Snowdrop: Episode 56


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Snowdrop Episode 56

Ira finds herself surrounded by Nadya, Olya, Nicolai, Igor, and Tamara. In front of everyone, Lucia accuses Ira of murdering Rita and then trying to kill Lucia by pushing her off the cliff. Ira screams that she is innocent but Lucia fiercely urges her to confess to her crime. Feeling cornered, Ira screams that she is innocent and flails her hand to stop them from moving closer to her.

Tamara hears Ira’s screams and comes running out of her room to see Ira crumpled on the floor crying that she is innocent. Ira feels startled on seeing Nicolai and Tamara as she realises that she had been dreaming. Tamara calms her down and asks what scared her. Ira lies that she is fine and rushes out of the house leaving Tamara and Nicolai worried for her.


Snowdrop Episode 56Commotion downstairs alerts Olya who notices that the door is open. She tells Nadya that she had closed the door and that Ira must have opened it and heard their conversation. She panics and begs Nadya to take them with her and Nadya assures her that she will soon take Lucia and her to another house.

Ira rushes home and calls Lucia’s doctor to ask him if it is possible for her to recover completely. Dr Schmov tells her that Lucia has been showing signs of improvement but there is no guarantee that she will fully recover. Ira breathes a sigh of relief and then calls another hospital to check if Lucia can be admitted there. Unfortunately, nothing works in her favour as the hospital does not have a free bed.


Snowdrop Episode 56Frustrated, Ira calls Nicolai and asks him to send Lucia away before she spills the beans to anyone. She tells Nicolai that she saw Lucia move her limbs and even try to speak something. Nicolai scoffs that he visits Lucia every single day and her progress is better known to him. He scolds Ira for overthinking and imagining stuff. Just then, overhears him say that he will soon transfer Lucia to a new hospital under a new identity. Nadya fumes in anger and resolves to get her mother out of the house before Nicolai can take her to another place.


Snowdrop Episode 56Next morning, Nadya desperately calls hospitals to check if her mother can be admitted to any. Oleg arrives with some coffee and asks her if she has planned anything to win over Anastasia’s deal. But Nadya is not listening to him as she continues to check for a vacant bed in hospitals. Oleg then asks her what is happening and she tells him that Nicolai is planning to send her mother to a hospital abroad. Oleg feels that it is a good thing as her mother will recover faster abroad. Nadya then tells him that Lucia knows what Ira has done and that the father-daughter duo is afraid that Lucia might speak against them which is why they are getting rid of her. She says she has been trying to shift her mother to another hospital but she knows that Nicolai will find out her location as he is a powerful man. With a faint smile on his face, Oleg says that he will see how he can help her out with this problem. Nadya looks doubtful and he firmly assures that he will certainly help her out with this. (Aww…..Oleg, how can a woman not fall for you? You are so charming and caring like a K-drama hero. Oh yes, Snowdrop is indeed the adaptation of a Korean drama. How can I forget, Kdrama second leads are my weakness.)


Snowdrop Episode 56Oleg calls Boris and asks him if he knows of a boarding house or hospital outside the city that can house Nadya’s ailing mother. Boris is reluctant to help Nadya but Oleg tells him that it is a favour to him and not Nadya. Boris insists on knowing what prompted Nadya to have Lucia shifted and Oleg says that it is an urgent matter and that he will explain everything in detail to him some other time. Boris hangs up promising to see what he can do for him. Boris glances at a research paper prepared by Nadya and decides to help her as the one month that she worked for Boris, helped his company gain a lot of profit.

When Ira arrives at work, she reprimands Nadya for not greeting her like a regular employee. Nadya then reluctantly wishes her Good Morning and then tells her that she has emailed her the work report she completed the previous day. Ira feels enraged at Nadya’s attitude and tone. She starts to admonish her but is cut short by a call from the hospital employee she had spoken to the previous day. The man informs her of the vacant bed and Ira tells him that she will talk to him later to further discuss the matter. Nadya then receives a text message from Oleg telling her that he has found a place and his mother can be shifted there. Nadya picks her bag and leaves immediately ignoring Ira’s demands to know where she is going.


Snowdrop Episode 56Nadya calls Olya and confirms that they are alone at home. She then instructs Olya to pack Lucia’s medicines saying that she is on her way to get both of them. Olya wastes no time in packing all their belongings. Nadya is surprised to see Boris waiting outside Ira’s house with an ambulance. He tells her that he is there to help shift her mother but Olya refused to let him in. She quickly talks to Olya and asks her to open the door.  

Meanwhile, after speaking to the hospital, Ira is on her way to have Lucia shifted.

With everything packed, Nadya asks Olya to accompany Lucia in the ambulance and she starts looking for the suicide note that was supposedly written by Lucia. She starts looking for the note in Nicolai’s work room when the landline buzzes. She answers the call but does not speak into the receiver. She hears Ira tell Tamara that she has arranged for a hospital for Lucia and asks her to keep Olya busy so they can shift her quietly.


Snowdrop Episode 56Boris updates Oleg about his progress and Oleg happily promises him a big celebration. He then hangs up and wonders why he is feeling so happy about saving Lucia. (I guess we all know why he is happy.)

Ira is surprised the find Lucia’s room completely empty. Tamara too finds it odd that the front door is left open when she remembers locking it. She goes looking for Ira and Ira tells her that Lucia and Olya are missing from their room. Tamara notices that the room is devoid of the two women and their belongings and she jumps with joy knowing that they have finally left for good. Ira panics and screams at Tamara for not keeping an eye on Lucia and Olya. Tamara scolds Ira for talking disrespectfully with her and storms out of the room.


Snowdrop Episode 56Nadya nervously paces outside Anastasia’s room when she sees a bellboy leave the room. As he leaves she hears Anatasia complain about the food. She then checks the ingredients of the food that Anatasia rejected and returns to the lobby wondering what she can do to impress Anastasia. Just then, she sees Anatasia leave with her assistant and decides to follow them.


Snowdrop Episode 56Nadya follows Anastasia into a mall where she hears Anastasia criticize a woman going over with the makeup on a client. Anastasia expresses her contempt for makeup that is harmful to the skin and her assistant suggests she hold a workshop for makeup artists to explain the right use of makeup.

Anatasia and her assistant take a table at a restaurant where Anastasia notices that Nadya has been following them for a while. She is aware that Nadya is keeping an eye on her as she tells her assistant that she wishes to collaborate with a trustworthy local brand to launch her cosmetics range. She then tells her assistant to prepare a list of Ukranian cosmetic brands so she can select one of them.


Snowdrop Episode 56Anatasia finally leaves the table and confronts Nadya. Nadya then tells her that she was only trying to approach her as she is from the PR department of Pan Cosmetics. Anatasia scoffs that stalking is not a good PR strategy and that she has lost interest in Pan cosmetics following her poor tactic. She returns to her table and Nadya follows her. She apologises for stalking her and says that she only wanted to introduce her to Pan Cosmetics. Anatasia says that she has hundreds of people wanting to meet her daily and several companies want to do business with her but to do so she needs to take an appointment like everyone else. She tells Nadya that she will forget today’s incident and then wishes her all the best. As Nadya leaves she smirks that her plan worked and that Anatasia will now remember her. Her smile widens as she now knows how to generate interest for Pan cosmetics in Anastasia’s mind.


Snowdrop Episode 56The police officer tells Nicolai that Kireev’s sting operation video has gone viral and people have been heavily criticizing the police department. Nicolai nervously asks what the officer plans to do and he says that he will follow the legal procedure and file a case against Kireev to make an example of him so the other corrupt officers are deterred from doing any such mistake.

Nicolai tries to dissuade the officer from making matters serious but nothing works as the officer is hell bent on punishing Kireev. Exasperated, Nicolai finally tells the officer that he knows his brother is battling a case and promises to help him out with it if he lets Kireev out and the officer finally relents.

Boris and Olya are by Lucia’s bedside. Boris sees Olya shudder in his presence. He asks her if she is frightened of him and she nods her head. He asks what about him frightens her the most and she replies that his eyes look scary. He then teases her that she should always be with her mother or else he will take her away from her. Olya rushes to shield Lucia from him and asks him to leave right away. He raises his arms in surrender and leaves after making a scary face at her.


Snowdrop Episode 56Nadya thanks Oleg profusely and he tells her that it was Boris who helped her and not him. She asks why Boris bothered at all and he says that Boris is grateful to her for helping his company gain a foothold in the market and that he is just returning her favour. However, she points out that it was Oleg who asked him for the favour and he smiles as he quickly changes the topic. (aww….he’s so cute. He is feeling shy now. He doesn’t even want to take credit for helping his lady love.)

Handing him a file, she then tells him that she conducted a research and got to know that the company’s decorative cosmetics sales have been declining and she proposes to hold ‘master classes’ that can teach makeup artists better use of these products. She says that doing so will help them increase sales. Oleg is impressed by the idea and praises her for it. She then tells him that she had a failed meeting with Anastasia and that she is sure that their master classes will surely help them grab her attention and she will surely attend them. Oleg looks even more impressed by her dual strategy that will not only increase their sales but will also get them, new clients.


Snowdrop Episode 56As soon as Kireev leaves the prison, he calls Ira who does not answer his call. Furious, he leaves a voice message asking her to meet at their old place or else he might divulge her secret to the police.

Kireev berates Ira for plotting against him and she scornfully tells him that it was Nadya who uploaded his video on the internet. At first, he refuses to believe Ira’s claim but then falls mum when she tells him that Nadya has re-joined Pan Cosmetics and that she works with Ira and could have easily used her PC to have him punished. She then reminds him that it was because of Nicolai that he could get out of jail and that next time if he speaks rudely to her. she will ensure that he never comes out of jail again as she leaves in a huff.   

Nadya is in the hospital with her mother and Olya when she hears Lucia murmur something.



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