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Snowdrop Episode 49Ira meets Nadya at a café where she tells her that she can now happily get back with Igor as she has lost her child, the only thing that kept them apart. Nadya offers condolences saying that she can relate to her pain and Ira sneers that Nadya has never had a husband cheat on her which is why she will never understand the pain she is going through. Nadya tries to explain that whatever happened that evening was just a misunderstanding but Ira refuses to believe her. Ira throws a glass of water on Nadya and Nadya tells her that despite her hatred for Ira she will still speak the truth that she has no idea why Igor was at the hotel.


Snowdrop Episode 49The detective tells Nadya that he has found the couple that adopted her son. He tells her that Lisa and her husband Viktor Kunitsyn lost their baby and were unable to have another baby. Two years ago, they adopted a 3-year-old boy named Andrei from the orphanage. Katya tells Nadya that the boy she thought was Yaroslav told her that his real name is actually Andrei and the detective rightly guesses that the Yaroslav’s identity was swapped with Andrei’s and that is how he was accidentally adopted.

Nadya gets restless and wants to meet the family right away but he tells her to not act recklessly. He says that usually adoption process takes months to be finalised and the way Yaroslav was adopted in such a short time it means that the family had someone influential backing them. Also, the way in which the family has been constantly relocating, it makes it even more evident that the adoption is illegal and that they are trying to hide something. He says that he has left a note with their neighbour asking them to bring the child for regular check-up and vaccination and he is hopeful that Yaroslav might most be there with his mother. Nadya’s face lights up as she too feels hopeful of meeting Yaroslav.


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Snowdrop Episode 49The neighbour hands Lisa the child welfare form the detective had left with her. The neighbour tries to get friendly with Lisa but she coldly snubs her as she reads the form suspiciously. We then see Ira receive a call from Lisa.

Polina reprimands Ira for going AWOL on them and Ira only asks her if she had called Nadya and Igor to the hotel room. Polina admits to having called both of them to the hotel and justifies that she did so only to check if they were actually having an affair. Ira scoffs that Polina killed her baby and Polina defends herself saying that the baby died because of Ira’s negligence and that she used the baby only to tie down Igor to their marriage. Enraged, Ira raises her hand to slap Polina but she holds her hand and sneers that she should stop blaming others and start minding her own actions.


Snowdrop Episode 49Nadya is surprised to see Oleg outside her building. He tells her he was just strolling and then invites her for dinner. She says she is too tired and he suggests a place he often visits when he is also ‘too tired’ and she gives in with a smile.

Oleg brings Nadya to an alcove with a trailer and campfire. He hands her a blanket to keep her warm and tells her that he bought the place so he can sleep peacefully. He then offers her a special drink which is his special recipe and raises a toast that the drink will help resolve all her problems.


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Snowdrop Episode 49Tamara feels relieved to see Ira arrive at her house. She quickly takes her to her room and offers her a napkin to wipe off the tears from her face. She asks where Ira went from the hospital and Ira tells her that she went to visit her mom asking for forgiveness. She wails that her mother could have helped her but instead she took her baby from her. Tamara tries to console her as Olya stands by the door trying to overhear their conversation.

Olya runs up to Lucia and tells her that Ira is devastated on losing her baby. She surmises that Nadya to must have felt the same way when her son got lost. She wonders if it is this painful to lose a child.


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Snowdrop Episode 49Nicolai tries to comfort Ira and says that he was worried when she went away without informing them. Tamara interjects and tells Nicolai that she will not tolerate Lucia and her family anymore and that they will have to leave their house. Nicolai defends Nadya and Ira too says that this time it is all Polina’s fault who plotted the whole incident which eventually led to her baby’s death.

Nadya dozes off on her chair and Oleg covers her with the blanket. He wonders how she will react when she learns that he is Igor and Rita’s step-brother. He feels sorry for what his mother did to her and resolves to always be by her side even through the toughest of times.


Snowdrop Episode 49When Igor visits Ira, Tamara tells him that though Polina was behind the whole incident, his involvement in it cannot be overlooked. She questions why he went to meet Nadya in the first place and he has no answer. Ira then walks in and asks him to join her upstairs.

Igor requests Ira to return home with home but she repeats the question Tamara asked him, what was he doing at the hotel. She reminds him that she is his wife and that she was carrying his child and despite that, he chose to run after Nadya totally ignoring her. He apologises to her but she scornfully states that his apology will not bring back their child. She says she will never forgive him and stalks off in after slapping him.


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Snowdrop Episode 49Igor runs behind Ira and holding her in an embrace, promises her to never meet Nadya again. She asks him what if she is unable to conceive again and he asks her to brush off such thoughts from her mind. (This scene was so badly editing, I don’t know how there reached that place.)

Polina teases Ira for returning home when she had stated to stay back with her grandmother. Igor tells Polina that it is time she leaves his house as she is the reason why they lost their baby. Polina begs to differ and Igor expresses his disgust over her denial. He then tells her that she will understand his pain only when she losses the support of her loved ones.


Snowdrop Episode 49Polina scolds Oleg for keeping his phone switched off the whole night and he says that he was out watching a movie. She says he could have called her to accompany him unless he already had company and Oleg quickly changes the topic by praising Galina’s coffee.

Just then, Igor is on his way out when Ira walks behind him saying that she should join him for his meeting. Polina screams at Ira to stay at home and rest instead of going to the office but Ira ignores her and leaves with Igor. Polina points out the change in attitude in Ira and Igor but Oleg only says that bad times draw people closer.


Snowdrop Episode 49Nadya and the detective wait outside the hospital hoping to meet Yaroslav but unfortunately, they do not turn up and Nadya has to leave with a heavy heart.

Polina calls Nadya to meet at a café where Nadya asks why she plotted against Igor and her and when she does not receive a clear answer from Polina, she guesses that she did that to irk Ira. Polina admits disliking Ira and blames her grandmother for spoiling her. She tells Nadya that she knows how much Nadya and Igor love each other and is ready to help them. Nadya derisively turns down her help and stalks out of the cafe.


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Snowdrop Episode 49Kireev blocks Nadya’s way when she arrives at her workplace, coercing her to talk to him. He gets straight to the point and asks her to stop keeping an eye on his personal affairs. He threatens to harm Katya if she continues with her investigation and Nadya teases that there is something that makes him scared. She starts to walk away but returns to tell him that she will soon gather all evidences against him and have him behind bars for what he has done.


Snowdrop Episode 49Ira hands Oleg some papers and he apologises for his mother’s behaviour. She tells him that his and Polina’s apology mean nothing to her. He then suggests she go on a vacation to recuperate but she rudely turns him down asking him why he didn’t bother before when she was slogging despite being pregnant. She then tells him to stop acting concerned for her as he is not family for her and that they are only competitors at Pan cosmetics. We then see Ira book three tickets to Paris for the Kunitsyn family.  

Tamara visits Igor in his office where she tells him that she wants them to start afresh and wants to leave all the bad memories behind. She tells him that she is willing to support him in becoming the new CEO of Pan cosmetics and that he must be wary of Polina who will never let him succeed. He promises to be cautious of Polina and be careful this time.


Snowdrop Episode 49The detective informs Nadya that Yaroslav and his adoptive parents are leaving the country. She frets losing her child and he assures her of bringing her son back to her as he has asked the airport authorities to detain the family on arrival and has also informed the police about it.  


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