Secret Seven: The Series: Episode 2

Padlom crumples the love note and tosses it in the bin. Liftoil gets hold of the letter and Padlom dissuades him from reading it. She tries to snatch it away but he opens it and Neo happens to read it aloud. Liftoil then flashes the note and asks who the mystery lover is and all the boys just glance at each other. Id teases Padlom about it and she leaves the room in a huff.

Spoil learns about the letter and she quickly follows Padlom. Seeing Padlom upset she says that she planted the letter so the at least someone pursues her. She says Grace is too beautiful to be impressed by the guys and all the boys are scared of the Ghost girl so that leaves Padlom and Spoil. Sending such a letter will take Padlom off their radar so Spoil will be the only girl left for them. Infuriated, Padlom rebukes Spoil for her cheap trick and Spoil instead accuses her of trying to play hard to get when the truth is that she too wants the guys to like her.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

Spoil stomps out and Alan comforts Padlom with his silly scientific relation between saliva and tears. He then offers Padlom his kerchief which she accepts with a smile on her face.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

Later that night, Padlom recalls past instances where she asked several boys out but they all ruthlessly turned her down and since then she determined to never open her heart to another boy again and has always avoided boys since then. Back then she had vowed to be with Spoil forever instead of befriending a boy ever again.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

Secret Seven: Episode 2

She then sends a picture of a hand symbol probably apologizing to Spoil. A week later when Padlom returns to Room 305, she finds a teddy bear from ‘Smiling Bear’.

Secret Seven: Episode 2Padlom scolds Spoil for getting back to her antics and Spoil swears that this time it isn’t her. She teases that may be some boy really likes her and her letter just triggered him to send a gift. Padlom rolls her eyes and walks away and Spoil says that the first boy she meets when she walks out of the elevator will be her secret admirer. Padlom then feels anxious as the elevator slowly descends. The moment it opens she sees all the seven boys of Room 305 standing in front of her. Of them, only P’Gent first looks back at her.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

They then take her with them inside the elevator and she looks very uncomfortable sharing such a small space with seven guys. She then alights on the next floor leaving the boys looking confused.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

In Room 305, Padlom tries to shove the teddy in her locker when it suddenly starts playing a romantic song. Embarrassed, she runs out with the teddy pretending to answer a phone call. She tells Spoil that the song is by Peter Corp Dyrendal. Spoil suggests they use this singer’s song as a cue to pin down the secret admirer. They then play the same song in Room 305 to see if any boy reacts but the only reaction they get is a scolding from Id who asks them to turn down the volume.

Exasperated, the two girls then head to the security department where they request the security in charge to help them identify the person who dirtied Room 305. The man examines the footage of the previous day and they see a boy in white shirt approach the room. But just as they are about to see his face, a lizard on the camera blocks their view and they are unable to see the boy in a white shirt. However, they are now assured that the boy is one amongst the seven in their room.

The girls are now left with just a blurry image of a boy’s shoulders. Padlom strikes out Liftoil, Pok and Play for being her relative, having a girlfriend and being a flirt respectively. She then strikes out Id too for being at loggerheads with him since childhood. That leaves just 3 options i.e. Alan, Neo and P’gent. Padlom says Neo is too young to know that song, P’Alan does not seem like a guy to do something like this. Which leaves them with only one option i.e. P’gent. However, she is not convinced with him either. Padlom eventually gives up saying it is a prank anyway so it doesn’t matter who it is.

Next day, Padlom continues to scrutinize each one of the seven boys but nothing helps. Impatient to know who the mystery boy is, Spoil plays a game of dart to select a boy to start the investigation with. Spoil first hits the dart at Pok and they decide to start to keep an eye on him first.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

Padlom meets Pok in the corridor and he asks her for a game of ping-pong where he tells her that he broke-up with his girlfriend after he found out that she was cheating on him. He looks very gloomy while revealing this so she tries to console him. She then inconspicuously asks him if he has ever gifted his girlfriend a teddy and he admits to it saying that girls love such gifts. He asks her why she asked such a question and she smartly evades him. On their way back home, Pok borrows Padlom’s walkman and listens to a song. She then switches the walkman with her phone and plays the same song that was played when she pressed the teddy bear hard. He starts singing along and Padlom is amazed that he knows the song. He says that the song was popular during his growing-up years. Just then, a dog starts to bark at them and like a hero, he shields Padlom and chases the dog away just the way the lyrics of the song goes about a man protecting the girl he likes.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

Later in the evening, Pok cannot stop thinking about Padlom so he starts to type a message to her but then deletes it. He starts to call her but then disconnects it. He eventually settles for a song.

Spoil is happy to know that Pok broke-up with his girlfriend so she is sure that he could be Padlom’s secret admirer. But Padlom still does not feel convinced by it. So, Spoil urges her to throw another dart and try targeting another boy. This time the dart hits Neo’s picture. The two girls then check out some of Neo’s online videos and they get to know that Neo is aware of Peter Corp Dyrendal’s songs. Just then, Neo arrives and plays a song for Padlom which is probably by the same singer. Spoil is now fully convinced that the secret admirer is Neo.

Secret Seven: Episode 2

Padlom’s music annoys Id and they get into a fight. She starts to push him behind the boundary line and he ends up spilling soft-drink all over her shoes. He offers to buy her a new pair of shoes but she refuses to take anything from him.


So, by the way, things are progressing, I am guessing that each episode will focus on one particular boy showing how he gradually falls for Padlom.

Personally, I do not really like Pok for Padlom. He looks like a decent guy but I see no chemistry between them.

In the episode, I did not like the explanation Spoil gave for pulling a prank on Padlom. I found it too be a little too lame. I mean who does something like that to your own bestie? Also, if she feels that beautiful Grace is beyond the reach of the guys, so is Padlom as she has no interest in any boy at all. Then why the insecurity? But I like Spoil as she is cute and spunky. She brings a lot of life to a scene especially when she is with a rather sober Padlom.

I liked the lift scene where Padlom anxiously waits for the lift door to open and sees all the seven guys in front of her. From my drama watching experience, I feel eventually all the seven guys will fall for her. We just saw one case today so slowly each boy will start liking her. I wonder if the gifts that Padlom is receiving will earn any brownie points for the sender who probably will be competing with six other guys for Padlom’s attention.

I also liked the scene where Pok save Padlom from a dog. It looked funny yet quite heroic 😉 Overall the episode was decent. It was well-paced and entertaining. From today’s episode, I am guessing that Neo will be the next guy in focus and I am very interested to see how he will fall for Padlom. Is it just me or does anyone else feel that Neo resembles Korean band SHINee singer, Onew?


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