SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash Review: Refreshes And Lightens The Skin

SSCPL has launched a new range of face washes and they come in shiny tubes that treat different skin problems. I suffer from skin acne and I always look for products that contain fewer chemicals and are mild on the skin. I often opt for SSCPL products because they are devoid of harmful chemicals and contain natural extracts. And not just SSCPL but a lot of herbal and ayurvedic brands make it to my shelf because these products do not irritate my sensitive skin. I have been trying to get my hands on SSCPL’s Acne Free face wash but damn that product is popular and always sold out. So, I picked up the Blemish Free face wash and here is my experience using it.


SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash Review

Name: SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash

Price: ₹125/- for 100gm


SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash Review


What does it claim?

The face wash contains ingredients such as licorice, guava, lemon, and turmeric that help to lighten the skin, protect from sun tan, fight against ageing and promote sebum control.


How to use?

Damp your face with regular water. Squeeze the required amount of product onto your palm and gently apply to your face in upward circular motion. Rinse with regular water. Pat dry with a towel.


Does it fulfil its claim?

Aforementioned, I picked the blemish free variant because I currently suffer from acne scars. The face wash comes in a white plastic tube with a glossy pink sticker and green flip cover.

SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash Review

When you purchase the product, keep in mind that the main opening of the tube will be sealed with an aluminium cover that needs to be peeled off to be able to squeeze the product out of the tube. The product is light pink in colour and has a pleasant mixed fruit fragrance. It is of thick consistency but glides smoothly over the skin. It lathers well and leaves a sweet fragrance after wash.

SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash Review

I have been using this face wash for over two weeks and I can see my scars lighten slightly. There isn’t any drastic difference but it surely makes the skin squeaky clean and keeps the skin oil-free for several hours. However, it does tend to dry the skin a bit so I always apply a mild moisturising gel after using this face wash.  


What’s good about it?

Paraben free


Fights skin tan

Lightens the skin


Travel-friendly packaging

Pleasant fruity fragrance

Contains botanical extracts of licorice, guava, lemon, and turmeric


What’s good about it?

Dries the skin slightly

Lack of availability


I give SSCPL Blemish Free Face Wash 3.5 out of 5 rating. The face wash contains natural extracts that benefit the skin in the long run. It controls excess sebum production and works on pigmentation. If you have been looking for a herbal face wash that fights against pigmentation, then try this one.  



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