Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash Review: Buy It For Instantly Clean And Refreshed skin

If you have ever been to Big Bazaar, you must have surely seen the brand Swiss Tempelle which is a part of Future Group. Swiss Tempelle is a luxury brand offering a wide range of skin care products that are made using Swiss and Indian ingredients. These products are 100% paraben free and are available at affordable prices. As mentioned in a lot of my previous product reviews, I am not really crazy about ‘fair’ skin and do not buy or promote products promising ‘fair’ skin. The only reason I purchase ‘skin lightening’ products because I have a lot of acne scars and I use skin lightening products only to lighten skin blemishes. I got this product sample for free at Big Bazaar so I decided to try it and review it. After using it for a couple of weeks, here is my final opinion of it.     

Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash Review

Name: Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash

Price: ₹95/- for 50ml


Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash Review

What does it claim?

The Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash contains saffron and rose hip that are known for enhancing and illuminating skin complexion.

How to use?

Squeeze out the required product onto fingers and gently massage over wet face. Rinse off with regular water.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The face wash comes in a purple plastic tube with a flip cap.

Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash Review

It is of thick, creamy consistency and has a strong rose fragrance. The face wash is pearly white in colour and has tiny granules in it.

Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash Review

Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash Review

When I rubbed the face wash onto my skin, I noticed that the granules are very smooth and gently scrub the skin. The face wash does not foam a lot but is easy to massage and rinse. After rinsing the face wash, my skin looks thoroughly cleansed. Talking about the ‘fairness’ part, my skin tone is on the lighter side and I currently do not suffer from a tan so I wasn’t expecting this face wash to make me any more ‘fair’. However, each time I washed my face with it, my skin did indeed look a tone lighter and lot clearer. But this effect lasted for just a few minutes. Also, it effectively rid my skin of excess oil and made my face look less shiny. It does not make the skin soft or smooth but does make it clean and slightly clear.

What’s good about it?


Reasonably priced

Gets rid of excess sebum without drying the skin

Suitable for all skin types



What’s not so good about it?

The ingredients list shows a lot of chemicals which bothers me a little. Other than that I do not see much of a problem with the product.


I give Swiss Tempelle Ever White Face Wash 3 out of 5 rating. I am not fond of ‘fairness’ products so I do not see myself buying this face wash. However, this face wash is an effective cleanser that makes the skin instantly clean and light. So, if you are looking for such a face wash then do give it a try.


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