Everyone’s Getting Married Review: Great Start, Dismal Ending, Still Worth Watching

It’s been weeks since the Japanese drama, Everyone’s Getting Married ended and I still don’t know what happened to it. What I mean to say here is that, for a show with such a good start and potential, I don’t know why it ended the way it did. I understand the show must have lacked TRP’s in Japan which is why the producers of the show must have pulled the plug sooner than expected, but as an international fan, I find it unfair to be cheated of a reasonable conclusion. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the first 6 episodes of the show so I have no major issue with it.  

Everyone’s Getting Married (2017)

Everyone’s Getting Married Review

Everyone’s Getting Married is based on the Japanese manga ‘Totsuzen Desu ga, Ashita Kekkon Shimasu’ by Izumi Miyazono. The story is about a young woman Takanashi Asuka (Mariya Nishiuchi), who is a successful banker but dreams of leaving her career and leading a simple life of a housewife (She says she wants to become a ‘professional housewife’ hehe). At a friend’s wedding, she gets acquainted with a popular TV presenter, Nanami Ryu (Ryuta Yamamura). Initially, Asuka dislikes Ryu because he mocks her accidental fall at the wedding. However, they keep meeting through common friends and gradually grow fond of each other. Asuka likes Ryu a lot and wants to marry him but Ryu’s views on marriage are not the same as Asuka as he despises the whole concept of being legally bound to another person. She tries her best to change his views on marriage and even moves in with him but he continues to resist everything that will lead to marriage.

Let’s weigh this to ‘marry or not to marry’ conflicted dorama on our show beam balance and see if it is worth investing your time in or no.

Good Weights

Lead Couple Chemistry: Japanese actress, Mariya Nishiuchi and lead actor Ryuta Yamamura have an age gap of 8 years, but when you watch the show, you will not notice the age difference at all because they look so good together. For a romantic drama, the lead couple chemistry makes up for 90% of the drama. If there is no chemistry between the lead actors, then no matter how good the story is, it will fall flat if they don’t look convincingly in love with each other. Ryu and Asuka’s love story was convincing because the lead actors did a fine job of breathing life into their respective characters and developing good chemistry.

Everyone’s Getting Married Review
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Mariya Nishiuchi: Japanese actress, Mariya Nishiuchi is a cutie pie. She may not be an ace actress but her efforts are evident and worth appreciating. She looks slightly weak in emotional scenes but I am sure she will be better with time and experience. I have no complaints from her in the comedy or romantic scenes. She looked extremely sweet and lovable as Asuka. She is a very pretty and capable actress and I would love to watch more of her shows.

Everyone’s Getting Married Review
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Ryuta Yamamura: If you have read any of my Korean drama reviews you must have noticed how much I gush over the gorgeous Korean men. Japanese actors too are good-looking but they are not pretty like the Korean actors. Japanese heroes are short while the female actresses are usually tall and thin. Actor Ryuta Yamamura may not be the conventional swoon-worthy romantic drama lead, but the guy acts well. His deep masculine voice makes up for his lack of attractiveness. His acting was decent but it was his voice that kept me watching the show.

Everyone’s Getting Married Review
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Screenplay: Everyone’s Getting Married has a simple plot where a love hating man falls in love with a romantic girl who changes his views about marriage. There is nothing new about this story but what was refreshing was the screenplay. We all know that the hero will eventually fall for the girl and marry her but how that happens is where the charm of the show lies. Some shows exude certain natural charm and this was one of them. Despite the thin plotline, I kept going back to the show because I enjoyed the character development of Ryu and Asuka. The sweet couple moments that Ryu and Asuka shared are too adorable. The way they grow close to each, live together and learn about each other’s habits is cute and delightful.

Bad Weights

Ending: Just when I thought the show was going great and it’s going to be my most favourite J-drama, the show suddenly hit the accelerator and drove so fast that it ended before I could even wrap my head around it. The drama is great until episode 6, but from episode 7 onwards the pace of the show is fastened leading you to a hasty ending. I loved watching this show but the abrupt ending ruined its whole impression. With a start so strong, I had great expectations of it but I don’t know why the show was concluded so quickly. The rushed second-half disappointed me and I still hate the producers for depriving me of a good ending.


The show beam balance has more good weights because it really was a good dorama and I have no clue why it was cut short. I have no major complaints from the dorama except the rushed ending which left a sour taste in my mouth.  

I give Everyone’s Getting Married 3.5 out of 5 rating. The show is worth trying because it is absolutely endearing. If you can handle a poor ending but an overall pleasant drama, then go for this one. It is a decent watch for a day when you crave to watch a romantic Japanese drama.



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