Snowdrop: Episode 61


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Snowdrop Episode 61
Ira tries to contain her nervousness before Nadya and asks for the makeup brush. Nadya points it out to her and Ira says that she is nervous because this media event is a big thing for the company. she wishes Nadya luck and leaves. An unsuspecting Nadya applies the foundation cream she prepared for Anastasia on the back of her palms and sniffs it before massaging it gently onto her skin.

Anastasia arrives at the makeup room and Nadya starts her makeup by first applying the foundation that she specially prepared for Anastasia and had it tested in the lab to ensure it suits her skin. Anastasia gives her a heads up saying she trusts her completely.

Anastasia looks pleased with the first session of makeup and praises Nadya before heading to the conference.

Snowdrop Episode 61At the conference, Ira is visibly jittery because of the B poison she had accidentally stung herself with and she ends up breaking a vase. She examines her hand which looks bruised and she quickly exits the conference.

The moment the conference begins, Anastasia starts to feel unwell. Her assistant asks Nadya if her cosmetics contained B poison because it clearly looked like an allergic reaction. Anastasia is then immediately rushed to a hospital.

At the hospital (the only hospital in the whole of Ukraine), Ira gets herself an appointment with Dr Somov for a supposed allergic reaction on her hand.

Snowdrop Episode 61
The doctor states that Anastasia suffered an allergic reaction to B poison. He says that B poison if applied in a large amount to the skin, can cause a reaction to even those who are not allergic to it. Nadya notices her skin feeling irritated where she had applied the foundation on her hand.They are now certain that the reaction was caused because of the foundation. Just then, a nurse arrives with an antidote to the poison and says that they surprisingly have another patient in the adjoining room with the same chemical reaction. Nadya opens the curtain to the next room and they see Ira standing there. Her presence is enough for everyone to understand the culprit behind the poison reaction and Nadya slaps her without another word.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Ira tries to cover-up her act but no one is convinced by her lousy explanation. Anastasia then slaps her hard across her face saying that her sick plan could have gotten her killed.

Nadya visits Anastasia at her hotel room with a bag full of oranges. Anastasia offers to peel the oranges while Nadya narrates her history with Ira and why Ira despises Nadya so much.

Meanwhile, Andre writes a letter to Ira telling her how much he misses her and requesting her to send him a football.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Kolik asks Katya out for a date and she happily agrees to it. He then bumps into a colleague who chides him for being so absentminded lately. Kolik then asks him to lend some money and the man reluctantly hands him a few notes which Kolik accepts excitedly.

Igor looks furious as he walks into Ira’s cabin and expresses his annoyance over the conference debacle. Ira feigns ignorance and tries to calm him down. Just then, Oleg storms into her cabin and reprimands her over the fact that their investor almost got killed at the conference. Oblivious to everything, Igor wants to know what he is talking about but Ira smartly brushes off the topic. Oleg then orders Ira to see him in his cabin right away.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Ira meets Oleg near the elevator and scolds him for screaming at her. He rebukes her for mixing poison in the foundation and she vehemently disagrees with his claim. He reminds her that she confessed to it in the hospital and she justifies that she was feeling unwell back then and could not think straight after being slapped by Nadya and Anastasia. He tells her to confess to her wrongdoing and apologise to Nadya but she flatly refuses before stomping her way out.

Polina’s detective fills her in on all that happened during the presentation and Polina decides to now keep an eye on Anastasia instead of Nadya.

Ira returns to her cabin and sees Nadya working. She orders Nadya to apologise to her for her behaviour at the hospital but Nadya instead screams at her for sabotaging the conference. Ira lies that she suffered the allergic reaction because she was testing the foundation and Nadya calls her bluff. Nadya then leaves in a huff after stating that Ira’s wrongdoings have earned her everyone’s distrust.

Snowdrop Episode 61As Ira heads out of the building, Igor catches up with her and asks about her meeting with Oleg and she gripes that Nadya and Oleg accused her of trying to kill Anastasia. She tells him how Nadya and Anastasia slapped her and he has not done anything yet. She then leaves in a fit of rage as Igor looks after her suspiciously.

Kolik arrives outside Katya’s office in his police car with the siren blaring. He then takes her to an expensive restaurant and orders an expensive wine and dishes but she requests the waiter to get them a regular dish. She then asks Kolik what has gotten into him and he blushes that he feels different. (Awww…..officer is in love.)

Snowdrop Episode 61
Polina demands to know what happened at the conference and Ira starts that Anastasia suffered from an allergy because of Nadya’s makeup. Just then, Oleg interrupts that Nadya was not at fault and that someone mixed B poison in the cream. Polina looks at Ira and asks Oleg who he suspects of this and he says that he has no proof as of now but will ensure that the culprit suffers the consequences as he has promised Anastasia of it. Ira then goes to her room while Igor sits fuming.

Igor asks Ira to narrate what happened and she innocently says that Nadya has accused her of mixing B poison in the foundation cream. She calls it a preposterous allegation as she has nothing to gain out of it. But Igor says that she must have done so to make Nadya look bad. Ira protests saying she is innocent and that he must protect her as he had promised to always be there for her but Igor has nothing to say to this.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Katya and Kolik close dance when he tries to confess his feelings to her but fails badly. Fully understanding his intentions, Katya makes him promise to visit the orphanage with her where she wishes to adopt a little boy and he agrees to it.

Anastasia is in her room when she recalls her first meeting with Igor and she wonders why their first meeting keeps flashing before her eyes. Next, we see Igor receive a call from Anastasia’s assistant informing him of Anastasia’s wish to meet him. Collecting his presentation papers Igor quickly heads to meet Anastasia. In the hotel room, Igor arranges his presentation papers while Anastasia cannot help staring at him longingly.

Snowdrop Episode 61
She asks Igor if they have met anywhere else other than their official meeting and he says he does not remember meeting her before. She then praises his good work. He excitedly explains his plans for Pan Cosmetics and she continues to stare at him wondering who he reminds her of. Her stare makes him uncomfortable. Sensing his discomfort Anastasia is broken out of her reverie and she tells him that she is interested in investing in his company.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Katya brings Kolik to the orphanage where she has him meet Yaroslav. Yaroslav asks Katya if Kolik is her husband and tells her how much he admires brave policemen. Kolik gifts him his whistle and Yaroslav happily blows it.

Nadya deliberately speaks to Olya on the phone in Ira’s presence. Olya gives her an update on Lucia’s improving condition and Nadya loudly asks Olya to call her immediately whenever Lucia wishes to share some important information with her.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Scared, Ira calls Tamara and asks her to invite Nadya over dinner and find out Lucia’s location. Tamara however, is too distracted by a newspaper article published against Nicolai. Ira insists she finds out Lucia’s location and Tamara eventually gives in to her grand-daughters’ wishes and agrees to help her.

As Igor leaves Anatasia’s hotel, Polina’s detective updates her about the meeting and she asks him to follow Igor to see where he is heading.

Nadya arrives at Tamara’s house for tea and Tamara tries her best to make Nadya reveal Lucia’s location but Nadya does not divulge anything. Instead, she blames Tamara and her family for Lucia’s condition and leaves saying that Lucia is recovering well and will soon speak out the truth.

Snowdrop Episode 61
Tamara tells Nicolai about her conversation with Nadya and how she audaciously accused them of planting fake suicide note to kill Lucia. Nicolai rushes to his room and recollects the events around Lucia’s suicide and remembers how nervous Ira looked after he discovered the letter. Unable to believe that Ira had anything to do with the suicide he looks for the letter but does not find it anywhere in his room.

Nicolai then meets Ira and she finally reveals that she only wrote the suicide note and that Lucia fell off the cliff herself and was not pushed by her. Angry, he demands to know why she never told him about this before. She begs for forgiveness but he refuses to listen to her.

The handwriting analyst calls Nadya to tell about his conclusion and she quickly leaves to meet him unaware that Kireev has seen her enter the building.



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