SSCPL Range Of Soaps Review

I am a big time hoarder of toiletries. I horde shampoos, conditioners, body creams, and soaps. I love trying out new soaps of different brands. There is hardly any brand in the market whose soap I must not have tried. Of all the soaps I have used I like using herbals soaps the most. They are safe and good for the skin.

Skincare brand, Sai Samartha Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. produce several products like gels, creams, lotions, shampoos, and hair oil. The USP of their products is they use only natural ingredients (of course it’s an herbal brand). I love most of their products but their soaps are my favorite. So, let’s take a look at my favorite range of soaps.

SSCPL Luxury Soap Range

Azardian Anti Pollution Soap

Azardian Anti Pollution Soap Review

A soap that counters most effectively, the harmful effects of pollution. It is a perfect blend of herbs and beautifying agents to provide a healthy, clean and clear skin. Neem with its active antioxidant therapy protects the skin from free radicals, enhances skin health by removing harmful effects of dirt and dust. A natural deodorant, it prevents body odor caused by sweating and provides natural supplements giving a glow to the skin. Azardian soap can be used as a body wash and a face wash throughout the day which gives instant freshness and relaxation.

Lazure Fairness Soap

Lazure Fairness Soap Review

Natural fairness soap with tfm 76%. It has five major ingredients: saffron, mulberry, turmeric, almond oil and calendula which enhances natural fairness. Vitamin b1 & b2 contained in saffron penetrates into the skin to reduce dark melanin and also removes pores and free radicals. The regular use of this soap gradually increases your fairness giving a visible glow to your skin. Also, removes dark spots rids of tan and retains your skin tone. This soap gives long lasting fairness which is always a better option compared to facials which provide temporary fairness.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter Soap Review

Deep moisturizing soap with 76% TFM. Enriched with the goodness of Mango Butter, Vitamin, and Olive for excellent conditioning of skin along with effective repair for sun burnt skin. Mango Butter, one of its major ingredients is known to protect against UV rays and helps treat skin damage caused by sunburns.

Otor Moisturizing Soap

Otor Moisturizing Soap Review

This soap offers a very high TFM of 76 Percent and hence it is very soft on the skin. It is a perfect blend of Kokum butter and Olivium. Kokum butter promotes oxygenation and absorption of nourishment by reaching the surface cells and works as a moisture-retaining agent or a re-hydrant. Olivium, known for its hydro-fixating properties also acts as an emollient, preventing the skin from dehydration thus making it supple and smooth. It provides a superior wash due to its smooth and silky lather endured with a lasting and sweet aroma. It also protects the skin by helping it to maintain the exact oil balance. It rejuvenates tired skin by helping the cells to breathe and ensures better hydration throughout the day.


I have used all of them but my favorites are Mango Butter and Otor Moisturizing Soap. These soaps come in single shiny boxes and are priced at around Rs. 50/- each for 100 gms.


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What’s So Good?

Impressive packaging
Smells heavenly
Cleanses and moisturizes skin effectively
Suitable for all skin types

What’s Not So Good?

Price is slightly higher for a regular use product
Not easily available online


I give these luxury soaps 4 out of 5 rating. These soaps smell good and feel good and that is what I expect from any soap. Since it is an herbal product the price might pinch a little but it is totally worth it.


SSCPL Shea Butter Soap Range

Aloe Vera And Shea Butter

Aloe Vera And Shea Butter Review

A luxurious soap with a fine fragrance to provide freshness throughout the day. Relax your senses and moisturize your skin with a unique combination of its active ingredients.

Lime And Shea Butter

Lime And Shea Butter Review

With the naturally calming and refreshing properties of Lime, energize and rejuvenate you skin, leaving it clean and soft.

Orange And Shea Butter

Orange And Shea Butter Review

Infused with exotic and vibrant scent of Orange, this soap will leave your skin lightly fragranced and fabulously fresh.

Sandal And Shea Butter

Sandal And Shea Butter Review

Detoxify your skin and make it look glowing, fair, and young. Its sandalwood extract helps cures acne and leaves skin moisturized after every bath.

Turmeric And Shea Butter

Turmeric And Shea Butter

Indulge yourself in a relaxing shower with natural antibacterial properties of Turmeric. With its long lasting fragrance get a soft, supple and glowing skin.

Ubtan And Shea Butter

Ubtan And Shea Butter Review

Treat yourself to a radiant, glowing and beautiful skin with a traditional touch of Ubtan. This exfoliating soap flushes away dirt, impurities and excess oil leaving your skin smooth and fresh.


I personally swear by the Shea Butter range of soaps. Lime soap lightened my skin by ridding me of the stubborn tan that I had. Ubtan soap has tiny granules that gently scrub the skin leaving no need for a loofah while bathing.  And the Orange soap smells so much like orange you feel like eating it. 

These soaps come in boxes containing 4 soaps for Rs. 122/- for 400 gms.


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What’s So Good?

Smells good
Reasonably priced
Makes the skin soft and supple
Suitable for all skin types

What’s Not So Good?

Not easily available online.


I give the Shea Butter soaps 5 out of 5 rating. Aforementioned this is my favorite range of soaps and I would recommend it to everybody.


You can visit their website here and check out their other products.

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