Puresense Virgin Coconut Soap Review: This Ultra Creamy Soap Makes The Skin Velvety Soft

If you have checked out my product reviews before, you will know how big a supporter I am of herbal, natural and ayurvedic products. This is mainly because I have sensitive skin and I am really afraid of trying products that have only short term benefits and damage the skin in the long run. As much as possible I try to stick to brands that use fewer chemicals in their products so I do not have to worry about facing side-effects after using a product.

Puresense is a brand that promotes ‘a world free of harmful chemicals’. Their products are made from organic extracts and are free of sulphates, parabens, formaldehyde and mineral oil. If you don’t already know then I love the Puresense Grapefruit Body Mist with which I got a soap free. The first time I purchased the body mist from Shoppers Stop I got the Sea Salt Soap free. This time after purchasing the body mist I opted for the Virgin Coconut soap. I had my eyes on this soap for a while because of its interesting shape. And I finally had my hands on it a few months ago. I have been using this soap for over a week now and here is my experience using this creamy soap.


Puresense Virgin Coconut Soap Review

Name: Puresense Virgin Coconut Soap

Price: ₹295/- for 100 gm


Puresense Virgin Coconut Soap Review


What does it claim?

The soap is infused with almond oil that nourishes the skin and protects it from harmful effects of pollution. It helps to retain skin moisture and makes the skin healthier and velvety soft.  


How to use?

Wet the soap bar and gently massage it all over the body before rinsing it with regular water.


Does it fulfil its claim?

This soap has a very interesting shape. It is an almond shape but has rounded smooth spikes on the lower half of the soap. I thought the spikes make scrubbing easy but it actually does nothing. It is just for show. So, please do not do what I did i.e. do not rub your skin hard with the rounded bottom of the soap as it does not really do anything.

Puresense Virgin Coconut Soap Review

After the shape what caught my attention was the soap’s fragrance. I love fruity smell more than that of flowers. The soap smells of coconut and I feel intoxicated with its fragrance. The soap is easy to grip and lathers well. Its creamy formula works well for my skin and does not exacerbate my body acne. It makes my skin soft and smooth to touch. It’s fragrance also lasts an hour or two after a bath. I love this soap and give it a big thumbs up.


What’s good about it?

Free of synthetic additives


Cruelty free

Mild cleanser

Creamy formula

Strong coconut fragrance

Fragrance lasts an hour after bath

Makes the skin extremely soft and smooth



What’s not so good about it?



I give Puresense Virgin Coconut Soap 5 out of 5 rating. My skin feels extra soft after every bath and I am now addicted to the soap’s coconut fragrance. If you also opt for products that use natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals, then do try this one. It worked great for my skin and I hope it works the same way for you.   


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