Omved Hydrating Shampoo Review: A Good Quality High End Product

Omved is a brand I have recently discovered and am loving it. The brand says that its products are 100% safe to use as they are devoid of harmful chemicals. I usually do not experiment with hair products because I am losing hair anyway and I cannot risk losing some more to harmful shampoos. I decided to try Omved’s hair mask and shampoo because it claimed to be completely safe and I had used their eye mask before so I knew that the brand is worth trying. Also, Omved products are extremely expensive so it is not something I would buy unless I completely trusted the brand. Thankfully, the brand did not disappoint me and both of its hair products worked well for me. I am currently using Omved’s hydrating shampoo and I must say that is worth every paisa I spent on it. Why do I love it so much? Well, read on, I am explaining the exact reason why I love this shampoo.


Omved Hydrating Shampoo Review

Name: Omved Hydrating shampoo

Price: ₹490/- for 100 ml


Omved Hydrating Shampoo Review Omved Hydrating Shampoo Review


What does it claim?

Omved’s hydrating shampoo cleanses and hydrates undernourished hair. It maintains the moisture balance and makes the hair soft and manageable.


How to use?

Shake the bottle well. Wet your hair. Take the required amount of pumps in your palm and gently massage over wet hair. Rinse with lukewarm or regular water.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The shampoo is light yellow in colour and is of a runny consistency.

Omved Hydrating Shampoo Review

The shampoo comes in a ceramic bottle with a white pump dispenser. The pump dispenser is really hard which makes it difficult a task for me to get enough shampoo onto my palm. I hope they do something about the dispenser. 

Omved Hydrating Shampoo Review

It has a strong herbal smell which may not be pleasant for everyone. I took two pumps of the shampoo and gently massaged my scalp with it. It does not clear hair oil, so used another shampoo to clear off the oil. The shampoo lathers well and is easy to wash off. After drying, my hair felt super soft and silky. However, the shampoo’s fragrance lingers for long which is something I do not like. Also, the product is way too expensive for the amount of shampoo offered but the brand has not compromised on the quality of the product so I will not complain much. I do not use this shampoo on a regular basis as it is expensive for a basic hygiene product but each time I use it I am satisfied with how soft my hair feels after every wash. The brand does not make any tall claims and fulfils its promise so I give it a thumbs up.


What’s good about it?

pH balanced

Does not contain parabens, silicones and sulphates

Contains natural extracts

Makes hair soft and manageable


What’s not so good about it?

Does not wash hair oil


Has a strong herbal smell



I give Omved Hydrating Shampoo 4.5 out of 5 rating. This shampoo made my hair soft and manageable and I would highly recommend this shampoo.


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