SSCPL Herbals Tan Free Facial Kit Review: De-Tans’ In One Facial

Last month, I went on a family vacation to Goa for a week. Now, vacationing by the beach and not getting tanned is a rare phenomenon. To avoid a harsh tan, we went during the winters when the atmosphere is cool and the sun is less harsh. But I still took my precautions and slathered layers and layers of sunscreen all over my skin because I hate getting a tan. The only reason being that the ‘sun-kissed skin’ does not suit me and people mistake me for being sick. Each time I have suffered a tan in the past, I have had numerous people ask me if I wasn’t keeping well because I looked dull. Sadly, despite all the precautions I took, I got tanned. Argh! But not badly, thanks to my sunscreen. I got just two shades darker. I know that because my foundation didn’t work with my new ‘tan look’ any more. Since the tan wasn’t that bad I thought it will wear off eventually. But that didn’t really happen so I purchased the SSCPL Herbals Tan Free Facial kit to help lighten the tan and get my skin tone back to normal. Did it work? Yes, it did! How? Read on to know the deets.    


SSCPL Tan Free Facial Review

Name: SSCPL Herbals Tan Free Facial Kit

Price: ₹250/- for 1 Kit  


What does it claim?

The SSCPL Herbals Tan Free facial contains botanical extracts of tomato, carrot, and mulberry that help reduce tanning effects, removes blackheads, maintains skins moisture and imparts radiance, glow, and hydration.


How to use?

Step 1: Wash Face With Tan Free Cleanser 

The cleansing milk smells strongly of the citrus fruits present in it. The consistency of the cleansing milk is lightly creamy.

I gently rub it over my face before washing it off with water. It easily cleans the face and leaves the skin soft. Along with making the skin look clean, it also gives an instant glow to the skin.


Step 2: Exfoliate With Tan Free Scrub

The cream scrub also has a citrusy smell to it which is refreshing. I gently rub the scrub all over my face before washing it off with regular water. Its round granules are gentle on the skin and make it squeaky clean.


Step 3: Massage With Tan Free Cream

I generally avoid this step because I have oily skin and applying face cream causes a breakout. However, during the winters my skin becomes dry so applying cream does not always cause acne.

I take some cream onto my fingers and apply it all over my face before gently massaging it for a few minutes. I then leave it on for 10 minutes before wiping it off with damp cotton. My dry flaky skin looks plumped up and hydrated.


Step 4: Massage With Tan Free Gel

The face gel is light orangy red in colour. I massage it all over my face and leave it on till it gets completely absorbed by the skin.

The gel is very light and gets absorbed quickly. I then wipe it off with damp cotton. My skin feels cool and looks clean.


Step 5: Apply Tan Free Face Pack

The first time I used this face pack, I dipped my fingers directly into the tub and generously applied the clay mask to my face. At first, it tingled. Then it tingled some more. Then it felt like my face was on fire. I have used most variants in the SSCPL facial kit range and this was the first time a face pack felt so harsh on my sensitive skin. I understood that I have surely done something wrong here. And on checking the instructions on the back of the box, I realised that I had forgotten to dilute the face pack.

So, after washing my face, I once again take some face pack, and this time diligently dilute it with rose water before applying it to my face. My skin tingles but, a lot less than before. On seeing the previous steps work so well, I had gotten excited and jumped to the final step without reading the complete instruction. Please do not repeat my mistake and please follow the method of application exactly the way instructed on the back of the box.

After washing off the face pack, my skin looks visibly lighter. It does not get rid of my tan completely but my face looks a tone lighter which is what I was looking for. My skin looks a lot clean and fresh.  


Step 6: Dab On The Serum

And lastly, I apply the face serum on my damp face. The serum gives you a dewy fresh look which lasts until you wash it off your face. If you have dry skin, you can use a moisturiser after applying the serum. 

The face serum present in the kit is also sold separately by the company as an individual product. I have been using this face serum for the past couple of weeks and have been loving it and will be reviewing it soon. 


Does it fulfil its claim?

My skin visibly looks lighter and radiant. The blemishes on my face look a little less prominent than it did before the facial. I had a very slight tan which is reduced considerably if not completely. So, this facial kit worked great for me.  


What’s good about it?

1 Kit = 2-3 facials

Travel-friendly packaging

Effectively lightened my tan

Reasonably priced


Does not contain chemical bleaching or whitening agents


What’s not so good about it?

My only complaint with SSCPL facial kit still remains the same. No SPATULA!! The tub for the face pack is a little too tiny to use a regular teaspoon to remove it. A spatula would have made it convenient to use the face pack.



I give SSCPL Herbals 4 out of 5 rating. SSCPL Herbals Tan Free Facial kit is infused with botanical extracts of tomato, carrot and mulberry which help lighten and brighten the skin. The next time you feel your skin looks dull because of a tan then certainly give this facial a try.  


You can buy SSCPL Herbals Tan Free facial kit from SSCPL Herbals




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