SSCPL Seaweed Hand And foot Relaxing Gel Review: Just The Hand Gel I Was Looking For

Unlike my oil-rich face, my hands and legs are dry as a desert. My palms get excessively dry when I am working on my computer and I often dab some moisturiser to soften them. The problem with a hand cream is that the skin takes a while to fully absorb it. Often I end up applying so much hand cream that my fingers slip on the keyboard and the mouse gets difficult to grip. I wanted a hand cream that would get absorbed quickly without making my fingers too greasy. And SSCPL got me just the kind of hand and foot cream I was looking for. Well, this one is not a cream but a gel. I have been using SSCPL Herbals Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel for over two months and here is my experience using it.


Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel Review

Name: SSCPL Seaweed Hand & Foot Relaxing Gel

Price: ₹175/- for 200 gm


Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel Review


What does it claim?

The Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel hydrates and revitalises dry and dull skin to make it visibly soft, smooth and supple. It has got natural exfoliating properties that help to remove dead skin.


How to use?

Take the required amount of gel onto palm and gently massage it into the skin for around 10 minutes till the gel dries.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The seaweed gel comes in a white plastic bottle with a green flip cap. The bottle is mid-sized so it is easy to keep in anywhere or travel with it. I usually keep it on my work desk because I apply it onto my hands before starting to work on my PC.

I also do apply it sometimes at night over my feet when my feet feel sore. In the ‘direction of use’ it is mentioned that you have to massage the gel for 10 minutes but I don’t do that often. I normally take some gel onto my palm and then gently rub it over my hands. I do massage my cuticles for a few seconds but not more than that. Since I do not massage it, the gel initially feels a little sticky.

Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel Review

But once it has dried, my skin feels soft and smooth. My hands do not feel greasy at all and my nails look a little shiny and healthy. Like every other SSCPL product, this hand and foot gel too has a soothing fragrance. I am so addicted to the fragrance that I often sniff the bottle like an inhaler. You can use this gel after a pedicure session or before going to bed at night. I love the product so I use it several times a day as it helps to keep my hands moisturised. Also, a little drop of the gel is enough to cover both the arms and the bottle easily lasts for months. 


What’s good about it?       

Effectively softens and smoothens the skin


Travel-friendly packaging

Long lasting

Soothing fragrance

Reasonably priced



What’s not so good about it?

Nothing. The product does what it claims and I am a happy customer.


I give SSCPL Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel 5 out of 5 rating. I will certainly repurchase this hand gel and would also recommend it to anyone who is looking for a hand gel.


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