Snowdrop: Episode 18

Show Title: Snowdrop

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Written Update: Episode 18

Snowdrop Episode 18

Ira tells Nicolai that she wanted to help Rita but Nadya had reached her by then and she doesn’t want Igor to hate her which is why she blamed Nadya for it. She tells him that she bribed the investigator to frame Nadya for the accident and he is now blackmailing her for more money. Nicolai asks her if she had anything to do with leaking the company’s secret and she nods her head.

Tamara once again taunts Lucia for disturbing their peaceful lives. She tells her that Nadya’s trial is a double-edged sword and whatever the outcome of her case, Nicolai will be the one suffering. If she is proven innocent then people will say Nicolai influenced the case and if she is proven guilty people will say Nicolai sheltered a criminal. Lucia gets Tamara’s point and agrees to leave their house.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Ira gets on her knees and begs Nicolai to help her but he reproves her for committing a crime as serious as murder and curses her to live a life of agony. Lucia walks in and is surprised to see Ira crying on her knees. She consoles Ira as Nicolai leaves the room in a huff.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Polina sees Oleg drinking alone in his room when he pulls her for a dance. He tells her that he has always envied Igor to which Polina says that he need not be upset with what Igor said. She promises him that he will get whatever he wants in life to which Oleg says that he wishes for love and she assures him to find a smart and beautiful girl for him.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Ira’s confession gets to Nicolai and he drowns himself in alcohol when Ira visits him to sort the matter. Nicolai chastises Ira for hitting a person with her car and then framing an innocent girl for the murder. He tells her to confess her crime and she tearfully says that she can’t do that.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Ira and her family sit in front of the TV to watch Nicolai’s interview but Nicolai leaves without seeing the TV.

Desperate and tensed, Ira tries to reach Kireev but he continues to remain out of reach. (This man is such a ra***l he knows to strike when the iron is hot.)


Snowdrop Episode 18

Nadya’s prison mates give her tips to escape the blame. They suggest her to keep firm on her stance of being innocent. (Aww….I like Nadya’s prison friend already.)

At Nadya’s trial, Nicolai walks in the courtroom as the new judge on Nadya’s case. Ira sheds a tear on seeing him while Lucia looks happy to know that he will be looking on Nadya’s case. Polina tells Oleg that Nicolai is Ira’s father who is the key witness in the case. (Oh yaa….nobody knows that Nicolai is dating Nadya’s mom. No wonder he got the case in his hands.)


Snowdrop Episode 18

Valentin questions an investigator on the case who testifies that there was quite a lot of distance between the car and the victim, which indicates that it wasn’t Nadya’s car that hit the victim.

Kireev is the next witness in the witness box. He tells the court that his team found Rita’s earring stuck on Nadya’s car, which indicates her involvement in the accident. Valentin raises an objection that Nadya’s car was unharmed to which Kireev replies that the amount of damage to a car depends on it making, its speed, and the victim’s weight. He adds that the earring stuck in Nadya’s car’s front clearly indicates that she hit Rita with her car. In a flashback, we see Nicolai ordering Kireev to prove ‘everything’ in court. (Oh no! Nicolai….you too?)


Snowdrop Episode 18

Next witness, Boris tells the court that Rita and Nadya were on bad terms as Nadya had tried to sell the company’s secrets to a competitor. He adds that he remembers Rita asking Igor to leave Nadya.

Rita’s nurse is called to the victim box and she testifies that Rita wanted to meet Nadya in her final moments. On being questioned by the prosecutor, the nurse says that Rita was on the floor when Nadya called them for help but Rita had already suffered a heart failure by then.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Nicolai then orders the two lawyers to put forward their final points. The prosecutor tells the court that it wasn’t a case of an accident but a premeditated murder as Nadya first hit Rita with her car, when she survived Nadya once again attacked Rita in the hospital, which caused her death. He then requests the court to sentence her to 15 years of imprisonment.

Defense lawyer, Valentin counters that the witnesses and evidence put forth by the prosecutor are too weak to prove Nadya guilty of a murder. He argues that the evidences presented in court are mere coincidences and do not qualify as strong evidence against the accused.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Nicolai gives Nadya a chance to speak in her defense. Nadya rises to say that she only wanted to work with her dream company and be married to the one she loved but has somehow gotten entangled in this problem. She says that she doesn’t know who is trying to frame her for the murder but she surely knows that she has never done anything wrong in her life and has full faith in the judiciary system who will conduct a fair trial. The court is adjourned till the next day.

Cops escort Nadya when Lucia and Olya run after her crying hysterically. Lucia tries to assure her that things will be fine soon. Tearfully, Nadya asks her mom to take care of herself and Olya. (This scene broke my heart 🙁 )


Snowdrop Episode 18

Polina mocks Nadya’s request for a fair trial. She sneers that Nadya still dreams of marrying Igor after killing his father (she says the ‘company secret leaking’ incident stressed him out and eventually caused his death) and sister. Igor says that she hasn’t been proved guilty and she replies that nobody trusts her not even Igor.

Ira is alone in the courtroom when she receives a text from Kireev, which reads that –

‘Your dad is very good, Ira. Nobody would imagine the murderer’s father to be the judge. Don’t forget, you still have a lot to give me.’  


Snowdrop Episode 18

Oleg finds it strange that Nicolai is the judge of the case where Ira is the key witness. Polina agrees that it is a little strange. She tells him that Nicolai and her husband Anatoly were childhood friends and Tamara is a shareholder of Pan cosmetics.

She tells Oleg that Tamara is a good chemist and that one of their most popular perfumes was made of her formula. She then asks Oleg about his sudden interest in Ira and warns him from pursuing her as she has been in love with Igor since childhood. This detail amuses Oleg and he says that he is now even more interested in Ira.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Nicolai weighs his option regarding the case wherein if Nadya is proved innocent there will be another round of inquiry and his daughter Ira will be caught for murdering Rita. But declaring Nadya guilty would be unfair as she has not done anything wrong.

Valentin whines that Nadya’s case is too complicated to solve when Ira walks in with a tray of refreshments. Valentin cribs that a lawyer must have faith in his client’s innocence but here he is sure that Nadya is at fault and that she has fooled them. (Damn! I can see Igor’s confidence waver. No no nooo…)


Snowdrop Episode 18

Igor calls Nicolai’s office and is informed that he has left for the day and he decides to meet him at his home. Ira quickly calls Tamara to get rid of Lucia and Olya as Igor might see them and will know of their relationship. Ira then recalls Igor’s testament in court stating that Nadya is the most trustworthy person he has ever met and she changes her mind and tells grandma to not do anything as it will be good for him to be aware of things Nadya has concealed from him.

Igor is speaking with Tamara when Olya comes running down. Igor is surprised to see Olya and she tells him that it is her house. Tamara takes Igor to her room and explains that Nicolai is dating Nadya’s mother and that she and her family have recently shifted to their house. He asks her if Nadya had money and Tamara tells her that Nicolai always gave her whatever she asked for. She concludes that had Nadya not been imprisoned she would have definitely looted them of their money.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Tamara complains that Ira is suffering because of Nadya and her mother and she hopes Nadya is punished for her crime. Just then, Lucia barges in and states that Nadya is innocent and that Nicolai will do everything to save her. Tamara scoffs that Lucia is the spy of their house and suggests that she get in and listen to their talk rather than spying on them.

Lucia and Tamara argue violently and Tamara accidently breaks a glass piece that cuts her finger. Nicolai walks in and tries to calm down Tamara who is now sobbing hard.


Snowdrop Episode 18

Nicolai tells Igor that Nadya’s case is hopeless as the evidences are against her. He tells Igor that the prosecutor claims it to be a premeditated murder and that she is likely to receive 15 years imprisonment. Nicolai says he will do what he can but punishment is inevitable for her.

Igor meets Nadya in prison and is evidently aloof. She nervously asks him if he still believes in her to which he says, “My sister is dead and if you have killed her then we cannot be with each other” and leaves in a huff.    


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