Simple Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss At Home

Has it ever happened to you that it hardly rains the whole day, but as soon as you are about to leave your house it starts pouring cats and dogs? Have you cancelled going to the gym or your yoga class because of the rains? It can be vexing and you can’t even do anything about its timing. But what you can do is a workout at home. Instead of cursing the rain and missing out your workout plan, start with these some simple yoga exercises that you can do at home. It will not only rejuvenate you but will keep you from missing your daily dose of physical exercise.

Have a look at the following YouTube tutorials showing simple yoga asanas. If you like any tutorial you can even subscribe to the channel to learn more about yoga.


This video by Sarah Beth Yoga shows how to warm up before any you start yoga asanas. It is an almost 8-minute long video consisting of simple yoga postures.


Full Body Work Out

You can then do the with full body workout with these Yoga asanas demonstrated by actress Shilpa Shetty on the channel Good Health 24/7. This 40-minute long video comprises of several standing, sitting, and lying yoga asanas.


However, if you are pressed for time then you can try 15 Min Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss



Suryanamaskar is said to be one of the best yoga asanas as it targets the complete body and is a full-body workout in itself. Below is a video on Suryanamaskar by Inyogathon.


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Cool Down

For cool down you can try one or two of the following poses shown Yoga Body Secret.


Corpse Pose (Shavasan)


Child’s Pose (Baalasan)

So next time you are stranded at home because of the rains, just pull your mat and try the above yoga asanas and see how you feel fresh and energetic at the end of it.

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