Snowdrop: Episode 23

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

Channel: Zee Zindagi

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Written Update: Episode 23

Snowdrop Episode 23

Nadya pleads Igor to believe her and tells him that Ira killed Rita when the phone gets abruptly disconnected and Nadya is taken back to her ward. Igor confronts Ira about Rita’s murder and Ira gets defensive saying that she reached the accident spot after Nadya. She berates Igor for trusting Nadya’s words and not her. Igor apologises for hurting her unintentionally and Ira readily forgives him. (Why wouldn’t she forgive him. After all, she has gone through so much ‘trouble’ to marry him.) All this is being witnessed by Kireev, who has been keeping an eye on Ira and Igor from a distance.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Igor tells Ira that it would be difficult to live with him as he has been in love with Nadya for a very long time. She lovingly expresses her longing for him saying that she wakes up every morning hoping to see him smile. She firmly tells him that she will only marry him and he begrudgingly places a ring on the table and asks her to wear it. Ira then takes off her own ring and puts her hand forward asking Igor to propose more respectfully. Seeing Igor clumsily slip the ring onto her finger she takes it from him and wears it herself.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Katya tries to console a shattered Nadya who is crying silently on her bed. In between sobs, Nadya tells Katya that she had spent her life’s best moments with Igor and that he had promised to always trust her and be with her.

Lucia and Olya, with their luggage, wait for Nicolai outside his house. Lucia tells him that his mother put them out of his house and that they have no place to go. He tries to take them to a hotel but staying in a hotel would ruin Lucia’s plans of collecting evidence against Ira and Nicolai. So, Lucia emotionally blackmails him of going back on his promise and abandoning her. Nicolai easily falls for her trap and takes them back to his house assuring her of dealing with his mother.


Snowdrop Episode 23

As expected, Tamara makes a fuss over having Olya and Lucia back in her house. Nicolai puts his foot down and refuses to let go of Lucia and Tamara chastises him for ignoring his own daughter and paying attention only to Lucia and her family. She tells him that she has been working hard to have Ira married whereas Nicolai is busy pleasing Lucia. Nicolai refuses to speak any more on the topic as he leaves in a huff.

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Snowdrop Episode 23

Ira mocks Lucia for returning to her house despite being thrown out by Tamara. Lucia counters that Nicolai makes the decisions in their family and that she will ask him to tell everyone to behave respectfully with her as she can no longer tolerate loud and rude people.

Ira barges into Nicolai’s study screaming at him for getting Lucia and Olya back to their house. He instead reproves her for being high-headed and tells her that they will not leave their house.


Snowdrop Episode 23

He sneers that she still dreams of marrying Igor after murdering his sister. Ira persists that she loves Igor and that Rita’s death was an accident and not a murder and that she loved Rita. He counters that Ira is a selfish girl and that she can only love herself. She rises from her seat to leave the room but Nicolai stops her saying that he isn’t done talking as yet.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Nadya expresses her strong desire for revenge against Ira and her father and asks Katya what she can do about it. Katya calms her down saying that she should only be thinking of getting out of here as soon as possible and that life will punish the culprits but Nadya doesn’t look convinced with the option.

Tamara reminds Lucia that the house is not hers and Lucia cribs that Tamara is at it again before shoving the tray in Tamara’s hands and leaving without another word. (hahaha loved the way she did that. Lucia has had enough and is finally fighting for her self-respect.)


Snowdrop Episode 23

Polina tells Igor that Tamara informed her about his marriage to Ira and that she is disappointed that Igor did not tell her about it. He jeers that now that his father is dead, they need not pretend to be a family. Oleg walks in, Polina tells him about Igor’s marriage plans, and he cheerily asks Igor if he can be his best man since they are brothers and Igor scoffs that they are not brothers. He taunts Oleg for using his contacts to secure a place for himself in the company, unlike others who have worked hard to get to where they are. Oleg says that he only wants to help the company and not ruin anybody’s hard work.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Ira shows off her engagement ring to Nadya and tells her that she will be marrying Igor soon. Nadya remarks that Ira first accused her of being a spy and then a murderer only to separate her from Igor. She sarcastically congratulates Ira for succeeding in getting rid of Nadya in whichever way she could.

Nadya returns to her ward and tells Katya that Igor is marrying Ira. She gives Katya a photograph of her mother and sister, their address and contact number written at the back, and asks her to meet them. She also requests her to keep an eye on Ira as she will definitely meet Kireev. Katya assures her of collecting evidence against Ira. (Katya is so sweet. I appreciate the fact that she agrees to help Nadya without wanting anything in return. Where do we find such selfless people nowadays?)

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Snowdrop Episode 23

Oleg meets the head of French cosmetics to negotiate a deal for their new product. The lady tells him she is ready for the deal right now and asks him the reason why he wants to finalise the deal after three months. Oleg evades her question before seeing her out of his cabin.

Once again, Kireev visits Ira’s office and indirectly threatens to reveal her secret to everyone. She tells him to keep his mouth shut and agrees to pay him more money.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Tamara invites journalists to her house to announce Ira and Igor’s engagement. She requests them to write a lovely article on the lovely couple. Journalists are clicking pictures of Ira’s old photos and one of the journalist spots Nicolai’s photo from his younger days and Tamara tells them that the famous judge and author Nicolai is Ira’s father and adds that he will soon be a member of the supreme court.

A fellow judge meets Nicolai and asks him about the ‘golden boy’ case and Nicolai sighs that rich people do not know to follow rules. The man tells Nicolai to brush off the case as the boy is young and young children often make mistakes. Nicolai looks at the man in disbelief and the man reminds him of the favour he did to him in Nadya’s case. This forces Nicolai to give in to the man’s wishes.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Lucia meets the garage mechanic who repaired Ira’s car and showing him Ira’s picture she asks him if he has ever repaired Ira’s car and he vehemently denies seeing Ira. But, Lucia doesn’t believe him and requests him to tell her whatever he knows about Ira.

A man blocks Kireev from entering the club and tells him that he has received orders from his boss to not let Kireev enter until he clears his debt. Kireev has a minor altercation with the man and Katya clicks his picture on her phone. Kireev threatens to raid the club before leaving in a huff.

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Snowdrop Episode 23

Ira is excited about the wedding preparations but Igor chooses to ignore it and asks Ira to get him a cup of coffee. Ira rattles on about her honeymoon plans when she receives a message from Kireev – “When are you giving me your wedding sweets, you little bride.” And she leaves Igor’s cabin saying that they can go to Maldives for their honeymoon.

Tamara tells Polina that she will take care of the wedding preparations and that Igor and Ira will decide their honeymoon destination. She says that she also needs to see a house for them to live in once they get married but Polina clarifies that Ira and she have discussed this before and that Ira has agreed to live together in the same house. But, Tamara doesn’t look happy with this arrangement.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Kireev continues to pester Ira for money. Frustrated, Ira calls Nicolai asking for money for her honeymoon. However, Nicolai catches her lie and asks her to be truthful with him. She then confesses that Kireev has been stalking her for money and that she is fed up of him blackmailing her.

Olya and Lucia return home and Lucia recalls the mechanic’s confession where he tells her that Ira’s car looked like it met with an accident and that she had come to him for repairs. He also tells her that a policeman had visited him and warned him of speaking anything in Ira’s case.


Snowdrop Episode 23

Ira is begging Nicolai to help her out with Kireev’s situation and Lucia overhears her conversation. She hears her tell Nicolai to send Kireev behind bars for blackmailing her. Lucia barges into Ira’s room and confronts her. She curses her for killing Rita and ruining Nadya’s life. Lucia grabs Ira by her hair and threatens to expose her when Ira elbows her and Lucia hits her head on the wall and collapses.

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