Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review: Not Effective For Hair Loss

I do not experiment with hair shampoos often because my dermatologist has advised me against it. However, I tried the Jovees shampoo because a salesman managed to convince my mother to buy it by telling her that it is very effective in controlling hair fall. Since I have been battling hair fall issues for a long time, my naïve mother thought this shampoo might help me. I had to give her a nice long lecture on how shampoos cannot really control hair fall and that these are just marketing tactics. She almost took to her heels wanting to return the shampoo but then I stopped her and checked the packaging which revealed that the shampoo contains henna and ginseng extracts so I thought let’s give it a try. I have been using this shampoo for a few weeks now and here is my experience with it.

Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Name: Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Price: ₹230/- for 250 ml


Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review


What does it claim?

The shampoo contains naturally derived ingredients that help control hair loss, provide nutrition and strengthen the hair shaft. It also helps to improve the hair texture.

How to use?

Wet hair with water. Lather well before rinsing thoroughly.


Does it fulfil its claim?

The shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle with a green flip cap.

Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review

The shampoo is of runny consistency and is transparent with a slight pinkish-yellow tinge to it.

Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo Review

As directed on the packaging, I first wet my hair and then gently massage the shampoo all over my head before washing it off. The shampoo makes my hair squeaky clean and easily clears hair oil. Though I like the fact that it takes off hair oil easily I do not like how dry my hair feels later on. Needless to say, it has done absolutely nothing for my hair fall issues. What I dislike the most about this shampoo is the missing ingredients list. Why won’t the company give a full list of the chemicals used in it? I often stay away from brands that do not reveal the ingredients list. I do not see any change in my hair texture except that my hair feels dry after using it. This shampoo has not done much for my hair loss issues so I do not see myself buying it again.

What’s good about it?

Easily clears hair oil

Contains extracts of henna, ginseng and capsicum

Suits all hair types

What’s not so good about it?

Makes the hair dry

Missing full ingredients list

Does not help with hair fall issues




I give Jovees Hair Solution Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 2 out of 5 rating. This shampoo did nothing for my hair fall issues so I will not recommend this to anyone suffering from hair fall.


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