A Court Of Mist And Fury Review: An Enthralling Fantasy Masterpiece!

Books spanning more than 300 pages barely ever make it to my bookshelf. I like short and interesting reads because my attention span isn’t that great and also I lose interest too quickly. So, I do not spend on books that look like they can last me a few decades. But, this one book changed that for me. A Court Of Mist And Fury is the first 600+ pages book that I read cover to cover without skipping a single page in between. If I do not skip pages in a book, it clearly means that it was tremendously well written to have my 100% attention. It definitely took me longer to finish this book than most of my other books but the entire reading period was never dull even for a moment. It is one of those books that you will not mind reading even in your sleep.

Let’s have a look at all the points that made this book so enthralling.


A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas


Synopsis: After breaking Amarantha’s curse and dying Under the Mountain, Feyre is reborn as a faery with the combined power of seven High Lords. She returns home to the Spring Court with her High Lord and love Tamlin. However, things are no longer the same as before. The torture Feyre suffered at the hands of Amarantha has torn her soul leaving her with severe post-traumatic stress disorder. Tamlin too isn’t the same since he has returned from Under the Mountain. Both of them are dealing with their inner demons but separately. Tamlin wants to keep Feyre busy in their marriage preparations but for Feyre marriage is the last thing on her mind. She feels lonely. She now feels disconnected from Tamlin to the extent that she desperately wants to cancel their marriage. Just as she walks down the aisle to be wedded to Tamlin, the High Lord of Night Court, Rhysand appears out of nowhere and takes Feyre away with him demanding to fulfil her promise of spending a week every month with him.

Now, Feyre is taken away by Rhysand every month to the Night Court much to Tamlin’s displeasure. She, after initial protests, starts to look forward to her getaway with Rhysand to escape Tamlin’s possessiveness. Until one day when Tamlin’s over-protectiveness has Feyre locked in his palace, she tries to breakthrough and finds herself in Rhysand’s Night Court. A place she wouldn’t even admit to herself, that she wanted to be in. She takes refuge in the Night Court and embarks on a journey that changes everything in Prythian.

Points I Liked About A Court Of Mist And Fury

Extraordinary Feyre: This girl is just mind-blowing. The changes that Feyre undergoes, as a character is justifiable. She is a strong girl with a good heart. She feels guilty for ditching her supposed love Tamlin as he has done a lot for her and her family. But Feyre has already paid him back with her life. Moreover, today things have changed and she isn’t her old self anymore. She needs to find out what her new life has to offer. Internally she may flounder day in and day out but she knows what she doesn’t want and does not hesitate to take a completely new path in the hope of living a better life. Her determination to save her people makes her an admirable female protagonist.     

Righteous Rhysand: Another hot and sweet hero to fall in love with! Even as I read Book 1 of this series i.e. A Court Of Thorns and Roses, I knew Rhysands’s character will not die soon and will definitely have a major role to play in Feyre’s life especially after the way he came to her rescue as Amarantha brutally attacked her. And this book proved me right. A lot was revealed about Rhysand and his family in this book and now you know that Rhysand is the good guy beneath the mask of cunning and shrewd. Rhysand’s character is so beautifully defined, I often forgot that he does not exist in real. It’s sad, because had he been real I would have kidnapped him, married him and kept him all for myself. I want to marry Rhysand!!

Astute Writing: Maas’s plotting and characterization are just outstanding. There are several new characters introduced in the book. Each of them has a past that binds them all as a family. Maas very skilfully gives you peek into each of Rhysand’s friend’s back-stories at regular intervals just enough for you to understand their behaviour. Whatever little was mentioned about each of them has my interest piqued and I cannot wait to grab the next instalment of this series only to know more about all of them. This book also contains a lot of revelation pertaining to Prythian history so you will understand the faery culture a little better.

Swoon-worthy Romance: The book may not be very heavy on ‘romance’ initially but as the story develops there is a lot of flirting between Rhysand and Feyre which eventually leads them to where they were bound to reach, in each other’s arms. The fact that Rhysand, the most powerful Faery ever to be born feared by all of the Prythian, mellows only before Feyre is what makes my heart melt. I like heroes who know how to treat women. The sexual energy that they exude as a pair is electric and I give a big thumbs-up for this invincible couple.


Points I Did Not Like About A Court Of Mist And Fury

Well, this section has no place in this review, because this book is that damn good.



Final View: I loved this book, every single page, every single scene, every single paragraph, every single word….just everything. I can close my eyes and give it a 10 on 5 rating because it is that mind-blowing. I totally second the general consensus of readers that this book is better than its prequel. It is just flawless. Missing this book is a sin, grave sin!


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