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Snowdrop Episode 55Oleg confesses his feelings for Nadya who does not fully believe him. She asks him if he is willing to support her against his family and he says that he will do anything to make her happy.

Nadya returns home and recalls Ira’s threat of filing a complaint of assault against her that will cancel her parole. She then opens her laptop as she acts upon her resolve to expose Ira.

In the office, Oleg wishes to have revealed his true identity to Nadya before and frets over the chances of being rejected by her. He calls Katya and asks if Nadya is at home and Katya tells him that she has returned home.


Snowdrop Episode 55Ira hands Igor the list of contestants that applied for the job and shows him a profile of the contestant that the board of directors and she have shortlisted unanimously. She tells him that the contestant has come up with the best idea and also has a good resume which is why she should be declared the winner of the contest. Igor looks mighty impressed by the contestant’s proposition and Ira tells him that the board of directors have already chosen her as the winner and have decided to hold a press conference to declare the winner publicly.

Polina’s detective fills her in on Nadya’s whereabouts and tells her that she had met Oleg briefly. Polina asks about their conversation and he says that he was beyond earshot to have heard their conversation. He then tells her that Nadya lives with her friend Katya who she met in prison and that they both are currently out on parole. Polina sighs wondering why Oleg is smitten by Nadya. She then instructs the detective to keep an eye on Nadya and not lose her again. The detective leaves after assuring her of a diligent service.


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Snowdrop Episode 55Ira shows Igor Anatasia’s interview. Ira and Igor are both impressed by the businesswoman. Ira then suggests they invite her for their company’s presentation and lure her to invest in Pan Cosmetics. Ira asks him to meet her at her hotel to convince her of their proposal but Igor irritatedly dismisses her idea. To cheer Igor up, she then tries to get cosy with him but he moves away from her and asks her to sleep.

Anastasia wakes up with a start after she has a nightmare in which she sees a lady trapped in a burning car. She steps out of her bed and has a glass of water to calm her nerves. She then calls her assistant and reschedules her evening meeting. She muses that her city never lets her live in peace back in the past and even now. She boosts herself to stay strong so she can beat her enemies.


Snowdrop Episode 55Oleg returns home late and tries to sneak in his room unaware that Polina is waiting for him in the living room. Polina ambushes him with a barrage of questions. She asks him why he has been leaving company meeting abruptly and meeting Nadya. He looks annoyed that Polina has been keeping a track of him and she flatly denies his accusation. She justifies that he runs away from a meeting which means he must be meeting a woman he loves. Oleg evades her question and retires to his room leaving Polina fuming in anger.

At the press conference, Ira happily announces the name of the contest winner and asks the contestant to come forward. Her face turns white when she sees Nadya walk up to her.


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Snowdrop Episode 55Nadya introduces herself as the contestant whose name has been announced as the winner. Ira rejects her candidature and Nadya reminds her that contestants were allowed to change their name and participate. (Whaaaaat?? Which competition allows contestants to fake their identity? Ukraine mein aisa allowed hain??) Ira then asks her to prove that she is the winner of the contestant and Nadya agrees to prove her identity by presenting the presentation that won her the job.

Oleg looks amused by the unexpected drama at the press meeting. She bursts out laughing saying that he was not expecting such turn of events. He states that contestants were allowed to participate with their nicknames and that the competition was for the best idea which they got from Nadya. He presents her a certificate and a bouquet of flowers.


Snowdrop Episode 55Nadya then elbows Ira and takes over the mic. She expresses her gratitude at bagging the award and the job. She says that her last experience with Pan Cosmetics was a horrid one as she was unjustly termed ‘criminal’ and sent to prison for a crime she did not commit. She says that she now plans to work towards exposing the criminal and having her name cleared of the ‘criminal’ tag.

Ira pesters Igor to fire Nadya or file a case against her but Igor clearly tells her that doing so will ruin the company’s reputation. She feels anxious about Nadya having her way against her and Igor tells her that they should just wait for the right opportunity to fire her. Ira continues to ramble till Igor yells at her for bothering him.


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Snowdrop Episode 55Oleg cannot stop gushing over Nadya. He praises her masterstroke against Ira and congratulates her at her re-entry in Pan Cosmetics. He asks her what she wants next and she says she now wants to compel Ira to quit the company. She tells him that she wants to wreck Ira’s name, position and status and reminds him of the promise he made to help her against his family. Oleg feels concerned for Nadya as he believes that a revenge seeker never lives happily as he ends up changing forever. However, he says nothing aloud and agrees to keep his promise. As she starts to leave when he hands her a file containing Anastasia’s details and asks her to convince her to invest in Pan Cosmetics. He says it is a great opportunity for her and that cracking the deal will help her start afresh at the company. Nadya accepts the file and assures to do her best at winning Anastasia’s vote of approval.


Snowdrop Episode 55To Ira’s dismay, Nadya walks proudly into the PR room and tells Ira that she should not be surprised to see her there as it was she who selected her. Ira’s team follow shortly and Nadya asks them about her workstation but they snub her fearing Ira’s ire. Nadya hands Ira the money she had borrowed from her which Ira hits out of her hand. Nadya says she has repaid her loan and heads to meet Igor.

In Igor’s cabin, Igor tells Nadya that she should start looking for another job and she snorts that she does need to as she has landed her dream job. He warns her from doing anything stupid in her quest for revenge and she suddenly moves closer to him. Taking his neck tie in her hand she asks him if he still cares about her and he looks flustered. Ira walks in on them and orders Nadya to stay away from her husband. Igor flinches as Nadya stands unperturbed. Nadya then collects her bag and leaves. Ira then walks up to Igor and slaps him hard across his face. (And our dear Igor does not even say anything to his wife. Wow!! Kaisa hain yeh ladka. Koi self-respect hi nahi hain. But at least he is better than Tolga from A Love Story. Tolga I feel has no idea of what self-respect means.)


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Snowdrop Episode 55Anastasia undergoes hypnotherapy where she recalls the fire incident in which she sees a woman trapped in a blazing car. During the session, she starts panicking and screams for help and her therapist aborts the session. She tells him that she is having a headache and he says that she need not worry as he will help her find the reason why she has been having nightmares.

Katya calls Nadya and tells her that she has tracked Kireev who is currently in a meeting at a café. Nadya then changes her appearance and secretly shoots Kireev accepting a bribe from a man in the café.


Snowdrop Episode 55Katya feels exhilarated on seeing the video footage of Kireev accepting bribe. She excitedly starts to upload the video on the Ukrainian police website when Nadya stops her and tells her that she has a much better plan to trap Kireev.

Next morning, Nadya is enthused to report at her new job. Ira’s assistant tells her that for the day she will have to cut news articles pertaining to Pan Cosmetics and paste them in an album. Nadya knows the intention behind the work and cheerfully says that she feels honoured to work for them and that she anyway works fast and efficiently.


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Snowdrop Episode 55Ira and her team leave for lunch as Nadya stays back for work. As soon as Ira steps out of the room, Nadya immediately starts to work on her plan and tries to access to Ira’s PC. After several failed attempts, Ira finals breaks into her PC after rightly guessing Ira’s wedding date to be the password. She visits the anti-corruption website and uploads Kireev’s video clip from Ira’s PC hoping to create a rift between them.

Ira has an intuition that Nadya is up to something in her absence so she returns to the cabin without having lunch and sees Nadya working. She checks her PC to see if Nadya tried to do something against her but to her surprise, Nadya is actually doing the silly work she was assigned. She then asks Nadya if she really does not want to join them for lunch and continue doing the shitty work. Nadya states that she did not know the company assigns such work to highly qualified employees. Ira sniggers that she is mistaken to expect her to entrust Nadya with some important job.


Snowdrop Episode 55Kireev reports to work and scolds his subordinates for wasting time at the workplace. He then sits on his PC and sees the video his subordinates were watching. Blood drains from his face when he sees himself in the video accepting a bribe.

His senior officer then arrests him and interrogates him regarding the bribing video. Kireev acts cool and unfazed as he lies that he was only accepting money from a relative that he had lent some time ago. The officer is not convinced by his phoney tale and he berates him for maligning the reputation of the police department. Kireev then caves in and admits to having taken a bribe and promises to not repeat the mistake again. The officer (in a Punjabi accent) tells him that he can give all his justifications before the court. Kireev then tells him that the video was certainly not shot by the police department which means that someone was trying to trap him. He then begs the officer to at least reveal the identity of the email sender and the officer seems to consider his plea.


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Snowdrop Episode 55Nicolai is called to the meeting room of the jail where Kireev says that he was framed by Ira who sent the video to the police department. Nicolai refuses to believe his claim and Kireev then tells him of how Ira conspired against Nadya by sending her son abroad with his adoptive parents and then faked his death. Nicolai loses his cool and grabs Kireev’s neck who unflinching warns him that not helping him get out of the prison would mean exposing the Belous family and Nicolai reluctantly leaves Kireev.

Nicolai summons Ira and is surprised to hear Ira deny having anything to do with Kireev’s video. He screams at her for lying and then tell her that Kireev himself claimed that the video was uploaded from her PC. Ira pleads innocence but Nicolai asks her about Nadya’s son and she is left tongue-tied. She begs Nicolai to believe that she is innocent but he berates her for her wrongdoing. She pleads Nicolai to help Kireev or else he will speak against her and put her behind bars.


Snowdrop Episode 55Nadya is with Lucia when she starts trembling recalling all that transpired between her, Ira and Nicolai. Excited, Olya screams that Lucia is moving her limbs which is heard by Ira. She then barges into Lucia’s room and is stunned to see Lucia sit up and talk to Nadya and Olya.

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