Snowdrop: Episode 37


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Snowdrop Episode 37

Ira pushes Igor away and denies lying to him. Igor warns her of dire consequences if he ever discovers that she gave a false statement against Nadya in court. She states that she only spoke the truth before the investigative officer and the court and despite knowing the truth if he still doesn’t believe her then she is willing to put up with it as she loves him dearly. (Wait a sec….why is the bandage around her wrist when she had slit her forearm.)

Nadya stirs in her hospital bed mumbling in her sleep. She dreams of the day she was separated from her son and she constantly apologizes to him in her sleep. Oleg gently pats her back to calm her down and hopes for her fever to abate soon so she can feel at ease. 


Snowdrop Episode 37

Ira takes off Igor’s shoes as he lies asleep on the bed. He constantly mumbles Nadya’s name while Ira takes off her robe and starts kissing Igor.

Katya visits Nadya in the hospital and is surprised to see Oleg still with her. She thanks him for being with Nadya and asks him to go home and rest as she will stay with Nadya. He requests Katya to not divulge the identity of Ham. Katya agrees to do as he says but is confused at his request and Oleg has no answer to it himself.   


Snowdrop Episode 37

When Nadya wakes up she is stunned to find herself in a hospital bed and Katya narrates the chain of events that led her to the hospital. She tells her that her ex-colleague Oleg brought her to the hospital after she passed out and looked after her the whole night. Nadya has no recollection of it and is only worried about finding Yaroslav.

Ira wakes up next to Igor and looks rather tense. She gets down on her knees and prays to have successfully conceived this time.

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Snowdrop Episode 37

Nadya suggests they hire a private detective to help find Yaroslav and Katya says they should seek some financial aid from Igor but Nadya rejects the idea saying that she cannot trust anybody with Yaroslav. Katya is frustrated at Nadya’s stubbornness over not asking for help and Nadya persists that she cannot trust Ira’s family as they are capable of doing anything.

Katya then hands over Ham’s gift to Nadya and she is surprised to see an expensive cell phone. Nadya refuses to accept it but Katya convinces her by saying that she needs a mobile phone the most right now as it will help her create a good impression on her interviewers when she starts looking for a job. Nadya feels grateful towards Ham and asks Katya how he looks and Katya only repeats that he is a good guy and very helpful.


Snowdrop Episode 37

Ira brings a box full of jewels to a jewellery store to sell them. The store person is astonished to see some beautifully made jewellery items along with an antique chain. Ira says that the pendant in the chain belonged to her great grandmother. She changes her mind and requests him to return that one chain. The man tells her that she will get a lot of money for the jewellery and she tells him that she wants the money right now. He says that if he gives her money right now she will end up receiving far less money than she can get for those precious jewels. Ira agrees to wait and then hesitatingly hands back her great grandmother’s pendant.

Ira calls Olya and asks her to tell Nadya to meet her in the afternoon. Olya refuses to relay her message and tells her to stay away from Nadya. Ira explains that she has a gift to give to Nadya and repeats that she ask Nadya to meet her. Olya doesn’t look convinced with Ira’s reason for meeting and complains to Lucia that Ira is again trying to trouble Nadya and she thinks she should not call Nadya. Hwoever, the very next moment we see Olya dial someone’s number on her phone.


Snowdrop Episode 37

We then see Katya tell Olya that she will pass on her message to Nadya as Nadya talks on the phone to a detective, discussing Yaroslav’s case. Katya tells Nadya about Ira’s message and stops her from meeting her as she suspects Ira of having another trick up her sleeves to mess with Nadya. Katya offers to meet Ira instead of her and Nadya refuses her saying that she can solve her own problems. Katya breaks into a tirade over Nadya’s stubbornness but Nadya looks unperturbed, as she gets ready to get going.

Katya and Nadya are having breakfast at a restaurant when Katya sees the news of Nadya attacking Ira in Pan cosmetics all over the internet. She is worried that Nadya will not find a job now that everybody knows she was in prison and is accused of attacking someone. Nadya pretends to be unfazed by the news and tells Katya she needs a lot of money to find her son and get her mother and sister out of Nicolai’s house.

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Snowdrop Episode 37

Polina coerces Oleg to read about the new scandal involving Nadya and Pan cosmetics and curses her for always causing trouble for the company. Oleg defends Nadya saying that perhaps there is someone in Pan cosmetics who is creating trouble for Nadya. He then tells her that Nadya needs help as this scandal must have got her into more trouble and Rita is astonished that Oleg is more concerned about the person who murdered Rita than his own company.

Ira walks in and Polina berates her for creating a scene at Pan cosmetics in presence of media persons. She yells that Igor has been working hard to keep the company intact whereas she is only working towards taking the company down. Ira justifies that she too has worked hard for the company and then moans that she was hurt yesterday and Polina didn’t even bother to ask.


Snowdrop Episode 37

Oleg offers Ira his seat at the dining table and tells her that she must be in a lot of pain after slashing her own arm with a piece of broken glass. Ira is shocked at his accusation and Oleg chides her for trying to send Nadya to jail for the second time. He expresses his regret over not telling the court about the things he knew about Ira and advices her to mend her ways.

Oleg’s revelation gives Polina an opportunity to mock Ira’s ways but Ira points out to Polina that it is weird for Oleg to be siding Nadya. Polina says that Oleg isn’t taking sides and that he is the CEO of Pan cosmetics and works for the benefit of the company, unlike Ira who only wants to ruin the company. But even Polina doesn’t look convinced about what she just said about Oleg.


Snowdrop Episode 37

Oleg receives a text from Katya informing him that Nadya loved the phone he sent her and that they had gone to a cafe as suggested by him by Nadya didn’t eat anything as she only sat silently.

Nadya meets the police who tells her that she should talk to the investigative officer regarding her complaint. Nadya is restless as she cannot waste a single day in searching her son. She then asks the police officer to give her the number, the address of the woman who was the director of the orphanage Yaroslav was taken to, and the police officer only agrees to share the director’s phone number with Nadya.

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Snowdrop Episode 37

Ira calls Kireev to inquire about any breakthrough in Rita’s mother’s case and Kireev beats around the bush before telling her that he cannot share any information with her as he has promised her father not to do so. Nadya meets the lady who handed over Yaroslav to his adoptive parents. The lady takes offense in Nadya’s questions and refuses to co-operate saying that she handles hundreds of children and does not remember each one of them. Dejected, Nadya fights back her tears oblivious to Yaroslav walking right behind her with his adoptive mother, Lisa.

Ira meets Lisa and tells her that there has been a problem with the orphanage and Lisa is worried that she might lose Adrik. Ira suggests Lisa leave the country with her son and offers to help her with her money and find her a new job to settle in the foreign country. Lisa thanks Ira profusely for her help and tells her that she will talk to her husband about re-locating.


Snowdrop Episode 37

Ira meets Nadya (at the only restaurant in Ukraine) and like a friend she expresses her concern over Nadya’s future following the scandal that had her pictures in the newspapers. She offers Nadya money and asks her to leave the country and settle in a place where no one knows nothing about her.

Nadya rejects the money saying that it is too less considering her expenses. She taunts Ira that she can shell out a bomb on Kireev but will offer only peanuts to her. Ira asks her how much she wants and she replies that she wants at least 50K more. Angry, Ira states that this is all she has and Nadya suggests she take help from Nicolai who always helps her with everything. Ira starts to leave in anger but returns to leave the money with Nadya and promises to give more soon.


Snowdrop Episode 37

Nadya meets the detective whose fee sends Katya in a tizzy. Nadya says she will pay him in advance and will keep adding money as and when required. The detective tells her that he plans to start by meeting up with all the couples who adopted from the orphanage in the last two years. He says that 40 kids were adopted in the last two years from which two kids are of the same age as Yaroslav. He promises her to find Yaroslav and asks for his photo which Nadya readily gives.

Katya offers her meager savings to Nadya to help her find Yaroslav and Nadya show her the 20K that Ira gave her. Katya reprimands her for accepting the cash from Ira and but Nadya calmly tells her that she has an idea. (Is Katya for real? I mean do such people exist who give everything they have for the benefit of people they are not even related to?)


Snowdrop Episode 37

Ira tells Nicolai that Nadya is willing to re-locate if she gives her money and Nicolai is unable to believe her claim. He tells her that Nadya has refused to accept money on several occasions and Ira states that she did refuse her at first but then relented the moment she laid her eyes on the bundle of notes. She tells Nicolai that Nadya is desperate for money and will surely shift with her mother and sister to another place and it is better that they let her go. Olya who has been eavesdropping their conversation grimaces at Ira’s claims and calls her an evil woman.

Nadya and Katya draw a plan by which they can find out the loopholes in her case. Nadya tells her that she first has to find out the truth behind Lucia’s supposed suicide. She says her mother wanted to share something important the day tried to kill herself. She wishes to see her mother’s suicide note and Katya says that Nicolai must have gotten rid of it by now. Katya then suggests Nadya check with the hospital that discharged Lucia much before she could properly recover and Nadya.


Snowdrop Episode 37

Nadya meets Nicolai who tells her that Ira informed him about her need for money and Nadya admits being short of money. He offers her an envelope full of money and apologises for not being a good father to her and hopes that the money will help her. Nadya asks about her mom and he assures that they will continue taking good care of her till Nadya finds a good place to live in. Nadya accepts the money but says that it won’t be sufficient for her so she jots down her phone and bank account number and asks him to inform her when he completes the transfer successfully.

Nadya reaches home when she receives a message from Nicolai informing her of transferring the amount she had asked from him. Revulsed by Nicolai’s audacity at attempting to buy her with money, Nadya packs all the money she had received from Ira and Nicolai and barges into Igor cabin. (What? Isn’t she the one, people assume to have attacked Pan Cosmetic’s CEO’s wife? Then how did she gain entry inside the company?)

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