Confess Review: This NA Book Is A MR Book

I always buy books after thorough research. But there are times when I act impulsively and buy books on a whim. This is especially the case when I purchase books on Kindle. Kindle offers you a sample before you buy a book but most of the times I don’t even read the sample and purchase the book straight away. But that wasn’t the case with Confess. Yes, I bought it on a whim but I did read the sample which had me hooked and I couldn’t wait to read the full book. I must have downloaded the book at around 9 pm on a Friday evening and was done with it by 11 am the next morning. Well, I did sleep a good seven hours in between but I think I read some of it in my dream too because I was totally engrossed in it. The book is quick to read and highly engrossing which is why I even dreamt about it hehe.


Confess by Colleen Hoover

Auburn is a 21-year-old girl who lost the love of her life at the age of 15 and is now lost and lonely, desperate to make a living. She works at a salon as a hairstylist but is struggling to earn a decent income to keep things going in life. One day, she happens to meet an attractive artist named Owen, who offers her a short stint at his art exhibition that will help her make some quick buck. She agrees to work for him and he is impressed with her marketing skills. She is happy with the money made and also develops a soft spot for the humorous and enigmatic Owen. However, she has no clue that this is not the first time she is meeting Owen and that his feelings for her is much deeper than she can even imagine.


Points I Liked About Confess

Fast Paced: I was hooked to the sample of the book because the story was engaging and from what I read it seemed fast paced. And as expected the book was fast paced as things occur and progress so quickly that there is hardly any time left to ponder over anything at all. The initial part of the book explains events that happen in over two days then there is a gap and then again it goes on to explain incidents that happen over a few weeks’ time. Auburn does not come out of one problem when she finds herself confronted by another dicey situation. Everything progresses swiftly which makes it a little far-fetched but it’s OK as I enjoyed it like that. In fact, I think it was the pace that made me enjoy it so much. I finished it in one sitting which explains how much I was enthralled with the book.


Movie-like Narration: The writing was so descriptive that I could see the characters before my eyes. A few pages down and I started to feel like I was watching a movie. I did not find it difficult to relate to the characters or to imagine them. The story is narrated by either Owen or Auburn’s point-of-view. Despite the shift in narration, you do not lose the link to the story as it progresses smoothly. Auburn and Owen cross paths, then separate till they meet again. Their stories are intertwined seamlessly and by the end of the book, I believed that they were meant to be together.


Characters: Owen is a regular romantic novel guy who is ridiculously handsome, helpful, good-natured and the best thing about a novel hero, wounded. Owen has a past that makes his present very painful and Auburn acts like a balm to his sore life. She brings a new lease of life to his depressing existence. And he clings onto her with all his might because he knows she is his resurrection. I did not find anything great about his character. But he is likeable.

Auburn, on the other hand, moved me. Her struggles, fears, pain and hope are plausible considering the kind of life she has led. Her character is written so beautifully that I could connect to her from the first chapter itself. She is not a strong alpha female but is a regular girl who is full of insecurities.

I liked both the characters, but I found Auburn was better written than Owen.


Points I Did Not Like About Confess

Clichéd Owen: Though I liked Owen in the book, I did not like how predictable his character and back-story was. Like a lot of hopeless romantics, I too dig heroes with a painful, dark past, but Owen’s past was too predictable. In the book, Owen is a promiscuous guy who turns chaste when he meets Auburn. I mean c’mon, how many guys have you seen change for a girl? Guys are not like that. These romantic heroes tend to get too repetitive and I find it difficult to believe such characters.


Final View: Confess is a riveting and compelling story of a young girl who is faced with exceptional difficulties in life. However, she does not lose hope and moves on in life determined to make the sun to shine down on her someday. This book passes the general parameters of a romantic novel and you have to read it especially if you like light romantic novels.


In case you are wondering what the post title means let me explain it here.

This NA (New Adult) Book Is A MR (Must Read) Book


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