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Snowdrop Episode 47 Nadya’s manager congratulates Nadya and informs the whole team that they will get a bonus following Nadya’s successful stint on the TV show. Larissa, however, remarks that it has been a good team effort and Nadya says that she is right about the show being a success due to the team’s effort. Nadya then receives a call from Katya who tells her that she is outside the casino and needs Nadya to be there. Nadya then asks her manager for a half-day leave. Her manager however, looks annoyed at her request and tells her not to let her success go to her head.

A newspaper article has published a news about Nadya’s win on the TV show over Ira. Ira chucks the paper hard at her assistant ordering her to do something about the situation. The assistant tells her that a magazine reporter has sent her a copy of the article he will be publishing soon and wants her to check it. Ira is furious as the article promotes the company and not her. Just then, another one of Ira’s assistant walks in and informs her about the decline in sales following her dizzy spell on the live show. She says that consumers feel that Ira fell ill because of using cosmetics by Pan Cosmetics. Ira screams at her to prepare a denial post. She then tells her to prepare the next day shoot script in advance as she wants to look fully confident and prepared this time.


Snowdrop Episode 47 Ira hands Oleg the script to her next episode and he politely slides it back to her. He tells her that he received a call from the channel and that they were stunned after the big blunder on the last show. He suggests she leave the show which will not only help her improve her health and will also help the company. Ira flatly refuses to comply and he chastises her for laying traps for others that eventually has her trapped in it.

Ira asks him if he is saying so because of Nadya’s stolen script and she vehemently denies taking it. She advises him to keep his personal feelings for Nadya out of his professional matters. But he puts his foot down and makes it clear that he is doing so as her boss. She reminds him that she fell ill because she is carrying his brother’s child and he must be lenient with her for the sake of his nephew. Oleg tells her that it is for the sake of his nephew that he is asking her to rest. Just then, Igor walks in and Ira fills him in on their current topic of discussion.


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Snowdrop Episode 47 Ira tells Igor that Oleg plans to fire her and surprisingly Igor sides Ira. He berates Oleg for firing Ira because of just one mistake. He reminds him that Ira’s pregnancy made her feel nauseous and that he cannot forget the amount of effort she has put over the past five years. Igor then asks Ira to leave him alone with Oleg as they have matters to discuss.

Igor argues over Oleg’s behaviour towards Ira. Oleg tells him that he is not angry over her mistake but the fact that she stole Nadya’s script. Igor tells him that Ira’s show is telecast fortnightly and asks why he was there on the same day as Nadya’s shoot. Oleg points out that Igor is once again feeling jealous over his closeness to Nadya. Oleg says that he is only supporting Nadya and Igor retorts that why did he not support her earlier even when he was aware of the truth. Igor questions if Nadya knows of how Oleg betrayed her and Oleg states that Nadya knows the truth and that he has apologised for not supporting her. He then screams at Igor to keep out of Nadya and his personal issues and Igor stalks off angrily.


Snowdrop Episode 47 Tamara expresses her concern over Ira’s health following the TV show incident. Polina asks Tamara to persuade Ira to bow out of the show and take care of her health. But Tamara opposes saying that she Ira loves her job and will do it as long as she can because she wants to help the company. Polina clarifies that Ira is doing all this only to impress Igor and not for the company. Polina says she should quit doing so because Igor still meets Nadya. Tamara refuses to believe Polina but has to eat her words when Polina show her pictures of Igor and Nadya together at a coffee shop.

Furious, Tamara calls Ira the moment she reaches home and asks her if she knew about Nadya and Igor’s affair. Ira tells her to calm down and says that she has seen the photos before and that Igor had met Nadya only to apologise for Ira’s mistake. Tamara finds it difficult to believe Ira’s claim as she could see the look that they gave each other in the photographs but Ira calms her down saying that she is well aware of things and that Tamara should not fret unnecessarily.


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Snowdrop Episode 47 Nadya and Katya keep an eye on the gambling den awaiting Kireev’s arrival. The moment Kireev arrives, Katya calls the police.

Inside the casino, Kireev seems to have a lucky day as he wins a game of poker. The owner of the casino is on a call when he notices something outside the window.

The police arrive and barge into the club. The owner of the club welcomes the police and they tell him that they have received information about gambling in the club and start searching through the club. However, when the police reach the gambling desk they only find Sergeant Kireev sitting at the desk. Kireev reprimands them for barging in and ruining his plan. He says that he had been spying on the club for the past two months and just when he thought he had trapped the manager they ruined all his efforts. He demands to know who sent them there but the officer walks out without divulging anything to Kireev.


Snowdrop Episode 47 Ira chides Polina for telling Tamara about Igor’s affair. Polina justifies that she had no other option but Tamara as she is the only intelligent person left in her family. Ira asks her to stay out of her family problems and returns to her room.

Polina receives a call from someone who informs her about a meeting that Tamara has held for all the top officials of Pan Cosmetics. She muses that the person for whom Tamara is working so hard i.e. Igor, doesn’t even care about Ira.


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Snowdrop Episode 47 At her house, Tamara proposes a change of CEO as she doesn’t see any marked improvement in the company profits under Oleg’s management. She tells the two directors that though Oleg is a talented chemist, he is not a good manager and the company needs a good manager like Igor. One of the director states that Oleg helped them survive during a crisis and she retorts that the crisis happened long ago and now they need to move forward. She says she has checked on the company’s performance under Oleg and she has not found any substantial improvement.

Polina surreptitiously walks in Tamara’s meeting and surprises them. She clarifies that she was around and spontaneously decided to drop in to meet Tamara. She taunts that she wasn’t aware of Tamara’s secret meeting with the directors of Pan Cosmetics. Tamara says that it was not any official meeting and that they were just having a regular chat. Awkward, the two directors excuse themselves and leave as Tamara and Polina are left alone in the living room.


Snowdrop Episode 47 Tamara tells Polina that she finds it hard to believe that Polina dropped in co-incidentally. Polina explains that the last time she met Tamara she has shown her Nadya and Igor’s photo and Tamara left looking unhappy so she dropped in to check on her. With a sly smile, Tamara says that she has full faith in Igor and that he can never cheat on his wife. Polina tells her that she only wanted to warn her. Polina then muses that Tamara can have as many secret meetings as she wants behind her back but she will never let Igor take assume the position of CEO at Pan Cosmetics.


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Snowdrop Episode 47 Polina steps out and hands an envelope full of money to a man who I am guessing is a driver. He tells Polina that he heard Ira talking on the phone about a meeting where she plans to invite the shareholders of the company for dinner along with their wives at a restaurant so she can win their votes for Igor.

Polina wonders how Igor and Ira grew so close in the past five years when they don’t even love each other. She then devices a plan to separate the two. She calls Nadya to meet her at a hotel. Nadya refuses to meet Polina but she insists saying that she has evidence of her and Igor’s affair and she just wants to clear that. Nadya gives in and agrees to meet Polina later in the evening.


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Snowdrop Episode 47On Kireev’s orders, his assistant Kolik visits the police station to find out information about the person who informed the police about the gambling den. The policeman tells him that they had received an anonymous call tipping them off about the betting racket. On tracing the number, they found out that it belongs to a lady named Katerina. The name brings a smile to Kolik’s face and he requests for the personal information of the caller and is glad to see it is of the woman he met at the police station few weeks ago.

Polina changes the sim to her phone and sends a message to Igor indicating that it is Nadya’s number and she wants his help as her life is in danger and calls him to Prestige hotel.

Ira invites Igor for lunch and he agrees to it. Just then, he receives the message sent by Polina and he apologises to Ira for cancelling the plan and he has to urgently be some place.


Snowdrop Episode 47

Kolik meets Katya at a café where she eyes him suspiciously for stalking her and finding out her personal details. He clarifies that he works for Kireev and that Kireev has asked him to dig out information about the person who anonymously reported about him. Katya tells him that he is free to divulge her details to Kireev and he explains that he isn’t meeting her as a policeman but wants to warn her that even if he conceals her information from Kireev, he will find another way to reach her. He tells her that he wants to help her but she refuses to reveal anything to him saying that she does not trust policemen. As she starts to leave, Kolik writes his number on a tissue paper and hands it to her so that she can get in touch with him whenever she wants to.


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Snowdrop Episode 47As Nadya arrives at the hotel, a photographer shoots her picture entering the hotel. After clicking Nadya’s photo, the photographer clicks Igor’s photograph standing in the hotel’s lobby trying to reach Nadya. Unable to get Nadya on the phone, Igor rushes upstairs to the room he was called to.

Few minutes later, Ira reaches the hotel and notices Igor’s car parked outside. She rushes into the hotel and enquiries if there is any reservation under Panin’s name and the receptionist nods her head. The photographer does not miss Ira and clicks a picture of hers standing at the reception. Ira asks the receptionist about the room where Igor went and she denies her any information. Ira then shows her ID card and tells her that Igor Panin is her husband and the receptionist relents.


Snowdrop Episode 47Igor breaks into the room looking for Nadya. Nadya feels surprised when Igor tells her that he has come there to rescue her. He goes on to show her the SOS text he received from her but just then Ira walks in on them and is stunned to find Igor and Nadya together in a hotel room.


Snowdrop Episode 47Ira screams at Nadya for trying to steal Igor from her. Unable to take Ira’s accusation, Nadya starts to leave but Ira blocks her and slaps her hard across her face. Nadya seethes in indignation but does not retaliate considering Ira’s pregnancy. Nadya leaves the room and Ira stops Igor from chasing after her but he brushes her off and runs behind Nadya. Ira begs Igor to stay with her but he pays no heed. Ira runs after him (in stilettos) and ends up stumbling through the stairs. Igor rushes back to Ira and yells to call for an ambulance.


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