SSCPL Herbals Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser Review: Cleanses And Softens Tired Hands And Feet

I’m not a major germaphobe but I do have an OCD for contamination especially when it comes to dipping my feet in rainwater. By rainwater, I don’t mean the pure water falling from the clouds but the muddy, mucky water in puddles on the streets. Now walking on the streets during the rains is inevitable and dipping feet in dirty puddles is unavoidable for me. So, each time I return home during the rains I head straight to the bathroom to first wash my footwear and then my feet. To clean my feet I first scrub with a regular scrub and then add a few drops of the SSCPL Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser to warm water before soaking my feet in it. I would use this cleanser whenever I’d do my pedicure at home. But since the advent of monsoons, I have been using this cleanser a little too often. But does this cleanser help in any way? Well, read on I am getting to the answer in just a bit.    

SSCPL Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser Review

Name: SSCPL Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser

Price: ₹175/- for 200ml                                         


SSCPL Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser Review


What does it claim?

The Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser are enriched with seaweed extracts which is known for its effective cleansing properties. The cleanser draws excess fluid and other impurities from the skin for deep cleansing.


How to use?

Pour required quantity of cleanser into lukewarm water. Soak your hands/feet for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Rub with a washcloth or a soft brush to remove dirt, dust and pollutants. Rinse off gently and wipe clean with a hot towel.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The cleanser comes in the patent SSCPL white plastic bottle with a green flip cap.

SSCPL Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser Review

The cleanser is of runny consistency and is a very light shade of blue in colour. The USP of this cleanser is its pleasant fragrance which is similar to the SSCPL Seaweed Hand and Foot Relaxing Gel I had reviewed a year ago. As per the direction of use specified by the brand, you are required to pour some amount of cleanser into lukewarm water and soak your hand and feet in them. When I have time I take a tiny tub with lukewarm water, pour the cleanser in it and keep my feet soaked for around 15 minutes. But sometimes when I am running short of time or just feeling lazy I use the cleanser as a normal hand wash. It foams well and leaves my hands and feet smelling divine! However, I noticed that it works better when you soak your hand or feet in it as instructed. So, I would urge you to do as instructed by the brand. This is because the cleanser not only cleans the skin but also softens it. Also, its fragrance lasts longer that way. I cannot do without this cleanser as it is an essential product for me, especially during the rains.  


What’s good about it?

Cleanses the skin

Softens the skin

AUH-mazing fragrance

Travel-friendly packaging

Reasonably priced


What’s not so good about it?

Nothing. The product does what it says so I have no reason to complain.


I give SSCPL Seaweed Hand And Foot Cleanser 4 out of 5 rating. It gently cleans the skin making it soft and smelling great.


You can buy this product here.


**A PR sample product but the opinion in this post is unbiased and 108% my own.


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