Mrs Funnybones Review: Breezy, Easy, And Funny

I finished this book in four hours. No water break, no loo break, just four hours of reading and I was done. That could be because the Mrs Funnybones is a quick read and also because I had read most of the columns in a newspaper before. I used to love Twinkle Khanna’s column in DNA. She is witty, amusing and unabashed. She does not mince her words for anybody and her brutal honesty can prick a little. However, her sense of humour is unmatched and I read the book only to jostle my funny bone on a rather dull day.


Mrs Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

Synopsis: Mrs Funnybones is a compilation of satirical stories written by Twinkle Khanna for various newspapers. The book captures some hilarious incidences in her daily life and her amusing take on each of them.  


Points I Liked About Mrs Funny Bones

Humour: The author has an opinion about everything and she presents most of her thoughts in a humorous way. Some of her words did seem a little offensive but then I accepted it as her opinion and not as the ultimate truth so I enjoyed the book even more. The author belongs to a wealthy family which is why her problems and solutions may not appeal to the common folk reading the book. In fact, most of the content might not even be relatable but it is a glimpse into her real (privileged) life and for me, it was just a different angle to look at life. My favourite chapter is Hurricanes hit my household in which she talks about her staff member who is an oblivious menace to her. I had read this column in DNA and was happy to read it again in the book. This chapter is a MUST read.

Here are some funny excerpts from Mrs Funnybones.

“Don’t look down on people because they can see the crap stuck up your nostril.”

“Naming me Twinkle was a foolproof way of making sure that I would get teased throughout my life, have immigration officers at various airports stare at my passport and shake with hysterical laughter and strangers stalk me with WhatsApp messages like, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, I hope you get hit by a car!’”

“The man of the house has very politely informed guests who have come to see the baby that I am unavailable, as I am ‘milking’, and thereby sealed my status from cool chick to mooing cow.”

“Our little satellite reached Mars because it was called MOM. If it was called DAD, it would still be circling the Earth, lost, but not willing to ask for directions.”

“We may have potholed roads but at least we have many people willing to travel with us on them.”

“After fourteen years of matrimony, I have discovered that hoping your other half telepathically reads your mind only leads to someone wanting to punch the other one in the face.”


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Points I Did Not Like About Mrs Funny Bones

This one is a very short read and the author has made a jibe at herself, her husband and even her mother. So, basically, no one is spared of witty remarks. I may not agree with all her opinions but I enjoyed every single page of this book. No complaints here.


Final View: Four hours is the fastest I have ever finished a book. Mrs Funnybones is really ‘funny’ and entertaining. I would recommend this book to everyone who respects others opinions and is looking for a light read.



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