast Hain Zindagi (MTV)

MTV’s first daily soap was about a young girl who comes to Mumbai to become a Radio Jockey. Its title track was peppy and captured the overall feel of the show. Click here to listen to its amazing track.

Kitni Mast Hain Zindagi
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6. Kuch Jhuki Si Palkhein (Sony TV)

This melodious track said a lot about the serial’s storyline. The whistle still reverberates in my ears.

7. Son Pari (Star Plus)

Children just couldn’t stop dancing to this chirpy title track.

8. Kkavyanjali (Star Plus)         

This hauntingly beautiful track had a such a soothing touch to it.

9. Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hain (Sony TV)

The love story between a rockstar and a struggling singer is aptly captured in its title track.


10. Hip Hip Hurray (Zee TV)

Almost every 90’s kid knows what this song means. This song beautifully encapsulates the journey of young ambitious students in under one minute.

11. Remix (Star One)

Sung by Channel V’s popstar hunt winners band, Aasma, Remix’s title track still has me swaying to its tune.

12. Left Right Left (Sab TV)

A cult show of its time, its title track was very popular among the youth.

13. Sanjeevani (Star Plus)

This title track may only be an instrumental but it still is a ringtone for many cell phones till today.


14. Kkusum (Sony TV)

An amazing show with a strong title track that many of us still can hum with ease.


15. Koi Apna Sa (Zee TV)

Performed by the singing duo Preeti and Pinky this opening song is energetic, fun and symbolises the spirit of the three sisters on the show.

16. Jiya Jale (9X)

I don’t understand what went wrong with this serial and why it never got its due. However, its title track continues to stay with me as one of my favourites.

17. Kya Hadsa Kya Haqeeqat (Sony TV)

Strong beats and a melodious voice suits Balaji’s suspense show.



Original Soundtracks (OST)

These are not title tracks of any show but original compositions for Indian television the show. 


18. Ishq Hain – Maryada (Star Plus)

I personally loved this song back then and love it even now. I still remember ever word of it.


19. Bekaboo – Navya (Star Plus)

These two songs were the best part of this show. A sweet show that started with a cute love story between two young college students had their lovable moments captured in these two original tracks.


20. My Heart Goes Dhin Tana

21. Oh Kanha – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus)           

This harmonious track depicting the love of a devotee for her beloved Lord Krishna still gives me goose bumps.   


22. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus)

A romantic serial can never be complete without the perfect love song written especially for the main characters of the show.


Which of the above songs was your favourite? Comment below if you think I have missed any good song and that it should be on this list.


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