Men The Real Victims | Girls Are Always Right Review: The funniest series on YouTube

Men The Real Victims – Girls Are Always Right is an ongoing YouTube series by Shitty Ideas Trending. The show deals with the way some women, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly, manipulate men into agreeing to their wishes. Shalini and Ashwin are a married couple and very much in love with each other. Shalini is the typical wife who will have her way or the highway while Ashwin is, what seems like, the trapped husband who gives in most of the times just to make his wife happy or to save himself a debate. He is more like a henpecked husband while she is his innocently dominating better half.

Men The Real Victims – Girls Are Always Right Review 

The instances are simply hilarious and are totally relatable to even those who are not married. Even though I am a girl I can identify with Ashwin’s plight when dealing with an unpredictable woman like Shalini. It explores those aspects of a couple where the gender difference is the determining factor for the reaction to a situation. Karan Mehra and Chhavi Mittal play a very convincing couple. They support and complement each other very well. The stories and scripts are written by Mohit Hussain and his wife Chhavi Mittal and directed by Mohit Hussain.

Here are two of my favorite episodes.


I simply love Men The Real Victims | Girls Are Always Right and would recommend to watch it without fail. You can catch its latest episodes every Friday on YouTube. I hope you like it as much as I do.

You can watch their videos on YouTube.


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