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Snowdrop Episode 62

Outside the graphologists’ office, Kireev recalls Nicolai’s orders of keeping a check on all handwriting analysts in the city as he suspects Nadya will be meeting one of them soon regarding Lucia’s suicide note. His suspicion is confirmed when he sees Nadya enter the building. The graphologist tells Nadya that the note has been written by a right-handed person with the left-hand. He can analyse the handwriting only after he gets a sample of something written in left-hand by the person who has written the note.  As soon as Nadya leaves the building, Kireev visits the graphologist.

Snowdrop Episode 62Nadya receives a call informing that her claim of Nicolai having an alliance with Kireev has been falsified and even the photographs that she submitted have been proven to be fake. Exasperated, Nadya chides herself for having faith in the law. But then she resolves to never give up or spare Nicolai for his wrong-doings.

Boris hands Oleg a duplicate painting that he created for Oleg. He asks Oleg what would be the price of the original and he answers that it must be around $1000. Boris looks stunned and jokes that he must have pursued painting as a career because in school too he was praised for his painting skills. Oleg asks him his fee for the duplicate painting and Boris looks offended by his question. He tells Oleg that making duplicate paintings is a crime and that he did it only to help Nadya. (Oleg man!!! I have said this hundreds of times before and will repeat it again, he is such a typical Korean drama second lead. He goes out of his way to help the girl he likes without even letting her know of it. Second-leads seldom ever get the girl and I will be shattered if Nadya goes with anybody but him)

Snowdrop Episode 62Polina fumes in anger when she does not find Oleg in his cabin. She calls him to ask where he is and he lies that he is in his office. Polina scolds him for ignoring his work and being involved in some kind of a ‘secret’ meeting while Igor impresses Anastasia and bags the deal behind his back. Oleg sounds amused on the phone and hangs up abruptly. Frustrated with Oleg’s behaviour, she visits Igor and rebukes him for not having Oleg privy to his meeting with Anastasia. Igor flares up that from now on he will carry a microphone with him and give a pair to Anastasia and her assistant so Oleg can keep a tab on every conversation of theirs.

Snowdrop Episode 62Nadya ponders over the information that the graphologist gave her and wonders how she can prove that Ira is behind this menace. Her colleague arrives and shows her the circular informing all employees of the internal competition whereby employees of Pan Cosmetics will get the chance to become the new face of the company. The girls wonder how Ira will react to this as she is currently the face of Pan Cosmetics but Nadya looks too pleased with the news. She then receives a text from Oleg asking her to meet him.

Oleg shows Nadya the copy of the painting that Nicolai had gifted one of the council members as a bribe. He says that he has a plan for it and also tells her that it was Boris who made the copy for her. He says that Boris likes her and does not bear any ill-feelings towards her. Nadya is glad to hear that and wonders how she will ever repay him and Boris for their favours.

Snowdrop Episode 62With a spy camera fitted on her bag, Nadya visits the council members’ house as a representative of the Modern Art Gallery and informs the council members’ wife that the painting Nicolai sent them was a copy and that she has come to give them the original painting. The lady is shocked to hear that she had a fake painting in her house and quickly hands it over to Nadya. As Nadya turns to leave she asks her to show her both the paintings so she can examine them herself.

Nadya shows Katya the video evidence in which the council members’ wife is surprised to see that Nicolai gifted her a fake painting. Nadya tells Katya that she will use this as an evidence against Nicolai and will keep a reporter in the loop so that her case does not get suppressed by the corrupt. Katya tells Nadya that making a fake painting could land her in jail but Nadya is least concerned about the consequences.

Snowdrop Episode 62Ira stomps into Oleg’s cabin and questions his decision of having a new face for the company. Just then, Igor walks in and Oleg tells her that it was Igors’ idea to have the competition. She looks at Igor incredulously but he does not offer her any explanation. Oleg then says that the company needs to update itself and she can involve herself in other tasks. Ira is infuriated and Igor does nothing to pacify her so she stalks out of the cabin.

The council member calls Nicolai and berates him for gifting his wife a duplicate painting. He tells Nicolai that the gallery representative had the painting replaced and his wife herself checked it. Nicolai is astonished and pleads innocence but the council member refuses to hear anything and hangs up on Nicolai. Nicolai immediately calls Tamara and tells her that they were fooled by the painting seller and that the council member and his wife are furious over it. He tells Tamara that the council member is angry and refuses to speak to him.

Snowdrop Episode 62Nadya thanks Oleg and tells him that she has handed over the painting and the video evidence to the police. Oleg says that this is enough for Nicolai to lose his job as a judge but it won’t make any difference to him. He says he wishes to punish him in the strictest way possible so that he never even dreams of repeating such a thing again. She says that she too thought of this before but she knows such people always get away. He changes the topic and asks her about the new face competition and she says she has some ideas for it and will show it only after it is complete.

Nicolais’ assistant informs him about his case being accepted by the Council of Justice and that he has been asked to contact the judge soon.

Nadya shows the reporter the video evidence she collected against Nicolai and tells him that though she has sent a copy to the anti-corruption bureau she feels that they will have this evidence suppressed like the other pieces of evidence. She requests him to help bring out her case. He repeats the evidence collected in the case and tells her how impressed he is with her sleuth skills and says that she would make a good reporter. He asks her if she isn’t afraid of the consequences and she says she fears nothing at all. (Is it just me or does anyone else find the reporter cute? I like his slick hair. I think he will make a very good vampire. Actually, he reminds me a lot of actress Katherine Heigl.)

Snowdrop Episode 62Nicolai calls the council member and apologises saying that he is being framed but the council member instead shouts at him for putting him in trouble as video evidence of the bribe has reached the media. Nicolai is left dumbfounded as he has no idea how the media got involved in his case.

Tamara berates her friend for selling her a fake painting and her friend firmly says that the painting was original. She rebukes both her friends and threatens them with dire consequences if her son is to be jailed over the painting case.

Snowdrop Episode 62Nadya thanks Boris for the fake painting. She then notices Rita’s picture and tells him that someday she will surely find and punish her killer. She then requests Boris to appoint some guards for her mother’s safety and he assures her to do so.

Ira makes her assistants praise her when Nadya enters and points out that the oxygenated facial formula which Ira stole from her is still there in her notebook. Ira looks squirmish and her assistants try to suck up to her. Ira looks annoyed and she asks everyone to get back to work but Nadya leaves saying she has a meeting with Anastasia.

Snowdrop Episode 62Anastasia asks Nadya if Igor knows of their son and she says he is not aware of it and now there is no point in telling him of their lost son. Anastasia tells her that she feels a weird kind of connection with him and Nadya says that she has known Igor since school and she always felt that she could never find anyone better than him as he always supported her. Anastasia asks her if she still likes him and Nadya has no answer to that.

Snowdrop Episode 62Boris appoints a man to increase the security around Lucia and pays him for the work. Nadya visits Lucia in the hospital and tells Olya and her that she has spoken to a graphologist and he will help her identify whose handwriting it is.

Snowdrop Episode 62At Nicolai’s trail, the judge criticizes him and Nicolai refuses to all the charges against him. But he still hands over his resignation and leaves.

Kolik informs Katya that Kireev has been desperately looking out for Lucia and that he has also seized Lucia’s suicide note from the graphologist.

Outside the court, the media hounds Nicolai for a byte when someone hurls an egg at him. He looks up and sees Nadya staring at him.



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