The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart Review: Light And Warm Like A Cozy Blanket

I was so impressed by Becky Monson’s ‘Thirty-Two Going On Spinster’ that I started looking for more chick-lit novels. While scrolling through the Kindle store I found this really cool title and purchased it after reading a very enticing sample. ‘The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart’ is written like a rom-com movie. It feels more like a movie script than a novel. And I mean it in a good way because I personally LOVED the book and couldn’t keep it down. I used to dig my nose in it whenever I could spare time because I was so eager to read more. I finished the book in two days and am still sad that it got over so soon. 🙂 I enjoyed every page of this book and here are some reasons why you too will enjoy this book.

The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart by Anna Bell

Publisher: Zaffre Publishing

Abi Martin feels completely shattered after being dumped by the guy she thought she would have her ‘happily ever after’ with. Before she can come to terms with her breakup with Joseph, he leaves all her stuff in a box outside her house. Wallowing in self-pity she cleans through the box and chances upon a bucket list left in a book. The list contains all the things Joseph wishes to do in life. Abi sees this as her only way to have Joseph back in her life and she determines to complete his list to lure him back to her. As she starts with the tasks listed on the list she meets the cute sports enthusiast Ben who offers to help her complete the bucket list. As the two get to know each other Abi suddenly feels drawn to Ben but she can’t really act upon her feelings as he is already committed to his hot girlfriend. 

I LIKE The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart Because,

…the writing is simple and full of humour. Even though the plot has limited conflicts the author, Anna Bell keeps you engaged with her descriptive narration and amusing dialogues.

…the book is a quick read. An easy-breezy story like this helps to brighten up a dull day. I am saying this because I truly felt so while reading this book. 

…you can save it for a rainy day. By which I mean that this light-hearted book instantly lifts your mood with its warm story.

I Do NOT Like The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart Because,

…nope. I read the book cover-to-cover and enjoyed it thoroughly. 


Favourite Quotes in The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart

“This is why Giles shouldn’t have been so hasty coming inside. We should have come up with a plan beforehand – worked out where we were going to sit or stand, planned a cover story. Now we’re here and more clueless than Alicia Silverstone.”

“I find myself being impressed and suddenly Brett’s become that little bit more attractive. Down, cougar, down.”

“He digs into his backpack and pulls out a pair of tracksuit bottoms and slips them on. I breathe a sigh of relief – at least that’s put crotch-gate to bed.”

“And I guess when we were on that hill earlier I realised that I’m so blindsided by what could go wrong that I don’t think about what could go right. And it just hit me, it’s only fear.”

“Sometimes I scare myself with how quickly I can come up with lies.”

“I realize that it’s not that difficult to remember what people like, especially when you care about them.”



Final View: Doesn’t matter that The Bucket List To Mend A Broken Heart follows a very clichéd chick-flick route. The book is a feel-good book that will bring a smile to your face. If you have ever experienced the pain of breaking up with a lover you must surely read this book. It might help soothe the pain.


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