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Snowdrop Episode 57Ira is paranoid that Lucia may recover soon and might speak to Igor against her. Frustrated, Nicolai asks her to calm down saying that Lucia is dangerous not just for her but also him. He then calmly tells her that he has hired a man to check every hospital and rehabilitation home for Lucia. Ira is sceptical that Nadya must have sent her mother abroad for treatment and Nicolai also wonders the same.

Just then, Nadya arrives. She tells the Belous family that she has shifted her mother to a rehab centre where the doctors are taking good care of her. She thanks them for looking after Lucia for so long. She then pointedly tells Ira that Lucia has started to move her hands and will also start speaking soon. Sly Ira feels anxious but acts cool and asks Nadya about the rehab centre that her mother is currently staying in and she tells her that she cannot give them the address as the doctors have requested for Lucia to not have any guests for now. However, she deliberately states that the day Lucia recovers she will bring her to the Belous family so she can thank them personally.


Snowdrop Episode 57Igor returns to his room with a pile of old books when he chances upon an old photograph of his mother. He is surprised to find the photo and peers at it for a long time.

Katya prepares a special meal to celebrate Nadya’s successful attempt at shifting her mother away from the Belous family. Nadya says she is still amazed at how fast and smoothly it worked for her. Nadya informs Katya of Kireev’s bail and they both seem worried that Kireev might bribe the judge and win in the trial against him.


Snowdrop Episode 57Next morning, Nadya puts forth her proposal of conducting workshops to improve the sales of decorative cosmetics. She tells Ira that she has studied statistics for the last year and is not happy with it and has proposed the workshop to improve sales. Ira recalls her conversation with Kireev in which she tells him that Nadya must have plotted against him by using her PC. Ira decides to teach Nadya a lesson and asks Nadya to get back to work leaving the proposal on her desk. Nadya requests her to keep their personal enmity aside while working but Ira chooses to ignore her plea.

Ira then hands Nadya’s proposal to Oleg and tells him that she has studied the sales trend of their decorative cosmetics and she wishes to start a workshop to educate people about the right usage of their cosmetic. Oleg is aware that Nadya had proposed a similar plan and so he asks her if the plan is hers and Ira confidently lies that it is indeed her idea. He scoffs that she can leave and she asks him to keep their enmity aside while working. He then sarcastically assures to look into her proposal. Annoyed, Ira storms out of his cabin as he is unable to conceal his grin.


Snowdrop Episode 57Igor visits his sister Rita’s grave and shows her their mother old photo that he found in some old books. He cheerfully tells her that he thought that their father had destroyed all her pictures but he luckily found one. He then places his mother’s picture by Rita’s grave and sighs that he misses Rita a lot.

In Igor’s cabin, Ira asks him if he has thought of any plan to meet Anastasia and he tells her that he has prepared several proposals that he wishes to send to her but does not know how to approach her. Ira tells him that she will take care of that as she has already sent Anastasia some gifts in their behalf. Igor wonders how the gift will help them get to Anastasia and she says that women love gifts and Anastasia too will love her gift which will give them an upper hand over their competitors.


Snowdrop Episode 57Anastasia’s assistant brings bags full of gifts for Anastasia who mocks at people’s attempt to woo her. Her assistant opens the gift from Ira and finds a handbag that Anastasia had already been gifted. Anastasia looks unimpressed by the gift and asks her assistant to return it to Ira.

She then opens the box with a letter sent by Nadya. In the letter, Nadya writes that Anastasia must have returned to her home country after several years and must have found that a lot of things have changed. However, some things remain the same like varenikis and cherries. She mentions that she has made the dessert herself using her mother’s recipe. Anastasia feels nostalgic reading Nadya’s letter and happily savours the gift. Nadya’s note also contains an invitation to Pan Cosmetics’ workshop and Anastasia seems to ponder over it.


Snowdrop Episode 57Nadya gives some of the varenikis and cherries to Oleg who looks mighty impressed by Nadya’s cooking skills. As he devours the dish, Nadya receives a confirmation from Anastasia’s side that she will be there for the workshop. Nadya happily shares the news with Oleg who looks pleased with her progress. She then asks him why he asked to meet her. He tells her about Ira’s business proposal that she robbed from Nadya and he tells her that he will take care of Ira and have Nadya host the workshop. Nadya dissuades him from doing so and requests him to allow Ira to host the workshop as she has a plan for Ira.


Snowdrop Episode 57Oleg then feeds Nadya when Igor walks in on them. Seeing them happy reminds Igor of the good times he spent with Nadya. He then asks Nadya to spare some time for him and she joins him at another table in the café. He then scolds her for indulging in PDA with Oleg and she reminds him that they had decided to mind their own lives. Igor disapproves her relationship with Oleg and she asks him if he feels so because Oleg is his brother. He is surprised that Nadya is with Oleg despite knowing of his relationship with him and she points out that Oleg is not Igor’s real brother or cousin so there should be no problem and she then returns to Oleg’s table.

At work, Nadya pretends to be surprised to know that Ira will be holding the workshop that she had proposed. Ira states that Nadya has just proposed the idea and that ultimately it is she who will be representing their team before their clients. Ira tells Nadya that she can leave if she is unhappy but Nadya counters that she is in fact pleased to know that Ira will be presenting her idea.

Ira’s assistant hands her the bag she had sent to Anastasia saying that she returned her gift. Ira fumes in anger while Nadya chuckles at her desk.


Snowdrop Episode 57Nadya visits Boris and thanks him for helping her family. He is astonished to know that Nadya trusts him with her family and she says that he had once threatened her but despite that, she believes he is a good man. She leaves after telling him that she will surely repay him when the time comes.

Next day, Ira and her team are preparing for the workshop when Nadya’s phone buzzes and she pretends to be shocked to hear about her mother wanting to speak to her. She then notes down the address to her mother rehab and then leaves telling Ira that her mom needs to see her urgently. After Nadya leaves, Ira surreptitiously checks Nadya’s notepad for Lucia’s address. We then see Ira leave hastily with the address in her hand.


Snowdrop Episode 57The workshop is about to begin and Ira’s team is nervous as Ira is nowhere to be found. Just then, Nadya walks in and says that she will be conducting the workshop. Ira’s team try to stop Nadya but it is too late as journalists have already arrived for the event and so has Anastasia.

Meanwhile, Ira is on her way to the address Nadya had noted. She wonders why she is leaving an important event to catch Lucia. She recalls all that transpired between Lucia and her and shudders at the thought of Lucia exposing her so she continues to make her way through roads covered heavily in snow.


Snowdrop Episode 57At the press conference, Nadya invites a volunteer who says that she wants to use makeup to look young and beautiful. Nadya then states that the process of applying makeup is like a form of meditation where the person feels beautiful while applying makeup. She then demonstrates the use of basic makeup so working women can do their own makeup themselves and without any help.

Olya feels startled when she sees Boris in her mother’s ward but then recalls Nadya’s words that Boris is a good man. She calms her nerves and offers Boris a chocolate and he asks her if she isn’t afraid of him anymore. She shakes her head saying that she does not fear him as he helped her mother. He starts to leave to check on Lucia when she calls him back and thrusts the chocolate in his mouth saying that the chocolate is tasty and he must eat it as it is a gift from her. (Awwww…..Olya is so cute.)


Snowdrop Episode 57Ira storms out of the rehab centre where she comes to know that they do not have any patient name Lucia admitted there and that they only admit patients suffering from a spinal cord injury.

At the press conference, Nadya is done with the makeup of the volunteer and the end result is impressive as the volunteer looks fresh after applying makeup. Anastasia looks impressed with her presentation and everyone present, including Igor, applaud Nadya’s work. Igor then approaches Anastasia who glances at him and then leaves abruptly.


Snowdrop Episode 57Ira complaints to Nicolai of how Nadya fooled her into leaving the press conference. She urges Nicolai to find Lucia as soon as possible and he asks her to be patient as he has something in mind. She impatiently states that she does not have more time to waste hoping for things to get better and hangs up on him.

Igor meets Nadya and asks her why Ira did not present at the workshop and Nadya says that she does not know what prompted Ira to leave the workshop so abruptly. She justifies that she had to take over in Ira’s absence because she did not want the company to face any embarrassment. He praises her for handling the presentation well and she states that she had to do it well as it was her idea and the presentation was also prepared by her. Igor is stunned to hear that Ira stole her idea. He then asks her if she needs any help from him and she declines him saying that it is better he returns to his wife.


Snowdrop Episode 57Ira tries to calm Igor down when he fumes at her for leaving the workshop without informing him. he screams at her for being so irresponsible and then expresses his gratefulness at having Nadya present so effectively. Ira flares up in anger when she learns that Nadya presented instead of her.

Ira rushes to her team and screams at Nadya for presenting in her place. Nadya instead barks at her for leaving the team in a lurch. She questions Ira absence at such a crucial time but Ira has no answer. So the other team members fill Ira in how successful the workshop was and how Anastasia liked Nadya’s work. Nadya’s phone buzzes and she loudly confirms her lunch with Anastasia later that day.


Snowdrop Episode 57Anastasia tells Nadya that when she returned to Ukraine she felt bad about the fact that regular working women had no idea of how to do makeup. She tells her that she is impressed by Nadya’s initiative. She tells Nadya that she feels happy to know that they share similar views about makeup and that she would be happy to work with her. Anastasia then invites Nadya to her hotel to suggest her some makeup.

In Anastasia’s hotel, she shows Nadya her makeup and Nadya rejects some of the products saying that the ingredients would not suit her sensitive skin. However, Ira interrupts their meeting and tells Anastasia that Nadya is a criminal out on parole. Hearing about Nadya’s criminal background Anastasia asks her to leave immediately and calls her assistant Xenia to have her sent out.



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