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I just hate to admit it but here I have to be honest and say that Indian television is getting regressive by the day. There was a time when the television was the life of my house and a day without cable connection would mean a day of our life wasted. But today, there are hardly any shows worth watching on TV. And watching saas-bahu rona dhona is just not an option for me. So, I decided to switch to shows of different countries. Most of us are familiar with popular English sitcoms such as Friends, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and so on. But this time, I wanted to try something really different so my friend suggested some Korean dramas that are really popular in Northeast Asia. And I am so glad I decided to watch them as these shows are short and interesting. Korean dramas are full of emotion and good storylines. Without further ado let me introduce you to one of the most popular Korean dramas and give you my review on it.

Full House (2004)

Korean drama Full House
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Korean show Full House is a 16 episode long television series. It is about a young woman Han Ji Eun, an aspiring story writer, who is cheated by her childhood friends who rob her of every single penny she has. They send her off to a trip to China and in her absence sell her house and also withdraw all her savings from her bank. When on her trip to China she meets famous actor Lee Young Jae and manages to trick him into giving her some money to help her return home to Korea. On returning back, Ji Eun finds out that her house has been sold to Lee Young Jae who can’t stand the sight of her. However, after seeing her condition he pities her and offers her to work as a maid in his house. Left with absolutely no money and no place to go, she agrees. After some serious turn of events, Ji Eun ends up in a contract marriage with Young Jae and eventually falls in love him.

The story may not be new but its script and screenplay is what works for the show. The protagonists are opposites in nature and their clashes are simply too cute to handle. Emotional scenes don’t seem emotional at all because it is treated with a touch of humor, sticking to the general comedy theme of the show.  

Let’s weigh the show on our beam balance and see if it is worth watching or no.

Good Weights

Full-House-korean-dramas Cast
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Good-looking Cast – The good-looking cast is one of the reasons why I watched the show. Song Hye-Kyo is simply charming as Han Ji Eun. She is so cute that you will start hating anyone who is bad to her on the show. You can totally relate to her pain and her happiness. She is sloppy and clumsy and yet so lovable. How can anybody not love her?

song-hye-kyo in Full House
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Take a look at this super cute ‘Three Bears’ song from the show and maybe you might understand why I love her so much. In this scene, Young Jae’s grandmother is angry as they have forgotten her birthday and not brought any gift for her. Ji Eun offers to sing and dance for her as a gift and ends up making a complete fool of herself. (Spoiler: Grandmother is so bemused with her dance that she thereafter starts addressing Ji Eun as ‘Three bears’) 

South Korean singer and actor Jung Ji-hoon (aka Rain) plays the role of Young Jae effortlessly. He looks arrogant and aloof yet endearing and vulnerable. Scenes where he has to hide his true feelings and show his arrogant side are simply adorable.

Ji Hoon In Full House
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Kim Sung-soo as Yoo Min-hyuk is also quite an eye candy.

Kim Sung Soo in Full House
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Good Acting – The cast comprises of a few people and all of them have acted well. The main leads are more than convincing in their roles. The supporting cast is also equally capable and entertaining.

Relatable Characters – All the characters in the show are well-written and well defined. Since there are very few characters in the show, the focus is mainly on the two main leads. But every character has a backstory and adds substance to the story.

Humor – This is a major plus point for the show. The show is simply FUNNY. It may not have hardcore romantic scenes and dialogues but the undercurrents between the two main characters are clearly visible and enjoyable. Although the story is predictable, the screenplay is strong enough to hold your interest.

Bad Weights

Logic – The show may be cute and fun to watch but there is this one thing that annoys me. Why doesn’t Han Ji Eun file a police complaint against her friends who robbed her of everything? They do show a scene where she goes to file a complaint but backs off as she cares for her pregnant friend. Also, in one of the episodes, she says that her friend Dong-Wook’s grandmother was really nice to her and because of her she cannot take any legal action against him, but still! They not only sold her house but also robbed her of her savings. She was left penniless, literally on the streets. How can she just forgive and forget that? But then that’s Ji Eun, extremely naïve and forgiving.  

The show beam balance clearly has more of good weights than bad weights which means that the show has too many good factors working in its favor and makes it a must-watch entertainer.


I give the show 4 out of 5 rating. I highly recommend this show to all the rom-com lovers.

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You can watch this drama with English subtitles here.


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