Bloodfever Review: And The Fever Shoots Up!

I can’t fully express how much I love the Fever series. The first two books of this series have made me seriously regret the fact that I kept myself away from such amazing novels for so long. Why didn’t I read this before! Anyway, better late than never.

Bloodfever is the second instalment in Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. Like the first book Darkfever, Bloodfever too is fast-paced and superbly written. I am totally in love with Karen’s writing and am looking forward to reading more of her books.


Synopsis: MacKayla Lane aka Mac is in Dublin looking for her sister Alina’s’ murderer. In Dublin, she discovers the fact that her sister and she are mystical beings with supernatural powers. With the help of the Jericho Barrons, a highly mysterious and powerful man and owner of a bookstore, she enters the hidden world full of supernatural creatures. Her only aim is to destroy Alina’s murderer and get hold of the dark book, Sinsar Dubh. Barrons too wants the Sinsar Dubh and helps Mac in her quest. However, despite saving her life on several occasions, Mac cannot trust Barrons entirely because she barely knows anything about him. So she follows her instincts and has her own plans to work upon. She is exposed to powerful creatures and fearsome situations but in the end she survives. How? That’s what the book is all about.

Points I Liked About Bloodfever

The Cave/Burren Scene: Oh boy! The cave scene! Just when I lost all hopes of witnessing any romance between Mac and Barrons the Burren scene unravels before my eyes, and I am left wondering, ‘what the hell just happened?’ It comes at the least expected moment and the most smashing (literally) way possible. Wow! Just Wow! This book should be read only to reach this point, to enjoy the raw lust explode between Mac and Barrons.

Jericho Barrons: Two books down and I still don’t know what exactly is this enigma named Jericho Barrons? Why is he so mysterious and handsome and strong and sexy all at the same time? It makes him so desirable. Even Edward Cullen wasn’t this mysterious. The book is about Mac so there is more of Mac and less of Barrons but whatever there is of him in the book it is enough to intrigue and mesmerize you. 

Points I Did Not Like About Bloodfever

I tried my best to find something I disliked about Bloodfever but I just couldn’t. The book has everything suspense, passion, revenge, anguish, and almost everything you would want in a fantasy novel.


Final View: Bloodfever is riveting and captivating. I personally found it very hard to stop reading and do any other work. I am in love with the fever series and am definitely going for the next book in the series.


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