Secret Seven: The Series: Episode 4

Neo tells Padlom that he has signed up for a t-shirt brand and has to promote a couple’s t-shirt for which he wants her to be his partner. Padlom looks reluctant so he assures her to join her group if she helps him out this time so she agrees to be a part of the video. Neo then tells her that he had stopped by Room 305 but Alan did not allow him in. He says that Alan had placed a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and was guarding the room fiercely. He asks Padlom if she knows who was in that room and she shrugs feigning ignorance whereas deep inside she feels moved by Alan’s sweet gesture.

Padlom meets up with Alan and gives him some cotton candy thanking him for helping her rest in Room 305. He tells her that he will eat the candy at home but she insists he has it right there. He looks a little uncomfortable and she rightly guesses that Alan cannot open the rubber band around the packet. She is surprised by the fact that an intelligent and multi-talented boy like Alan is unable to untwist a rubber band. She then shows him the technique to do so.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Neo does his live feed review at Padlom’s house where they have to review a couple’s t-shirt. The moment Padlom appears in the video, Neo’s fans ask him if she is his girlfriend and he says she is not his girlfriend ‘yet’. He asks Padlom to introduce herself before they can review the t-shirt. She awkwardly waves out at the camera and introduces herself.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

They then wear a joint t-shirt which has two necks and two arms so the couple wearing the t-shirt has to hold hands as it does not have the other arm. As Neo sticks his head out of the neck, his face comes really close to Padlom’s face and she freezes for a second while he grins like a puppy.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Later he tells her that his fans liked their video a lot moving closer to her, he asks if she thinks they will support them as a couple. His proximity makes Padlom blush and she makes a quick exit.

Padlom narrates all this to Spoil who is now sure that the admirer is either Neo or Alan. She tells Padlom that Neo certainly likes her but Padlom is again unsure saying that he is nice to her mother too. Spoil explains that he is nice to her mother only to be able to get close to her but Padlom dismisses this idea too.

Next morning, Padlom gets stuck in the elevator and breaks into a weird dance as she calls for help. Pok sees her from a distance and runs to rescue her. He takes off his shirt (not sure why) and tries to open the doors to the elevator when he hears someone talk to him from behind. Padlom tells him that he need not do anything as the security guard already helped open the lift. Embarrassed, Pok tells her that if she ever finds herself in any problem again, she can always call him.

When Padlom opens her locker, she finds a bonsai plant from the Smiling Bear.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Lost in her thoughts she feels startled when Gent calls out to her. He hands her her picture that he had clicked yesterday. When she looks at him suspiciously he gives her pictures of Spoil and tells her that it is World Smile Day and that she should smile a lot. Spoil tells Padlom that had he not clicked her pictures too, she would have guessed that the secret admirer is him. (Oh Spoil! Maybe that is why he is doing this so you girls never guess it is him.) Padlom says she does not suspect Gent anyway because he always gives stuff directly to her unlike the Smiling Bear who is so discreet with his gifts.

Padlom looks a little upset so Play plays some music on his guitar to cheer her up. He then invites her to see him play the next day and she agrees to it.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Padlom takes Liftoil and Spoil along with her to the park where Play asked her to see him play. At the park, Liftoil feels hot so Padlom offers him her hand fan. He takes the hand fan and leans his head over her shoulder so they can share the fan. He gets too close for her comfort so she shifts away from him.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Play plays his guitar in the park and people look awestruck by his performance. Padlom then starts with her interview in which Play tells her that human emotions are like melodies. He plays a few tunes and asks her to guess what it signifies. She guesses the first few correctly but when it comes to the last one she avoids guessing. Play insists she tries guessing but she says she cannot guess what the tune means. Even Spoil knows what the tune means but Padlom refuses to guess so Play tells her that the tune signifies love.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

After the interview, Padlom asks him if he always plays in the park instead of a restaurant. He answers that he plays in a bar to earn some money whereas he likes playing in the park where there is a lot of greenery which is easy on the eyes. She then asks him if he likes trees and he promptly answers that he likes to grow trees because likes the fresh smell of it. Liftoil interrupts that he too likes trees a lot.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

They then join play at the bar where he plays a romantic song. Spoil guesses that Play is playing the song especially for Padlom and she again dismisses Spoil’s claim. But she has to eat her words when the singer says that the song was requested by the guitarist. Play’s crush meter in Padlom’s head rises as she looks at him looking back at her lovingly.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Play notices that Padlom is drinking water in a bar so he pours her a drink despite Spoils request to not do so as Padlom cannot hold alcohol well. Padlom has a drink and we see her wake up in someone else’s bed the next morning. She finds Liftoil sleeping next to her wearing nothing but his boxers. She screams at him for sleeping next to her without any clothes on. Seeing that she does not remember what happened last night he gives her his phone to have a look at the pictures he clicked of hers and she looks stunned at the phone.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Seeing the pictures she realises that Spoil and she were completely sloshed and went berserk after that.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Secret Seven: Episode 4

Play takes Spoil home while Liftoil brings Padlom to his house. Liftoil prepares breakfast for Padlom and tries to feed her but she refuses to eat. (What’s with these boys? They all want to feed Padlom.) He tells her that he had informed her mother last night so needn’t worry about that.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

When Padlom returns home she asks her mother how Liftoil is related to her and her mother explains their family tree which confuses Padlom. Padlom’s mother asks her if Liftoil is flirting with her and teases her that they both are good-looking so if they get married they will have pretty babies.

In school, Liftoil shows Padlom a trick in which he throws the yo-yo behind her and pulls her closer to him. He then shows her their family tree and tells her that they are not really relatives as they don’t even look alike.

Secret Seven: Episode 4

That night, Liftoil and his mother drop by Padlom’s house as their alley is flooded so they will have to spend the night there. Liftoil’s mother reminiscences their childhood and how they’d bathe together naked as kids. She suggests they share the room for the night just the way they did when they were kids. (Whaaaaaat? Crazy lady!) Padlom’s mother turns down the idea reminding her that they are not kids anymore and Padlom breathes a sigh of relief.

Liftoil sniffs Padlom’s t-shirt and exclaims how good it smells. (Ewwwww…why is everyone so creepy on this show?) He then tells her that from the time she called him a crybaby he has never shed a tear. She says it’s a good thing as she does not like to see him cry. He blushes and she clarifies that what she meant was that his face looks like a butt when he cries. (hehehe) He then pretends to cry and she confirms that his face does look like a butt indeed. Their mothers ask them to go off to bed. Padlom jumps to leave for her room but Liftoil grabs her wrist and tells her that if she is going to bed, they should go together. (CREEPY!)

Secret Seven: Episode 4



The guys in this show are getting creepier by the episode. They all come so close to Padlom’s face it makes me jump with fright. Did you notice that Pok only needs a reason to take off his shirt? He does that all the time.

I noted that Padlom is nicer to Alan as compared to any other guy. She looks interested while talking to him, unlike the grumpy face she makes while talking to the other boys. I’m not sure if she likes him or just respects him since he is a very talented boy. Till now, I prefer Padlom with Alan over the other contenders. They look nice together and Alan seems very genuine. But this may also be a trick by the writers to confuse us so I am not betting on him for now.

It is very evident that Gent likes Padlom. And I have a feeling that his sweet gestures for everyone is actually meant only for Padlom but since she is suspicious of his intentions he is compelled to be nice to everyone. So sad, the poor guy has to work so hard to ensure that Padlom does not get a whiff of his feelings for her.

After this episode what I feel is that probably every guy has been keeping a gift for her and maybe it is not just one guy. I found this episode to be full of creepy people including Liftoil’s mother who actually suggests that her grown-up son spend the night with a girl. :/ I hope the next episode is less creepy than this one.

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