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Snowdrop Episode 46Nadya is rehearsing her script in the green room when Ira pays her a visit. She teases that Nadya looks nervous like a kid before his exams. Nadya retorts that Ira talks like as if she has never felt nervous in her life before. Ira counters that though she too was nervous before her first show she wasn’t trembling like Nadya. Nadya then mocks her for not getting a star despite being on-air for so many years. In her defence, Ira states that it isn’t easy to get a star and that thousands of viewers have to call. Nadya says that she will try to get a star in her first attempt itself. Just then, Nadya’s manager calls her for the shoot. As Nadya leaves, Kireev enters the green room from nowhere and Ira looks at him in shock.

Kireev tells her that Nicolai and she were ignoring his calls which is why he was compelled to come to the studio to meet her. He warns her against pulling a stunt to trouble Nadya and she says she will handle matters herself. Kireev disses her for being over-confident and reminds her of how her previous attempts at defaming Nadya backfired. He is worried that one wrong move on her part will put them all in trouble. He tells her to not act over smart especially when she is on TV. Ira scoffs at him for his unsolicited advice and leaves the green room.


Snowdrop Episode 46Katya and Nadya are busy arranging the table with free gifts meant for promotion when Ira deliberately drops a basket of gifts to distract them. When Nadya and Katya start to clear the mess, Ira quietly sneaks up behind them and steals Nadya’s script. The show’s host reprimands Nadya and Katya for fidgeting with props 3 minutes before the live show. Nadya rushes back to the dais and is stunned to find her script missing from its place. Nadya panics saying that she cannot speak without a script and everyone on the set start looking for the script as the director requests people to look for the script.


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Snowdrop Episode 46They are unable to find the script and Nadya goes live without any written material. The host on the show introduces Borilink and its representative Nadya. But the moment the camera focuses on Nadya she goes blank and freezes like a statue. Kireev is pleased to see Nadya’s blunder and leaves assuming she will stand frozen throughout the show.

Wide-eyed, Nadya looks around nervously when she sees Oleg hold a huge placard that gives her a hint of what she has to say. He holds a few more placards and Nadya finally begins to speak. At a distant place, Yaroslav is having a meal at a diner with his adoptive mother when he notices Nadya on TV and moves closer to the TV with a wide smile on his face.

Women in the green room praise Nadya for her speaking skills and good looks that make Ira envious and she openly dismisses their opinion. Ira’s assistant senses Ira’s dislike for Nadya and sides her but the other woman continues to praise Nadya and Borilink.


Snowdrop Episode 46After overcoming the initial hiccup, Nadya goes on to talk confidently like a professional and Boris is happy to see the number of phone calls coming in. When the number of callers reaches the 1000 mark, Boris and the show’s team jump with joy over the achievement.


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Snowdrop Episode 46Oleg flashes the 1000+ star card and Nadya happily announces to the viewers that her company has achieved the 1000+ star and thanks the viewers for their interest in the company. Ira’s assistant rushes back to the green room excitedly inform them about Nadya feat. Ira then leaves the room in anger. At Ira’s house, Nicolai looks happy to see Nadya perform well on TV while Tamara criticises her saying that Ira looks more stylish and smart compared to Nadya. She looks annoyed that Nicolai likes Nadya’s show over Ira’s and then cribs about Olya cheering for Nadya for her first live appearance on TV.

The show’s host concludes the show praising Borilink for hitting the coveted 1000 callers mark in its very first episode as Nadya smiles ear to ear. She then congratulates Nadya on her excellent presentation as Nadya graciously accepts her compliment. Oleg then congratulates Nadya and she thanks him for prompting her in the start. He, however, gives her full credit for managing the show well.


Snowdrop Episode 46Everyone praises Nadya’s presentation but Boris still looks slightly unhappy. He tells her that she has to be more responsible in the future as she lost her script seconds before she went live. But, he also adds that she did well on the show and appreciates her efforts.

Nadya’s team leaves to return back to work but Nadya returns to the studio to watch the next shoot which is Ira’s show. Ira starts her show with fervour but falters slightly when she notices Oleg, Igor and Nadya monitor her performance. As she speaks, Ira’s phone buzzes and Igor rummages through her purse to find her phone. Nadya notices the paper Igor removed from her bag and grabs it from him. Showing it to him, Nadya tells him that it is her script which was robbed by Ira. Ira sees this and starts to stammer till she stops speaking and freezes on camera. The director of the show instructs the host to manage the situation.


Snowdrop Episode 46The host then intervenes and helps Ira to speak about the product which she does but not very confidently as she sees Oleg and Igor fuming as Nadya hold out the script that they found in her purse.


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Snowdrop Episode 46Nadya confronts Ira after the shoot and Ira justifies that she found the script on the floor and wanted to return it to Nadya but it was too late to do so. Nadya rubbishes her claim and says if that was the case then why did she look nervous when she found her script in her purse. Ira says that she was keeping unwell which is a normal thing considering that she is pregnant. As Ira starts to leave she sees Igor and runs after him. Oleg walks up to Nadya and asks if she wants to punish Ira since he can do that being her boss. Nadya asks him what he will do now that his company’s reputation has been ruined because of Ira and but he brushes it off by acting funny which brings a smile on Nadya’s face.


Snowdrop Episode 46When Ira returns home, Polina snubs her and Ira asks her what makes her so mean towards her. Polina then reprimands her for ruining their company’s reputation by performing badly on the TV show. Ira says that she is pregnant and having dizzy spells is normal in her condition and Polina yells at her for going to the show despite keeping unwell. She berates her for being selfish and not caring about the company’s reputation. Ira pretends to feel nauseous and leaves the living room to rest in her room and Polina mutters that Ira is a big time drama queen.

In her room, Ira nervously approaches Igor who screams at her for sabotaging Nadya’s show. Ira repeats her lie that she wanted to return Nadya’s script but couldn’t do so. He then clearly asks her what prompted her to steal the script and she vehemently lies that she didn’t steal it. She tries to calm Igor down by reminding him of their child but he storms out of the room.


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Snowdrop Episode 46Olya welcomes Nadya home and takes her to Lucia. Nadya tells her how badly she wishes Lucia could speak so she would know if she liked her show or no. Nadya is surprised to feel Lucia gently squeeze her fingers and Olya tells her that Lucia is showing signs of improvement as she even moves her lips slightly when she tries to speak. Nadya is happy to know of her mother’s progress and requests Olya to take good care of her so she can recover soon. Nadya then asks Olya if she found Lucia’s diary or note and Olya tells her that the people in the house are very guarded and that Tamara even locks her room. Nadya then instructs Olya to call her only when no one is around at home so she can look for the diary herself. Quietly shutting the door, Olya hands Nadya a notebook in which she has jotted down points of whatever Tamara and her family speak about them.

When Nadya returns home, Katya tells her that she managed to convince the bouncer of the club, frequented by Kireev, to allow her to get in and now she can keep an eye on Kireev. She recalls how the bouncer reprimanded her for returning to the club despite being thrown out and she continued pestering till he finally gave in after she promised to share 10% of her winning amount with him and he asked her to be cautious of the club owner spotting her. Katya tells her that there is a big game the next day which will also have Kireev participating and this is the best opportunity for them to get evidence against him.

Tamara tries to control a distraught Ira who cries inconsolably. When she is unable to calm her down, she calls Nicolai to talk to Ira who asks him why he had to reveal the truth behind the spying scam. Nicolai justifies that lying breaks relationship and that it is better to be honest to save a relationship. Nicolai explains that a good relationship is built on love and trust but Ira doesn’t want to listen to his tirade. Nicolai advises her to cool down and return back to her house and be with Igor.


Snowdrop Episode 46Next morning, Nadya receives a grand welcome at her office where all of the company members applaud and congratulate her for putting up a good presentation. 

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