Snowdrop: Episode 24

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Written Update: Episode 24

Snowdrop Episode 24

Lucia is taken to the hospital as Olya cries inconsolably after her mother. Katya is witnessing this from a distance and is sad to see Nadya’s mom being taken to the hospital. Katya visits Nadya in the prison and informs her that her mother is paralysed after suffering a heart stroke and is taken to a hospital she isn’t aware of. Nadya feels responsible for her mother’s condition but Katya clears the notion by telling her that she heard Olya blame Ira for her mother’s condition and then she saw Ira shut Olya’s mouth and take her inside. Nadya is appalled to hear of all this and decides to take care of this matter soon.


Snowdrop Episode 24

When Nicolai asks Ira about the incident, she vehemently denies being the reason behind Lucia’s critical condition. She says that Lucia is serious because of stress and not because of her mild and harmless nudge. He then reprimands her that Lucia is under stress because of her as Nadya is in jail because of Ira.

Ira apologizes for her behaviour and says that it happened because Lucia found out about everything and threatened to tell Igor about it. She says she apologised to Lucia but she just wouldn’t listen. Exasperated, Nicolai says that the only way to get over all is to confess her crime and Ira’s apologetic tone changes to a scornful mock. She tells him that she will marry Igor and they will go for their honeymoon and everything will settle on its own.

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Snowdrop Episode 24

Tamara overhears Ira speak about her marriage and surprises Nicolai and Ira by saying that she heard about their secret. Nicolai and Ira look tense but then Tamara breaks the tension saying that she knows their secret discussion was about Ira’s marriage and honeymoon.

Nicolai recalls Lucia’s words before being taken to the hospital. Weakly, Lucia stated that she always wished to spend her life with him while he put her daughter Nadya in jail only to save his own daughter Ira. Nicolai is disturbed by this and wonders if Lucia will ever forgive his misdeed.  


Snowdrop Episode 24

Ira tries on her wedding outfit and Polina as asks Ira to try something else as her choice looks too revealing. Tamara disagrees with Polina and continues to gush over her granddaughter’s beauty. But Ira agrees to follow Polina’s suggestion and decides to try another outfit. Polina picks a few outfits for Ira to try and Tamara asks her the reason why Igor has been missing from the wedding preparations and Polina says she had no idea about that.

Marina and Svetlana congratulate Igor for his upcoming wedding. The two girls feel elated when Igor tells them that this time they will get not just a bonus but also a vacation. Just then he receives a call from Ira asking him to be there to select his wedding outfit and he refuses her saying that he is busy with work.


Snowdrop Episode 24

Nadya receives Igor and Ira’s wedding card. She muses that she has to do something about this to which her prison mate teases that the only way she can do something about it is by escaping the prison which is not an easy task like they show in the movies.

Katya visits Nadya in the prison and asks her if she is doing well and if Xena is troubling her to which Nadya replies that Xena is her not a concern anymore and that she has her mind on something else. She then places her palm on the glass with ‘побег’ (escape) written on it and Katya immediately places her palm on the glass and shakes her head looking tad apprehensive of Nadya’s intentions.


Snowdrop Episode 24

Nicolai is heading out for some work (I suppose he wanted to hand in his resignation) when his secretary (How come these Ukrainians secretaries are so pretty? Igor’s secretary Ira is super sexy. Oleg’s secretary is a pretty Barbie and now even Nicolai’s secretary is so stunning.) excitedly informs him of being selected as a member of the supreme court. Nicolai doesn’t look thrilled but crumples the paper (probably his resignation) in his hand.

Nicolai calls Tamara to inform her about his appointment as the judge with the Supreme Court and Tamara shares the good news with Polina and Ira who look least impressed by it.


Snowdrop Episode 24

Tamara celebrates Nicolai’s appointment and Ira’s wedding by raising a toast whereas Olya cries alone in her bedroom worrying about her mother. Tamara asks Nicolai about Olya who tells her that Olya hasn’t stepped out of her room since Lucia was admitted to the hospital. Tamara feels sorry for Olya as she has no one left to take care of her. Tamara suggests Olya be admitted to a special children’s foster care. Nicolai strongly detests her suggestion but Tamara hands him a pamphlet of the foster care and assures him that Olya will be in good hands and Nicolai finally relents to her.

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Snowdrop Episode 24

Ira is flustered as she receives a parcel with a note that reads ‘Shall open his conscience and veins with a blade’ (This is what the translation means. I could be wrong.) along with the book written by Nicolai with a blade stuck to its cover and a copy of the newspaper containing Ira’s wedding news on the front page. She thinks it is Kireev’s doing and immediately calls him to scold him for his lame wedding gift but he disconnects the line after denying having sent any parcel to her. (We know it is Katya who sent that.)

Ira weeps looking at her mother’s photo and promises to be good henceforth. She requests her mom to save her this one time. (I feel extremely disgusted by this woman. She has absolutely no remorse for what she has done and now she is begging her mom to save her promising that she will be good going forward. What kind of a woman is she? Does she have no conscience at all?)


Snowdrop Episode 24

Ira overhears Nicolai regretfully admit being a bad father to Ira while Tamara consoles him saying that he did whatever he could to keep Ira happy. He says he should have been strict with her and Tamara explains that he is just being emotional now that Ira will be getting married soon. (Was that Aashiqui 2’s instrumental being played in the background?)

Boris meets Igor in a club and criticises Igor’s decision of marrying Ira as he clearly doesn’t love her. Igor asks him to shut his mouth and Boris stands to leave and says that his only aim in life now is to drag him, his company and Rita’s killer to the court of law and that he will work towards achieving it till his last breath.


Snowdrop Episode 24

Nicolai leaves Olya at the foster care centre and a terrified Olya begs him to not leave her there without her pet turtle. It pains Nicolai to see her wail but he then remembers about Ira’s wedding and makes a haste to leave.

In the prison yard, Nadya provokes Xena to have a one on one fight with her. Xena beats her black and blue and Nadya silently takes her beating till the guards come to her rescue.


Snowdrop Episode 24

Nadya is taken in an ambulance to a nearby hospital. She is brought out in a stretcher when her jailer gets into an argument with a man blocking their way with a pile of boxes. Nadya manages to rob the key from the jailers pocket and quickly sneaks out of the ambulance and vanishes into thin air. Her jailer immediately informs the head warden of the prison. Nearby, Katya is waiting for Nadya with a car.


Snowdrop Episode 24

We see the same scene that was shown in the first episode where the police checks Katya’s car and fails to identify Nadya with her black hair wig on. Police check Nadya’s prison ward where they find Ira’s wedding card and conclude that she must have gone for the wedding.

At the wedding, Ira receives a text message asking her to come on the terrace where she meets Nadya who binds Ira to her with a handcuff. Igor reaches the terrace (How? I don’t know? Maybe he had a hunch about the whole thing) and requests Nadya to let Ira go when policemen approach them and as Igor tries to free Ira from Nadya, the two girls accidentally slip off the terrace.

(Whaaaat? No Oleg in the whole episode? 🙁 )

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