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Snowdrop Episode 45Olya’s vehement protests have no effect on Ira as she drives her to an undisclosed location. Nadya’s presentation is due in 30 minutes when she receives a frantic call for help from Olya who is alone and lost in an unknown neighbourhood. Worried, Nadya leaves her office without informing anyone. As soon as Nadya leaves, Larissa quickly steals her documents for the presentation and leaves the room with it. Nadya rushes to call a cab as Boris discreetly notices her leave in a haste.

Meanwhile, holding a pastry in her hand, Olya repeats to herself that she should wait for Nadya as she nervously stands in her place.

Larissa informs Ira about successfully stealing Nadya’s papers and Ira tells her to read it up and present it in such a way that the officials are convinced of the presentation being hers. Larissa looks apprehensive but Ira sternly tells her to do as asked as Nadya’s would not be returning anytime soon.


Snowdrop Episode 45Katya is surprised to know that Nadya is missing from the office even as the meeting is about to begin in a few minutes. She tries to call Nadya but is unable to get through. Nadya’s phone is engaged as she is talking to Olya asking her the description of the place she is stranded in at the moment. Olya is unable to read any signs on the street as she is unable to identify the language. Olya then tells Nadya that she can see a cinema house in front of her but before she can elaborate the call gets disconnected as Nadya’s phone battery dies abruptly. She requests the cab driver to lend his phone so she can contact Olya but the irritated driver refuses to help.

Katya informs Oleg of Nadya going AWOL and he calmly instructs her to collect all her important documents related to the presentation and submit it in case she is unable to return in time for the meeting. Katya searches for Nadya’s papers but is unable to find anything. Oleg calms her down saying that he is on his way to her office.


Snowdrop Episode 45With great difficult Nadya manages to borrow a phone from a stranger and tries to reach Olya who doesn’t answer the call. Noticing her panicky state, the stranger asks her what she is looking for and she tells him about her sister being stranded near a cinema hall. He then gives her direction to the nearest theatre and she thanks him for helping her out.

Katya tries to get in touch with Nadya but the manager calls the staff to go on with the presentation. Katya goes for the presentation and requests Boris to wait for Nadya as she suspects her to be in some trouble. Boris recalls overhearing Nadya’s conversation with Olya as she hailed a cab. However, he says nothing about that and criticizes Nadya for leaving work to attend some personal matter.

Nadya finally finds Olya outside the theatre and asks her how she landed there. Sobbing, Olya tells her that Ira forcibly brought her there on the pretext of buying her a cupcake and left her alone. It then occurs to Nadya that Ira used Olya to prevent her from participating in the competition in her company.


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Snowdrop Episode 45Nadya requests Olya to walk faster so they can reach her office on time but Olya is unable to do so saying that he legs ache. Olya then suddenly throws a fit for causing Nadya unnecessary trouble. Nadya calms her down reminding her of how she helped Nadya track her down by giving correct description of the place.

Meanwhile, Larissa is presenting her ideas (i.e. the presentation she stole from Nadya) before the team and Oleg who is there for Nadya’s sake. As Larissa talks about the survey Oleg asks her about the best answer she got while conducting the survey and Larissa nervously mumbles an answer as Nadya looks on from outside the room. Boris asks Larissa to go on with her presentation and Oleg says that he needs to know the answer as it is important for him. Larissa is tongue-tied and Nadya walks in answering Oleg’s question. Boris and team are dumbfounded and Nadya clarifies that she had to attend some urgent work because of which Larissa presented on her behalf and now that she has returned she will continue with the presentation. As Nadya continues with the presentation, Katya notices that Nadya is holding Ham’s lucky charm in her hand.

Nadya goes on to explain that 85% of the people in her client survey voted in favour of the plan that promotes charity. Her idea impresses everyone including Oleg who rises to applaud her presentation.


Snowdrop Episode 45As Nadya and Katya leave the conference room, Katya sees Olya who tells her that she was left at some unknown place by Ira. Just then, she sees Oleg and happily waves out to him. To avoid Olya from saying anything about Oleg to Nadya, she takes her away as Oleg walks over to Nadya and congratulates her for the presentation. Nadya then remembers that she has to return Oleg his jacket and leaves to fetch it for him.

When Nadya enters her work room she sees Larissa crying at her desk and tells her that she need not cry as she will neither hold her responsible for anything and nor will she tell anyone about her deceit. But Larissa snaps that she will never take any favour from Nadya. But Nadya too doesn’t seem to care as she only fetches Oleg’s jacket and leaves.


Snowdrop Episode 45Outside the office, Olya recognizes Oleg as Ham and Katya asks her to hush and tells her that Oleg’s identity as Ham is a secret and that Nadya should not know of it. Olya obediently nods her head and promises to follow Katya’s order of not divulging this secret to Nadya.

Nadya returns Oleg’s jacket and thanks him for supporting her. She then asks him what brought him there and he explains that he was there nearby to meet a friend so he decided to stop by. Nadya leaves with Olya and Katya and as Oleg starts to leave he is called back in by Boris asking to stay back to discuss something important.


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Snowdrop Episode 45Ira reaches her grandmother’s home when she receives a call from Larissa who tells her how their plan flopped. Ira fumes knowing that Nadya managed to reach the company on time and even won the competition. Tamara asks her about Olya and Ira lies that Olya is outside eating pastry. Just then, Nadya walks in with Olya. Tamara taunts Nadya for visiting them too often and Nadya tells her that she is there because Ira had left Olya in an unknown place just to sabotage her presentation. Olya nods her head fiercely saying that Ira did indeed leave her alone in a new place. Tamara looks shaken by their claim but refuses to believe anything spoken against Ira and she leaves the room with Ira in tow.


Snowdrop Episode 45Boris tells Oleg that he was observing him during the presentation and is now sure that Oleg is not just helping Nadya because of the case but because he is in love with her. Blushing, Oleg confirms that he does like Nadya as she is a very unique girl and being with her makes him forget everything else. Boris offers to celebrate with a drink but Oleg declines it saying that he has an important meeting to attend.

Tamara knows that Olya never lies which is why she asks Ira about what exactly happened in the morning. Ira tells her that she parked her car and left to buy a pastry but when she returned she couldn’t find Olya anywhere. She says that she even called on her cellphone but she didn’t answer her calls. Unconvinced with Ira’s explanation Tamara says that she can be honest with her as she has always supported her till date but Ira yells at her for doubting her and strides off in anger.


Snowdrop Episode 45When Oleg reaches his office, he is surprised to see Polina in his cabin who berates him for missing an important company meeting. Oleg looks cool about the whole thing and says that he will handle everything. However, Polina begs to differ and says that he will not be able to do anything.

Nicolai and Igor chat over drinks and Igor asks Nicolai if he was aware of Ira’s involvement in the spying case against Nadya five years ago when he was the judge of the case. Nicolai denies knowing anything about it. Igor then confesses that had Ira not been pregnant, he would have certainly divorced her by now. Nicolai admits that the big development in their life is good and assures to always support him in his decisions. Nicolai’s phone buzzes but he rejects the call as Kireev’s name flashes on the screen. Kireev feels infuriated that Nicolai rejected his call so he calls Ira who also does the same to him.


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Snowdrop Episode 45Nadya’s manager asks Nadya if she is prepared for the television interview and Nadya tells her that despite rehearsing at home she still feels slightly nervous. The manager suggests she prepare a script and stick to it. She tells her that the show has to work for them because if they receive several calls from customers they will win a star that will make their company one of the top 5 in the country. Nadya works on her script but is unable to concentrate as she has flashes of Olya crying after Ira abandoned her in an unknown location. She then calls Ira and warns her from ever touching Olya again. Ira pretends to not be able to find signal and disconnects the call which leaves Nadya even more frustrated.


Snowdrop Episode 45Boris bumps into Nadya in the hallway and enquires about what caused the delay for the meeting. She tells him that her sister called her saying she was lost and doesn’t know how she landed there. Boris tells her that next time such a thing happens to her then she should inform him about it. Nadya agrees to do so. He then asks her if she knows of Oleg who works for Pan cosmetics and had attended their meeting yesterday. She sheepishly denies knowing Oleg and Boris says that he knows what’s going on but doesn’t mean to intrude in her personal life. He then leaves after congratulating her for her successful presentation and hopes that she nails the TV show as well.

When Nadya reaches the studio, reporters hound her for a byte. A reporter asks her how she feels to be on a TV show after being freed from jail and she replies that she is not ashamed of anything as she has not committed the crime she has been accused of. The reporters then leave abruptly to talk to Ira. A reporter congratulates her on her pregnancy and asks if she will quit the show post pregnancy. Ira says that she is a professional and that she will not quit the show she has been hosting for the past five years. A reporter then asks if she has any problem with Nadya being on the same show as her. With a sweet smile she answers that she believes criminals also deserve to be given a second chance and the reporters praise her open heartedness.

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