Nyassa Mountain Musk Soap Review: Intoxicating Fragrance Like No Other Soap

I came across Nyassa while shopping at Home Stop. The brand representative told me that Nyassa is an Indian brand that produces products which contain natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. I purchased the Mountain Musk Soap and the Bubblegum Lip Balm. I then looked up the brand online and got to know that Nyassa is a Sanskrit word that means ‘healing through touch by chanting tantras and mantras’. The brand started off with producing handmade soaps and went on to create a wide range of bath and body products. Nyassa is a luxury brand offering cruelty-free, vegetarian products. I used the Mountain Musk soap that lasted me a little more than two weeks and here is what I feel about it.

Nyassa Soap Review

Name: Nyassa Mountain Musk Soap

Price: ₹350/- for 150g


Nyassa Soap Review


What does it claim?

This handmade soap contains Honey Suckle and Argan oil extracts that have anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties which nourish and soften the skin. The musky perfume of the soap lends sensuality and warmth that lingers.

(As described on the company website)

How to use?

Gently rub the soap all over wet body till it foams. Rinse with water.

Does it fulfil its claim?

Firstly, the lady at the sales counter did not tell me that the soap was meant for men. I got to know that from the company website. But I don’t think gender makes much of a difference when it comes to a soap. So, of the numerous variants at the counter, I bought the Mountain Musk soap because of its intoxicating scent. Actually, most Nyassa soaps have a strong scent. I later learnt that alluring fragrance is the brands’ speciality. Their soaps smell AUHMAZING!! Before using the soap, I had kept it in my drawer and each time I opened it I would get a whiff of the scent. Yes, the scent is that strong. However, I did not like its packaging. The soap comes wrapped in a flimsy plastic sheet. That’s it! Not even a box. I think if I am buying a ‘premier’ soap that is seven times the price of my regular soap then I would expect at least some decent packaging. Anyway, the soap is square in shape which was the most annoying thing about it. I have tiny hands and gripping the soap became a task for me. The first two days I found it difficult to use the soap without it slipping from my hands.

The soap lathers well and as mentioned has a tantalizing fragrance. (Musk!) The fragrance lasts for hours after a bath. I have never used a soap whose scent lasts this long. In fact, sometimes my inner garment would also have a faint smell of the soap. So you can imagine how looooong lasting the scent is. However, the scent of the soap is its only USP as the soap did not offer any other benefits. Since I shelled out such a huge amount on a daily use product, I was hoping it to make my skin velvety soft or even radiant. But sadly, nothing happened. It did nothing to my skin except for making it smell great. It did not even moisturise my skin. It just cleans it like any regular soap. Now, I am not sure if this soap only makes men’s skin soft and does not work well for women’s skin. If that is the case then I will not complain. But I don’t see myself repurchasing such an expensive soap just to smell good. I have a deodorant for that.

What’s good about it?

Strong, long-lasting fragrance

Contains natural ingredients

Free from harmful chemicals

What’s not so good about it?

Poor packaging

Pricey considering the limited benefit it offers

Square shape makes it difficult to grip

Does not really soften the skin


I give Nyassa Mountain Musk Soap 3 out of 5 rating. The rating is only for its extraordinary scent. If you want a great smelling soap and are okay with the price then you must try this luxury soap.


You can buy this soap from Nyassa Bath and Body or Amazon.in.


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