SSCPL Saffron Facial Kit Review: The Best Facial For Dull, Dry, Lustreless Skin

Herbal brand, SSCPL offers a range of facial kits that are paraben free and suit different types of skin. Each facial kit holds a key ingredient that decides the skin type it will suit. Saffron Facial Kit is the newest addition to the facial kit range. Like SSCPL’s other facial kits the Saffron Kit holds five products: cleansing milk, scrub, cream, gel, and face pack. 


SSCPL Saffron Facial Kit Review

Name: Saffron Facial Kit

Price: Rs.150/-

Products: Saffron Cleansing Milk – 25ml

                  Saffron Face Scrub – 25g

                  Saffron Cream – 25g

                  Saffron Gel – 25g

                  Saffron Face Pack – 25g



SSCPL Saffron Facial Kit Ingredients



What does it claim?

As per the description on the back cover, the products lighten the skin, make it soft and radiant. It helps clear blemishes, blackheads and reduces dark melanin.


How to use?

SSCPL Saffron Facial Kit


Step 1: Wash Face With Cleansing Milk

Start with cleaning your face with the saffron cleansing milk.

SSCPL Saffron Cleansing Milk

The cleansing milk smells divine! Of the facial kits I have used till now, the saffron cleansing milk smells the best. The white milk is smooth and thick. I massaged it on my face for around 3-4 minutes and washed it off. My skin felt instantly soft and supple.


Step 2: Exfoliate With Scrub

Then, you exfoliate the skin with the scrub.

SSCPL Saffron Facial Scrub

I gently rubbed my face with the scrub for 2-3 minutes and washed it off with water. The granules in the scrub are smooth and are not harsh on the skin. Since I have oily skin, my skin looked visibly cleaner after washing my face with the scrub.


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Step 3: Massage With Cream

Now massage your face with the cream.

SSCPL Saffron Facial Cream

Next, I massaged my face with saffron cream for about 3-4 minutes. Once I wiped out the cream from my face I could see a shine on the high points of my face and this is something I did not like. My skin is oily which makes it naturally shiny. Anything that adds to that shine causes acne. And sadly this cream did just that. It added to the oiliness of my skin which eventually caused a breakout.


Step 4: Massage With Gel

Next, you massage your face with saffron gel.

SSCPL Saffron Facial Gel

The saffron gel is yellow with a tinge of orange. I applied the gel and left it to dry. Once dry, I washed the gel off my face. I could feel my skin become squeaky clean. My skin also felt tight.   


Step 5: Apply Face Pack

Mix some rose water and apply the face pack all over your face and neck.

SSCPL Saffron Face Pack

The clay based face pack is not very thick or dry. It is slightly creamy and becomes smoother after you dilute it with rose water. My major complaint with SSCPL’s facial kit is that application of the face pack is messy. Since there is no spatula you have to take some quantity of the face pack in a separate bowl, mix it with rose water and then apply it to the face. After applying the face pack I did not feel any stinging sensation. Also, my skin did not feel very stretched. After washing off the face pack, my skin looked slightly oily and shiny. It felt soft and smooth but the shine on my cheekbones was a cause of concern as I know what effects creamy products have on my skin.


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Does it fulfil its claim?

Totally! It claims to make the skin smooth, soft, radiant and so it does. Its effects were evident and instant. My skin felt soft and as mentioned before I could see a clear shine on my face.

However, I feel that the pack is more suited for dry or normal skin since it provides the much-needed moisture and radiance that such skin lacks. It isn’t a great option for oily, acne prone skin as its ingredients can cause a breakout.


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What’s good about it?

Paraben free so it will not have any long-term ill effects.

Skin is visibly radiant after one application.

Skin feels soft, smooth and looks slightly lighter in tone.

Price is reasonable and affordable.

One kit can be 2 to 3 times.


What’s not so good about it?

Not suitable for oily, acne prone skin.

Does not contain a spatula for easy application.

Is not easily available.


I give SSCPL’s Saffron Vera Facial Kit 3.5 out of 5 rating. It delivers what it promises. It provides moisture and radiance to the skin and is an ideal product for lacklustre, dry skin.  


You can buy SSCPL’s Saffron Facial Kit from Purplle