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Snowdrop Episode 53Ira feels shattered to read about the death of the Kunitsyn family and is almost in tears when Kireev bursts out laughing. Ira then rightly guesses that the death certificate is fake. Kireev tells her that a family of three died in a fire in Montenegro and he somehow managed to swap their identity with the Kunitsyn family. He tells her that this is the best way to have Yaroslav out of Nadya’s life forever but Ira does not look happy with the idea. She asks him to do something else as she does not like the idea of proving the family dead. He sneers that she can suggest something since she anyway is good at such stuff. He then scares her that by the time she comes up with an idea, Nadya will have reached her son and shall take him to Igor after which Igor will leave Ira. Ira feels unsettled but is adamant on doing something else to keep Nadya away from her son.


Snowdrop Episode 53Nadya tells Katya that the detective will be leaving the next day to Montenegro and Katya perks up hearing the news. She then shares her good news with Nadya and tells her that she is no longer on parole after she got a strong recommendation letter. Katya tells her that it wasn’t easy to get her out of parole but Kolik helped her a lot and that she will be going on a date with him on Saturday. Excited, she tells Nadya that she wants to buy a new dress so she can look good for him and Nadya is more than happy to help her with the shopping.

Oleg throws the newspaper, containing headlines of Igor’s scandal, at Polina and criticises her for practising cheap tricks to help him gain the CEO’s position. Polina however, denies having anything to do with the scandal but Oleg is certain that it was Polina who leaked the news. He tells her that he has quit his position as Director of Pan Cosmetics and she tells him that he can do whatever he wants but only after three months. She says that quitting now would prove that he felt afraid of Igor and that he didn’t want to fight for his position. Annoyed, Oleg storms out of her room.


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Snowdrop Episode 53Ira mulls over Kireev’s proposition and calls Lisa. She tells Lisa to beware as officials from Ukraine might trace her to Montenegro. She advises her to not make contact with anyone and never reveal her surname to anybody. Worried, Lisa agrees to diligently follow Ira’s orders.

Nadya and Katya go shopping and Katya is nervous about not finding the right dress. Nadya calms her down and makes her try on several dresses till she finds the best dress for the date.


Snowdrop Episode 53Lucia’s doctor (The only doctor in the whole country) examines Lucia and tells Nicolai that she is showing signs of recovery and that they should not lose hope. Nicolai asks him if she will ever be able to speak and the doctor says that he cannot be sure of that as only time will tell if she will be able to talk again or no. Nicolai heaves a sigh of relief knowing that Lucia might never be able to speak again.

Nadya receives a call from the detective who informs her about her son’s demise in Montenegro. She does not believe him and he tells her that it is the truth as he has double checked everything and has the documents of the accident. He tells her that she can check the documents if she wants to and she leaves the promptly to meet him. As she hails a cab, Oleg sees her leave in a haste and follows her cab.


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Snowdrop Episode 53The detective shows her the death certificate of the Kunitsyn family along with the confirmation by the Ukrainian embassy. Nadya is unable to bear the shock and she faints. Oleg quickly rushes to her aid and asks the detective to call for an ambulance.

In the hospital, Nadya lies unconscious on the bed as Oleg pities her difficult life. He then determines to never let her be alone and help her make her life better.


Snowdrop Episode 53Unable to reach Nadya, Katya decides to go for her date. On reaching the restaurant, she starts blabbering nervously as Kolik looks at her admiringly. She tells him that her friend left without saying anything to her and he says that she should not fret too much as her friend’s phone must be on silent or somewhere inside her bag because of which she is unable to answer her call. He suggests they forget their problems for some time and order something. As she peeks into the menu card, Kolik glances at her discreetly.

Ira starts to burn the drawing Yaroslav had gifted her when Olya barges into her room to tell her that Tamara is looking for her. Ira scolds her for entering her room without knocking and then stalks out of the room. Olya notices the drawing Ira was trying to burn. She takes the drawing that reads, ‘My dear aunt Ira, I love you. Andrei’. Seeing the good drawing she decides to keep the drawing with her.


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Snowdrop Episode 53As Kolik drops Katya home, two thieves accost them but Kolik uses his quick reflexes and beats down one man while his accomplice tries to escape but stumbles after Katya hurls her bag at him.

Tamara prepares a herbal drink to help Ira get pregnant again. The drink tastes bitter but Tamara forces Ira to drink it up so she can get pregnant and start a family with Igor.


Snowdrop Episode 53The police arrest the two thieves and thank Kolik for helping them nab the two notorious men who the police department have been on the run for a while.

Kolik bleeds from his nose and has also suffered a cut on his cheek after the fight. Katya suggests he come up to her house so she can dress his wounds. But as she starts applying medicine, her phone buzzes and Oleg tells her about Nadya being in the hospital.


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Snowdrop Episode 53Katya is by the bed side when Nadya gains consciousness in the hospital. She feels disoriented and is unable to recollect the reason why she is there. She tells Katya that she had a bad dream of Yaroslav going away from her forever. Katya looks away from her and Nadya looks horrified as the reality dawns upon her. She then quivers as she sees the death certificate on the table and wails in despair as Katya hugs her to console her. (What the hell!! Who kept the death certificate there? Did someone want to kill Nadya? She fainted of shock and they keep her son’s death certificate next to her hospital bed so she can die with him. Foolish people!)

Igor tells Oleg that he visited his office the previous day and found his stuff packed. He asks him if he is leaving for someplace and Oleg tells him that he is resigning from his post. Igor taunts him that this time too Polina must be up to something and that Oleg is a mere puppet in her hands. He tells him that he knows that the article in the newspaper was Polina’s doing and that they should stop wasting their time devising such devious plans. However, Oleg chooses to ignore Igor as he continues reading the newspaper.


Snowdrop Episode 53Unable to bear the loss of her son, Nadya decides to end her life. She empties a bottle full of tablets in her hand and fills a glass of water as she muses that she will soon be with her son Yaroslav. Just then, her phone buzzes and Olya’s number flashes on the screen. After a few rings, Nadya decides to answer the call and Olya excitedly tells her that Lucia has moved her full hand. The tablets fall from Nadya’s hand as she blinks away her tears, glad to hear about her mother’s progress. (Wow what timing! Love you Olya.)

Polina complaints about the stench that Ira’s concoction is spreading through the house. Ira tells her that the tea is given by her grandmother and Polina taunts her that taking medicines will not help her. She advises Ira to instead work on her relationship with her husband who does not even love her. Angry, Ira rushes to her room.


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Snowdrop Episode 53Ira complaints to Igor that she cannot live with a negative person like Polina and begs him to shift to another house. He explains that the house belongs to his father and that he has a lot of memories attached to it. She tells him that she wants to start a family with him and he asks her to wait for a few more months. He says that he is on the verge of taking his company back from Oleg and that their focus should now be upon beating Oleg and Polina. Ira looks annoyed but then agrees to support Igor wholeheartedly.

Nadya is inconsolable as she mourns her son’s death in front of Olya and her mother. Olya tries her best to console her but nothing works. Nadya then chances upon the painting that Olya took from Ira’s room and asks her about it. Olya tells her that Ira was trying to burn the painting but she liked it so she took it from the dustbin. Nadya then reads the message from Andrei on the painting and she wonders aloud if Ira knew of her son.


Snowdrop Episode 53Olya tells her that Ira did know about Yaroslav as she had seen Ira near the orphanage when she and Katya had gone to visit Yaroslav for the first time. Nadya looks stunned and she asks Olya if she is sure about seeing Ira at the orphanage and Olya says that she is completely sure that she saw Ira there. Nadya then calls her jailer Veera and asks her if she remembers Ira visiting prison before Yaroslav was sent to the orphanage.

We do not see what Veera tells her and we next see Nadya walking up to Igor’s house as she puts two and two together and realises that Ira had visited her in prison and seen Yaroslav with her. She surmises that it was Ira who deliberately exchanged her son’s identity and then helped the Kunitsyn family to flee the country with her son. From under Igor’s building, she calls Ira who does not answer her call. Nadya then sends her a text message that if does not come out right now then she will come up to her house.


Snowdrop Episode 53Ira meets Nadya down the building and Nadya straight up asks her about her son. Ira looks nervous and tries to run away but Nadya throws her bag’s handle around her neck and pulls her behind forcing her to speak up. (That’s the wrath of a mother.)

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