10 Reasons Why ‘Finite Series’ Is A Welcome Change On Indian Television

Korean dramas are extremely popular in Asia and America because their shows run up to maximum 25 episodes whereas our Indian soaps go on forever. Our writers are forced to introduce lame antagonists, add all sorts of nonsensical unnatural stuff, take limitless leaps, and do what not to stretch the show as long as the TRP’s keep coming in. However, the success of a show like Naagin proves that Indian audiences are open to finite shows. Indian audiences are not new to finite series. More than a decade ago, Zee TV had launched a show named Chausath Panne that dealt with a similar concept. Chausath Panne would dedicate 64 episodes to a particular story. The first two series Dil Na Jaane Kyun and Mansha (You may not believe that I still remember their title songs) were extremely successful. Mansha was such a huge hit that it was extended beyond 64 episodes. Therefore, it is not that big a risk to once again implement this tried and tested formula of finite series on Indian television.

Here are 10 reasons why Indian television needs to have more finite series and why it is a welcome change.

1. The audience’s attention span is short and a short TV series is what it needs.

2. Producers can experiment with new concepts, plot, and storylines and the audiences are offered a buffet of different types of shows catering to each ones tastes.

3. Stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Anil Kapoor have worked in finite TV series. Also many other Bollywood actors have stated that they do not mind being a part of a finite series. Wouldn’t it be great to see your favourite Bollywood actors on television?

4. If a particular show manages to strike a chord with the audience, it can be extended with another season. The new season can be written afresh keeping in mind what the viewers liked and disliked in the previous season.

5. Viewers are not forced to watch their favourite actors’ age or play parent to actors who are barely a few years younger to them.

6. Writers will have more freedom to write what best appeals to the audiences. They can come up with numerous plots and ideas.

7. Channels will strive harder to create original and creative content to lure audiences.

8. Viewers can see their favourite actors in different roles and not just in different ages.

9. TV actors will not have to experience frequent burnouts due to work pressure and continuous shoots. Since finite shows are shot only for a fixed period of time actors also can explore other options in their free time.

10. With websites like Hotstar and Voot, Indian shows can also be promoted on an international level, just like any American or other Asian shows. This will help producers earn more revenue from different countries.


Now you see, finite series format is highly propitious for everyone. It is a total win-win situation for everyone be it the viewers, the actors, the writers, the producers, the directors, and the channel. I can only hope for TV producers to notice it soon and come up with creative and interesting shows.


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