9 Indian Television Couples Who Are Still Going Strong After Ten Years Of Marriage

When working for a television show it is natural to become fond of your co-star whom you see every day and work with for more that 11 to 12 hours. But taking a relationship to the next level and sticking through thick and thin requires serious commitment. In a time when celebrity couple separation is a regular affair, we still have a few couples that reaffirm your faith in love and marriage.

Here are television’s 9 couples who fell in love while shooting and have been happily married for over a decade.


1. Poonam Narula and Manish Goel (married for 14 years)

Poonam and Manish Goel
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Poonam and Manish met on the sets of Kasauti Zindagi Ki and went from being reel life couple to real life husband and wife. They got married in October 2002 and are proud parents of a daughter and a son.  


2. Gouri and Yash Tonk (married for 14 years)

Gouri and Yash Tonk
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Gouri and Yash starred together in Ekta Kapoor’s suspense show Kaahin Kissii Roz. In the show, Gouri played Yash’s sister-in-law. Yash proposed to Gouri merely a month after they started interacting with each other on the sets. The couple has been married since October 2002 and is expecting their second baby this coming November. [Cute Fact: What’s interesting about the two couples on Kaahin Kissii Roz is that the lead actor Yash Tonk, married Gouri who was his brother’s wife on the show while the female lead opposite Yash i.e Mouli Ganguly married Mazer Sayed who was Gouri’s husband on the show. This real life cross connection of reel life couples is so cute!]


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3. Gautami Gadgil and Ram Kapoor (married for 13 years)

Gautami and Ram Kapoor
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Gautami and Ram co-starred in the show Ghar Ek Mandir. Gautami played Ram’s sister-in-law who he marries following the sudden demise of his elder brother. The couple tied the knot in an Arya Samaj ritual on Valentine’s Day in 2003. Together, the couple has a daughter Sia and a son Aks.


4. Gauri Pradhan and Hiten Tejwani (married for 12 years)

Gauri and Hiten
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Television’s most loved couple Gauri and Hiten first saw each other at the Mumbai airport where they had arrived for a shoot. Though Hiten fell in love with Gauri at first sight, he couldn’t strike a conversation with Gauri because of her reserved nature. When they started shooting for Kutumb, it took Hiten 6 months to break the ice and make her laugh at his jokes. The couple got married in April 2004 and have been blessed with twins Katya and Neevan.


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5. Manini De and Mihir Mishra (married for 13 years)

manini and mihir
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Despite working on the same sets, Manini and Mihir first spoke to each other at a common friend’s party and were married a week later. This is the shortest courtship period of all the couples on this list. Their decision may seem hasty but it certainly wasn’t wrong as the couple is still going strong even after 13 years of marriage.  


6. Shweta Kawatra and Manav Gohil (married for 13 years)

Shweta and Manav
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The sets of Star Plus’s most popular TV show Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki was where Shweta and Manav first met each other. The two them were very good friends till one day Manav realised that he felt something more than just friendship for Shweta. Though Shweta was uncomfortable at the thought of dating a good friend like him, she eventually agreed to date him and the couple finally got married in December 2004. Together, the couple has a daughter named Zahra.


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7. Sai Deodhar and Shakti Anand (married for 11 years)

Sai and Shakti Anand
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Sai and Shakti did not like each other when they first met on the sets of Saara Aakash. For them liking each other was not even a near possibility let alone getting married. Moreover, Sai was already engaged to her childhood friend back then. But as they say, marriages are made in heaven, after much contemplation Sai finally admitted that she liked Shakti and broke her engagement only to be married to Shakti two months later in January 2005.


8. Keerti Gaekwad and Sharad Kelkar (married for 11 years)

Keerti and Sharad Kelkar
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‘She’s pretty’ was what Sharad thought when he first met Keerti on the sets of Doordarshan’s Aakrosh. The duo worked together in a few more shows before Sharad popped the question, to the lady he considers his lucky charm, in June 2005. The lovey-dovey couple welcomed their daughter Kesha in February 2014.  


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9. Gurdeep Kohli and Arjun Punj (married for 9 years 9 months)

Gurdeep and Arjun
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One of Indian television’s cutest couples, Gurdeep and Arjun met on the sets of their show Sanjeevani in 2002. Though Arjun fell for Gurdeep the moment he saw her, she took her time to know him as a friend before making any commitment. After a few years of courtship, the two finally got married in December 2006 and have a daughter Meher and a son Mahir together.  

None of these couples is perfect. And in a relationship, it isn’t perfection that you need. What you need is commitment, trust, and lots of love. May these smiling couples be happy together, forever.