The Hating Game Review: A Big THUMBS UP For This Funny Office Romance

The Hating Game is a book I was compelled to buy because it was all over my insta feed. I tell you, Bookstagram is a really powerful medium to sell a book. Almost every other Bookstagram account I followed recommended this book. Seeing such rave reviews, I decided to read a sample on my Kindle. And the first few pages were so funny and interesting that I was sold to the story. Luckily, I do not regret my buy because the book was totally worth it. It was a short and fun read and by the end of it, I fell in love with Lucy and Joshua.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Synopsis: Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman cannot stand each other. But despite the hatred, they understand each other well enough to get into wordless games to gain an upper hand over the other. Each one will do anything to win. Their game gets serious and professional when they both compete for the same position with the company. Lucy cannot bear the thought of working under the person she despises the most while Joshua thinks Lucy is no competition for him. The (sexual) tension between the two of them reaches to such a point where all hell breaks loose and they up doing the unexpected (or perhaps the long overdue).

Points I Liked About The Hating Game
Lucy: The character of Lucy seemed familiar yet very fresh. Sweet and lovely Lucy reminded me of a lot of characters that I have seen in rom-coms before, yet I did not feel anything about her was unoriginal. For me, she was the life of the book. I usually develop a soft spot for male leads in rom-coms but sometimes, the female characters are so strong and appealing that they easily overshadow the hot and hunky male lead. Lucy was one of the few female characters that not only outwitted but also outshined the male character. I found Lucy extremely endearing because she seemed to be proud of who she was and what she did. Even when Joshua teased her about her family business and her mother’s blog, she never resented her roots and gave it back to him in the best way possible. I adore women who are confident and witty.

Joshua: I liked Joshua but not as much as I liked Lucy. Joshua is a regular rich, handsome and intelligent hero you usually find in rom-coms. He is like a little school boy who teases a girl only because he secretly likes her. He pretends to be a super-jerk only to transform into a caring and loving boyfriend. What I liked the most about him is his character development and backstory. Joshua has a painful history and I liked the way he handled things for himself. I also appreciate the fact that, like a lot of other wounded souls, he does not look at Lucy as someone who will help him move on in life. Rather he does that himself and allows Lucy to enter his life when he is more sorted. Yes, he does use Lucy as a shield when dealing with certain tricky situations but that does not mean he sees her as just that. She means more to him and does prove it time and again that he loves her and cares for her.

Romance: I liked the pace at which romance blossomed between Lucy and Josh. The sexual tension between the two was evident and it slowly built up to such an extent that it gradually burst into a smouldering HAWT and unexpected kiss. The pacing of the book is just right.  

Dialogues: By dialogues I mean the conversations that Lucy would have with Joshua especially when they are on their supposed ‘hate’ mode. Their repartee would have me laughing hard till my belly ached. It is their witty banter that makes every reader fall in love with them. I love Lucy and Josh for their chemistry and romance.  

Here are some interesting quotes from the book:

“Watching you pretend to hate the nickname is the best part of my day.”


“What are you imagining? Your expression is filthy.”

“Strangling you. Bare hands.” I can barely get the words out. I’m huskier than a phone-sex operator after a double shift.

“So that’s your kink.” His eyes are going dark.

“Only where you’re concerned.”

Both his eyebrows ratchet up, and he opens his mouth as his eyes go completely black, but he does not seem to be able to say a word.

It is wonderful.”


“He did not smile back, and somehow I feel like he’s been carrying my smile around in his breast pocket ever since. He’s one up.”


“All I want to do is kiss you until I fall asleep. I want to slide in between your sheets, and find out what goes on inside your head, and underneath your clothes. I want to make a fool of myself over you.”


“Joshua is glaring at me with angry eyebrows. I use my brainwaves to transmit an insult to him, which he receives and pulls himself up straight.”

Points I Did Not Like About The Hating Game

Nah. This book was funny and romantic. I have no complaints.  


Final View: The Hating Game is a typical rom-com that will keep you engaged and entertained. It has all the elements that define a good book. Lucy and Josh bickered their way into my heart and I would recommend this book to all my fellow rom-com lovers as I am sure these two will waltz their way into your hearts too.


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