Bigg Boss 10: Here Are Your ‘Common Man’ Contestants This Year [Videos]

The countdown for one of India’s biggest reality, Bigg Boss 10 has begun. I am a big reality show junkie. And by a reality show, I mean only a REALITY show and not a talent hunt contest. I have followed all (except one i.e. season 3) the seasons of Bigg Boss religiously. For me, Season 1, Season 7, and Season 8 were the best. Though last year’s season (Season 9) was meh I am still looking forward to season 10 because I am hoping that the producers must have learnt from their mistakes last year and shall leave no stone unturned in putting up a good show this time. The promotions of the reality show are in full swing and Color’s head Raj Nayak has tweeted a few teasers of the non-celebrity contestants this year. From what I see it looks like a mixed bag of contestants with different personalities coming from various fields of work. Without any further delay let’s catch a glimpse of the contestants ready to enter the Bigg Boss house in 2016.


Contestant 1 – A Villager

Apart from winning Bigg Boss, last year’s desi munda Prince and season 2’s Ashutosh have many things in common. They both came to Bigg Boss after winning their respective seasons of Roadies and both came from small towns. These two desi jawans showed that their humble backgrounds could not stop them from winning the country’s biggest reality show. Let’s see if this naujawan from rural India repeats his predecessor’s history or gets lost in the crowd.



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Contestant 2 – A Swamiji

A sadhu in the Bigg Boss house? Wow! I wonder how that will work. I have never seen a sadhu on the show so this contestant seems quite interesting.



Contestant 3 – A Model

C’mon we have seen so many struggling models on the show. Why would you bring another? Aren’t this year’s celebrity contestants pretty enough? Anyway, additional eye candy does no harm, does it?



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Contestant 4 – Teacher

This one looks like a nerdy guy full of gyaan (probably more than the sadhu baba). We have had intellectuals on the show before. We have also seen a teacher (last year’s contestant Priya Malik) on the show before. Let’s see what this teacher does this year.



Contestant 5 – Likely Controversial Character

Now, this contestant has my attention. She says she is attached to a popular name in cricket. Not much is revealed, and the teaser has done its job! I now am curious to know who she is and why does she say her life hit its lowest point after marrying a famous cricketer’s younger brother. I can’t wait until 16 October.



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An interesting bunch of people, isn’t it? Bigg Boss 10 is just 7 days away. Are you excited for the show too? From the above contestants who are you looking forward to seeing the most? Let me know in the comment section below.



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