Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2 Review: The Show Retains Its Spirit But Loses Its Allure

I was the happiest person on the planet when the team of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (SvS) announced their return. SvS was my favourite TV show growing up and I used to watch its rerun regularly on Star One. However, when I saw its first episode I was mildly disappointed. The cast was the same, humour quotient was the same, but something seemed amiss. It was only after the season’s conclusion that I understood what went wrong with it. The show is still funny as it was before but a lot of factors worked against it that acted as a dampener for the season two of SvS.  


Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Take 2 (2017)  

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Review

The season 2 of SvS has 10 episodes with each episode being 24 minutes long. The show may not have lost its charm it did lose a lot of other things in between. First, let me tell you what I liked about it.

The acting of the main cast was impeccable. I thought after over a decade the cast might lose its magic touch over their respective characters. But I was wrong. Sahil was frustrated, Indu was sarcastic, Roshesh was poetic, Maya was vicious and Monisha was middle-class as always. I just love all of them. Maya may have been badly dressed in this season but she was as mind-blowing as she was in the first season. For me, this season belonged to Maya Sarabhai as I felt she was killer in this season too. Indu however, seemed mellow this time. He was the ‘narad muni’ of the previous season but this time he wasn’t as notorious as before. However, his imitation of Roshesh was still hilarious. The punches seemed a little simmered but I still enjoyed the show. Sahil was the only character who looked exactly the same as he did in season one. If I remember season one for its fresh concept and sarcasm, season two is more about reprising characters that made a place in the hearts of all its viewers.

Coming to what I didn’t like about the show. The thing I hated the most about this season is its set. The two houses that the characters live in is overly-extravagant and looked more like a TV serial set than a stylish abode of a rich family. The décor of Monisha and Sahil’s house was such an eye-sore. Maya’s house too looked flashy compared the classy furnishing of the previous season. The set of the show really put me off big-time. Also, the whole interaction with the audience thing also killed the spirit of the show. SvS is an urban show and audience interaction does not really suit such a show. These characters received a lot of love from their viewers but that does not mean that we want to interact with them. Let them be how they are. They need not be approachable for us to love them more.

Coming to the styling, can someone tell me what happened to the sophisticated and elegant wardrobe of Maya or the dapper look of Roshesh? Maya looked like Monisha’s mother-in-law in this season. Why did they have to make her look so horrible this time? Her blouses which were a trend the previous season have become a sight of pity in this season. 

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Review
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Roshesh looks like an over-grown college-boy in those ill-fitting t-shirts and open shirts.Roshesh was a momma’s boy even in the first season but he wasn’t dressed comically like he is in this season.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Review
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Lastly, though I liked the two new characters, I did not love them as I love the main cast. Little boy Arnub is cute but I wish they had cast a better actor in his place. I would love to see Arnub annoy Monisha by being the snobbish grandson of Maya Sarabhai. I like Jasmine too but I feel her character is clichéd. The part where she inserts Gujarati words while speaking in Hindi is cute but when she wrongly speaks English words, it gets a little too much. Her bad English is not funny. It is irritating.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2 was not as appealing as its predecessor but it was still funny. I enjoyed season 2 and will surely watch its next season as this show will always be my favourite and a few issues will never deter me from watching it.


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