Queens Hain Hum Review: This Bold New Show Looks Fresh And Appealing

Show Title: Queens Hain Hum

Channel: & TV

Timings: Monday To Friday 8 pm

&TV has come up with a new ‘urban’ show named Queens Hain Hum that revolves around five married women who seek solace in each other’s company by spending time together away from their families. The cast includes actor and dancer Bhavna Pani along with four newcomers Kenisha Bharadwaj, Jia Shankar, Shaily Priya Pandey and Patrali Chattopadhyay. Each lady has some skeletons in the cupboard which will be revealed during the course of the show. These women will be shown to help and support each other in solving their problems and moving forward in life.


Queens Hain Hum (2016)

Episode 1

Queens Hain Hum 
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A woman shopping in a store introduces herself as Jhanvi and says that her life can be analysed on three P’s i.e. position, perfection, and parties. She says that these three ‘P’s’ hold the key to her success ‘cocktail’ and that today she is hosting a cocktail party later in the evening.

Cut To: At Maya’s Salon, Maya Biyani introduces herself as the Queen Club’s ‘beauty queen’ and the owner of the salon. She says that the party later in the evening was actually her idea and that she was the one who suggested forming a group of like-minded women where they can take a break from their regular lives and have some ‘me’ time. Her idea was such a hit that they soon went from two to five members.

Tanya Tandon is busy cooking in her kitchen as she explains that her passion for cooking has earned her the nickname ‘kitchen queen’ in the Queen Club.

Shreya Rathore accompanied by a bodyguard is travelling in her car when she receives an IM from Maya asking her how she would be attending her first party with the ‘queens’. She then asks her driver to pull over a mall and tells her bodyguard to leave as she will be shopping at the mall. The bodyguard refuses to leave her alone but she firmly tells him to park her car and get going. She then introduces herself to the viewers saying that she was a model before her marriage and is now a housewife.

Maya and Tanya reach Jhanvi’s house and start arranging for the party. Maya talks to Jhanvi on the phone calling her ‘corporate queen’ and asks her to come home soon. Just then, the doorbell buzzes and Shreya walks in. Jhanvi’s house help stares at her incredulously as she looks at her expensive sari and jewellery. Maya welcomes Shreya and tells her that the house is actually Jhanvi’s office property and is the best place to hold a party as it is away from the city and enables them to stay away from daily tensions and have lots of ‘masti’. Maya and Tanya introduce Shreya to the house help Deshu and asks her to show Shreya the poolside.      

Driving a car through heavy traffic, Akanksha Banerjee Jha says she runs an NGO working towards woman empowerment. She is happily married and has a 5-years-old son. She also mentions that she has a sharp tongue that can slay anyone in an argument.

Deshu tells Maya that Shreya looks like a 70’s films heroine and that she may find it difficult to get along with Akanksha and Jhanvi. Maya tells her to not judge Shreya by just her face and that give her some time to open up.

Jhanvi arrives with a big box of beer bottles and bags in hand and is amazed to see that Maya and Tanya are done with all the preparations. Jhanvi and Maya are talking in hushed tones about convincing Tanya to wear a swimming costume for their Baywatch theme party when Tanya cuts in to tell them that there is no use planning as she hasn’t bought a costume for herself. Jhanvi asks about the new member calling her ‘Miss Royalty’ and sees her relaxing by the poolside. Maya and she get all excited about their ragging plan for Shreya. Jhanvi, along with Tanya, goes to formally introduce herself to Shreya.

Akanksha is one her way to the party when two bikers overtake her. An angry Akanksha hits one of the two bikers with her car breaking his indicator. He tumbles with his bike and Akanksha proudly drives on.

Shreya praises Jhanvi for maintaining her house and holding such a cool party. Deshu brings them some starters and Shreya starts eating the kebab straight from the bowl saying that she is bored of eating with fork and knife and wants to eat with hands today. Tanya and Jhanvi exchange looks as they don’t look impressed with Shreya’s behaviour. Shreya goes on to thank them for inviting her to the party to which Jhanvi says that she has been invited to just one party and is not yet a part of their group. The group follows some rules and once Akanksha arrives they will test her to see if she can join the group.

Akanksha arrives at the farmhouse and the two bikers follow her. She gets into an argument with the two men who ask her to compensate for the damage she caused to their bike. Maya puts an end to the argument by paying off the two men.

Shreya and Akanksha need no formal introduction as they seem to have met before for some case. Akanksha credits Shreya for making a girl named Tina Arora speak up against her abuser. Shreya in return credits Akanksha’s NGO for pursuing the case and helping Tina get justice. The other women join in and Jhanvi reminds them of Shreya’s test to be a part of the group. Shreya’s test is to do a pole dance in her sari. Shreya sexily grooves to the music as the other women stare in amazement. She ends her performance by changing into her swimming costume and the women clap at her performance. (What? How did she manage to change so quickly and from where did she get the swimming costume when all she had in her hand was a clutch while entering the house. Kya yaar yeh to kuch bhi tha.) Shreya then dives into the swimming pool as the rest of them watch in surprise. Impressed by her boldness, Shreya gets accepted to the Queens group and earns the nickname ‘bold queen’.

Jhanvi takes Maya aside from the group and asks her about their plan of getting Tanya to wear a swimming costume. Maya tells Jhanvi to not worry as she will ensure that Tanya exposes tonight at any cost.

Jhanvi asks the rest of the women to quickly change into their swimming costume but Akanksha disapproves of wearing skimpy attire. She tells them that she hasn’t even brought her swimming costume to which Jhanvi orders Deshu to bring in the swimwear that she has bought for Tanya and Akanksha. All, except Tanya, change into their swimwear and jump into the pool to play some pool games.


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First Episode First Impression (FEFI)

I always support shows that dare to present something out of the box. However, the concept of rich married women meeting in a group for a regular gathering isn’t entirely new as we have had a show titled Kitty Party on Zee TV that dealt with something similar. Kitty Party was a successful show which means that viewers back then accepted a concept like that so there should be no problem with viewers accepting a similar show now. The first episode introduced each character and I liked the actors on the show. Each one of the five actors looked their respective part and acted well. We have a bunch of beautiful strong women who wish to unwind and have some fun.   



What looked nice?

The first episode was decent if not very impactful. We saw what the five central characters were like and what keeps them together as a group. The only thing new about the show could be its boldness. If the show pushes, the envelope and ventures into new territories then the viewers will have something interesting to watch. Also, what makes the show appealing is the fact that it is a finite series so you do not have to worry about the show never reaching a satisfactory conclusion.  


What did not look nice?

I do not have any major complaint from the first episode.


Queens Hain Hum shows potential and could be a trendsetter in finite series only if it dares to show something unseen before.


You can catch the first episode on Ozee.com. 


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