Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm Review: Not Worth The Price

I usually refrain from buying lip balms that come in a tub because my lips are forever chapped and I need to reapply a lip balm frequently. Also, I am always working on my computer, which I clean only once a week which means that my fingers are not germ-free. In such a situation, I do not want to dip my finger in a tub and apply something onto my lips every few hours. However, despite the tub packaging I bought the Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm because I have used a lot of Lotus products in the past and I like Lotus Herbals as a brand. Also, I am a hoarder of lip balms (I told you, my lips are chapped all through the year) so buying lip balms is not just a necessity but also a habit. I have been using this Lotus lip balm for more than six months, but I can’t say it lasted that long since I used a lot of other lip balms in between. However, for now, here is my experience using the Lotus Fruity Fusion lip balm.


Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm Review

Name: Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm

Price: ₹135/- for 5gms


Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm Review


What does it claim?

The lip balm moisturises dry and cracked lips.


How to use?

Swipe your finger through the lip pot and apply the balm onto dry, chapped lips.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The lip balm comes in a teeny-weeny tub with a screw cap. The balm is hard and non-tinted so you have to dip your fingers hard to get a decent amount of balm onto your finger. The balm is not tinted but it does add some shine to the lips.

Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm Review

Also, the balm smells of fresh strawberries and if you don’t already know then let me tell you that I love fruity smell. I would give it one extra point only for its fruity fragrance. As far as the moisturising part is concerned, then this balm is extremely effective. As I mentioned before, my lips are forever chapped, and this lip balm worked great for my perpetually dry lips. However, it lasts for barely two hours and requires frequent re-application, which I would not have had a problem with had it been a twist-up tube. Dipping my finger in the tub seemed too inconvenient for me.    



What’s good about it?

Effectively moisturises chapped lips

Travel-friendly packaging

Good fragrance



What’s not so good about it?

Overpriced for the quantity offered

Tub packaging


I give Lotus Fruity Fusion Lip Balm 3 out of 5 rating. Though this lip balm does fulfil its claim, I feel it is highly overpriced. I do not see myself buying this balm again as it did not do any wonders to my lips for me to shell-out such a huge amount for a 5g product.

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