Life Is What Matters Review: A Practical Positive Pill For The Negative Unhappy Mind

Have you noticed that life has been getting tougher each day? Or is it just my life that seems to get more and more challenging as each day passes?! I picked up ‘Life Is What Matters’ on one such evening when, for the umpteen time, my life felt tough. The very first and the best teaching this book offers is to treat your life as your baby and take good care of it. Being troubled by harshest of situations we often tend to go hard on ourselves without even being aware of it. We neglect ourselves and then end up in even bigger problems than before. Life Is What Matters throws light on the most prominent and common problems of our lives and enables you to look at it differently. This new perspective not only changes your way of thinking but also helps you find solutions to dealing with all that troubles you. You need not necessarily be a parent to understand the authors’ perspective. All you have to be is a little loving and caring towards yourself.

Life Is What Matters by Alka Dixit

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

Our daily lives keep us so occupied that all we see in it is chaos, and not the blessings that come with it. We see the problems that stand in our way, and forget the ones we have crossed and moved on. Isn’t it! To understand life, we need to first value our life. In simpler words, we need to take care of our life. What if we raise both, our kids and our own life, simultaneously?

When the author first met the enigmatic Dr Aditi, she was intrigued by her profound understanding of life and penned this book on her effective and easy to adapt plan for a happier life. You will also learn to:

> Walk through crises of life with positivity.

> Realize the true happiness that life holds.

> Overcome fears, shortcomings and hurdles.

> Exercises and guidelines to build a stronger ‘you’.

> Achieve big with available opportunities and resources.

Life is What Matters is an incredibly motivating tale of a girl who embraced her imperfections and succeeded in life, against all odds. With mantras for living a better life, this book is a treasure.

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I LIKE Life Is What Matters Because,

Life Is What Matters Review

…I liked the approach of the book. Since the writer Dr. Alka Dixit is a mother in real life she knows how precious a child is to any mother. She uses this pure relationship of a mother and child to help you understand how precious your life is and how you must take good care of it. It helps you understand the importance of nurturing your life like a selfless mother so it develops into a bright child. The book gives advice on dealing with anxiety, stress and even depression. It offers several simple exercises that, when inculcated in daily life, will make you a lot calmer and confident.

…it oozes of positivity. Right from the bright yellow cover till the last page of the book, everything exudes good vibes in abundance. The writing is simple and precise. It does not dip into philosophy so do not worry about reading excessive and unwanted ‘life quotes’. The book gives you practical methods to help face your biggest difficulties in life. I especially like two particular exercises (if you can call it that) given in the book. The first one being the importance of a smile and how you can smile. I have tried the idea several times and it works a 100%. The technique has actually helped me feel relieved and lighter on several occasions. Another tip that I personally try to do as regularly as possible is the one where you list three things that you are most thankful for every night before sleeping. This technique has made me a more grateful person in life. The writer encourages you to smile a lot which helps to trick your brain into thinking more positively. I have tried tip too and trust me it has helped me tremendously. Whenever I am sad or even nervous I smile. Even a fake smile helps me feel extremely lighter. Thank you author Alka Dixit, this one golden tip has helped me the most.  

I Do NOT Like Life Is What Matters Because,

Life Is What Matters Review

…nope. I found the book to be quite a decent read offering several practical solutions to problems that we all face in our fast-paced lifestyle.

Favourite Quotes in Life Is What Matters

Life Is What Matters Review

“Sometimes in life, despite all our efforts, it seems that nothing is working the way we want. It doesn’t mean that our efforts were not enough or our plans were wrong. It simply means that whatever we want isn’t meant for us, at least not for now.”

“The last most important aspect of life is ‘to fufill your life’s dream’ and this is the most interesting part of the plan. I have read somewhere that one should have three hobbies.

One hobby is to earn.

The second hobby is to keep yourself fit.

And the last one is creativity.”


“So you have seen how you can accept and love yourself unconditionally after working on it. And if you can’t work on it due to any reason, then need not worry. Just continue to accept and love yourself the way you are, because no one on earth can play your role better than you. So play your role well and always be there to applaud your efforts, irrespective of what others say.”


“When you smile, your brain is aware of the activity and actually keeps a track of it. The more you smile, the more effective you are at breaking the brain’s natural tendency to think negatively. If you smile often enough, you end up rewiring your brain to make positive patterns more often than the negative ones.”


“The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline.”

Final View: Like any self-help book the success and failure of Life Is What Matters also depends on how seriously the readers take the advice of the author and how effectively it is implemented. After following a few techniques in the book, I can safely say that this book can help those who are determined to bring about a positive change in their lives. 

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**This book is a review copy but the opinion in this post is unbiased and 108% my own.

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