SSCPL Herbals Sparino Luscious Fruitamins Shampoo Review: Will Leave Your Hair Smelling Fresh And Fruity

The temperature has been rising consistently making way for the season I dread the most. Yes, I fear summers. In summer, my skin starts behaving like a rebellious teenager acting however it wants and totally ignores my desperate pleas to be kind to me. My hair too goes against me in the summer and becomes an old lady with a hunch. Helping it stand with a little more vigour becomes an impossible task. To add to it, the sweat glands in my scalp become overly active in hot weather and keep my hair soaked in sweat all the time. I am not kidding. I have had numerous people ask me if I washed my hair every morning because my hair always looks damp. Their reaction is priceless when I tell them that it is actually my sweat that enjoys keeping my hair company all day long. In such times, I prefer using a light shampoo that cleans my scalp without weighing my hair down. I especially like to use a shampoo that smells good so my hair does not stink too much when it’s soaked in sweat. For me, the Luscious Fruitamins shampoo works the best in such conditions. I have been using this shampoo right from the time it was available in a gel formula. The company has now changed its formula and it is now available in a creamy consistency. Keep reading to know why this shampoo is the best for someone with ‘sweat’ issues like me.

SSCPL Herbals Luscious Fruitamins Review

Name: SSCPL Herbals Sparino Luscious Fruitamins Shampoo

Price: ₹170/- for 200 ml


SSCPL Herbals Luscious Fruitamins Review

What does it claim?

This herbal shampoo helps to detangle hair, make it frizz-free and manageable.

How to use?

Apply to wet scalp and hair, massage into a rich lather and then rinse off the shampoo.

Does it fulfil its claim?

The shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle with a green flip cap.

SSCPL Herbals Luscious Fruitamins Review

Enriched with extracts of watermelon, grapes, strawberry, cucumber, lemon, and coconut, this shampoo has a yummy fruity fragrance and is of thick creamy consistency.

SSCPL Herbals Luscious Fruitamins Review

After every wash, I notice that my hair feels soft and smells great. More than frizz, my main concern is my thin hair falling limp. Even though the shampoo is creamy it does not weigh my hair down. It lifts my hair and makes it look voluminous. Also, I often try different kinds of hair masks and not all of them smell great. I even mix an egg in some of the hair masks and if you have ever applied egg yolk to your hair you will know how difficult it is to get rid of its smell. This shampoo has always rescued me in such situations as it is infused with extracts of citrus fruits that easily eliminate any kind of bad smell.

What’s good about it?

Pleasant fruit fragrance

Makes hair soft


Does not weigh down hair

What’s not so good about it?

Does not clear hair oil


I give SSCPL Herbals Sparino Luscious Fruitamins Shampoo 4.5 out of 5 rating. After using this shampoo for several years I can safely vouch for it as it has always worked for me. Do give it a try and share your experience with me.


You can buy at SSCPL Herbals.


**This particular bottle is a PR sample but the opinion in this post is unbiased and 108% my own.


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