Girliyapa Review: Finally A Web Series That Shows Women’s Sense Of Humour

Girliyapa is a YouTube channel that makes women-centric videos. Just because it is ‘women-centric’ it does not mean that it makes documentaries on how suppressed the female gender is and how women empowerment must be promoted. In fact, the channel makes videos on anything but that. It is a fun channel that has a very different take on how women perceive things and what they really want. We have seen a lot of bromance and men verbally bashing women on different web series and monologue videos. This time it is the girl’s turn to speak her mind. I watched a few videos on the Girliyapa channel and this is what I liked about it.



Girliyapa Series

Video – Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?

Girliyapa Review

In this video, two not so attractive girls thrash (verbally of course) a man leaching at their hot and attractive friend. It is not the usual moral policing you would see in videos, it is rather two women complaining about men not finding them attractive enough to stare. This 5-minute video is hilarious. Mallika Dua and Srishti Srivastava just nail it with their flawless performance. Do not miss Mallika’s swag when she says, ‘bhai tumhe dhoka chiye ya insaaf’. 


Video – Ab Ki Baar HR

This 6-minute rant about not receiving a good hike at work will make you go ROFL. I wanted to whistle at Mallika Dua and Srishti Shrivastava when they did that little funny conversation about receiving ‘gh*nta’ for increment.

Would you like some gh*nta?

-Oh I’d love some

Oh my God isn’t that a lot for today?

-Oh there you go, you stingy little bitch

You look so pretty

-I look fucking ugly let’s take a selfie


Look at how these two girls go from being sweet and angelic to ferocious tigress when denied a good pay hike.

Girliyapa Review


Then there is a two-episode series titled ‘Ladies Room Bakchodi’. In this two-episode series, all the curious men get a glimpse at what do women do in the washroom and why do they spend so much time there.


Video – To Stick Or No To Stick

Girliyapa Review Girliyapa Review

This is one interesting interaction between two girls discussing lipstick (?). They may appear to be discussing lipstick but they are actually discussing something entirely different. Let me give you a hint here, when she says ‘lipstick’ she means ‘men’, when she says ‘makeup’ she means marriage’, when she says ‘perfume’ she means ‘wife’ and when she says ‘deo’ she actually means ‘girlfriend’. So, now you will know what girls say and what they actually mean. I love the writing in this video. Awesome job writer Maam!!


Video – Why Girls Get Brozoned?

Girliyapa Review

If men get ‘friendzoned’ girls get ‘brozoned’. What is brozone you ask? Well, watch this video where a girl explains the whole concept and the indications of being brozoned by a boy in detail with examples. Let me warn you, you might cry if you relate to Mona’s plight.

Girlyapa has lots of random videos featuring celebrities such as Amit Sadh, Tapasee Pannu, Kangana Ranaut and so on. However, I liked these two short series the most. Mallika and Srishti rock!!


Girliyapa is a cool channel with videos about what women want to say but never really say. It is a funny, unabashed and HILARIOUS web series. Girls, if you haven’t yet watched it yet, then you have to watch now.


Watch this series on YouTube.


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