Snowdrop: Episode 32

Show Title: Snowdrop

Country: Ukraine

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Written Update: Episode 32

Irina tells Lucia that she envies the fact that Olya and Nadya have a loving mother unlike her who was deprived of that love since her mother passed away in her childhood. She screams at Lucia for not letting her live peacefully and tries to grab the purse from her hand. In the scuffle, Ira ends up pushing Lucia from the cliff.

In prison, Nadya’s baby bawls and Nadya is unable to understand the reason behind it. Xena guesses that perhaps he knows he will be separated from his mother soon as he will be taken to the orphanage which could be the reason why he is crying. Displeased, Nadya asks her to not remind her of it.


Ira is shaken by the way things turned out tells herself that she did not intend to kill her. But her tone changes the moment she realises that nothing can be done about her situation and is prepared to face the consequences as no one will know what exactly happened. (Ah! Woman, you have confidence.)

Holding Lucia’s walking stick, Olya cries alone in her room wondering where her mother disappeared. She sobs saying that she loves Lucia a lot.

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Snowdrop Episode 32

(Our habitual murderer) Ira returns home and quickly scans through Lucia’s room. Using Lucia’s scribbled note as a reference she writes a suicide note on her diary and places it on the coffee stool in her room.

Nicolai is tensed as he is unable to find Lucia. Ira walks in and asks for Lucia and Nicolai asks her where she had been all this while and she replies that she had been at the studio the whole day. Ira asks him if she can help him find Lucia and Tamara remarks that despite being bad to Ira, she still wants to look for Lucia. Nicolai wonders what prompted Lucia and Olya to go AWOL and Tamara tells him to go speak with Olya who has locked herself in the room.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Olya tells Nicolai that she wants her mom back and he says he will get her back and needs her to tell him where they had gone. Olya evades his question and says that she doesn’t know where Lucia went and only found her walking stick.

Nicolai is in his room wondering where to look for her when he chances upon the suicide note on the coffee stool. Nicolai shows the note to Tamara and she yells at him for stuffing her house with criminals and mentally ill patients. Nicolai is unable to believe the letter and he rushes to inform the police.

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Snowdrop Episode 32

In a hospital, Lucia is brought on a stretcher in a bloodied state. Olya is too depressed to have a meal and Tamara scolds her for starving herself as she prepares breakfast for her.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Nadya looks lost and Xena tells her to not worry as her child will be taken care of. Nadya tells her about Olya’s telegram and says that Olya and her mom were supposed to meet her but they have met her as yet. Just then, Veera walks in and informs Nadya that her mom is in a coma after a failed attempt at suicide. Nadya does not believe that her mother can try to end her life and requests Veera to allow her to meet her mom.

Veera and Nadya request Sensenich to permit Nadya to meet her mother but he denies her permission saying that she has already tried to flee the prison once and that he cannot risk his job to help her meet her mother.

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Snowdrop Episode 32

Olya and Nicolai rush to the hospital Lucia is admitted to and Lucia’s doctor informs them of her critical condition. Nicolai tells him to not worry about the expense and to do his best to save her.

Igor informs Oleg about the employee strike against the company’s new policy and are demanding Oleg’s resignation. He advises Oleg to retain all employees and that they will figure out another way to reduce production costs. Oleg dismisses his suggestion and asks him to leave his cabin.  


Snowdrop Episode 32

Igor addresses the employees holding a protest outside Pan Cosmetics building as Oleg looks on. Igor tells the protestors that since the company is going through a crisis they will deduct employee’s salaries but will not fire anybody and the crowd cheers his decision. The union representative announces that Igor is a good leader and that he should be made the CEO just then Oleg chimes in that Igor should be selected as the CEO and the crowd starts booing him. Oleg tells the crowd that if they support his decision it will only benefit them and the company. But the crowd refuses to listen to him.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Oleg then walks down to the crowd and standing amidst them narrates a story –

“Once a man takes his dog to an old cafe and puts a bet with the people that his dog can speak. The man loses the bet as his dog doesn’t utter a word in front of the people. The dog owner then asks his dog the reason why he remained mum in front of the people and the dog replies that he must have lost money today but next time when he visits the cafe again, people will place higher bets and he will be able to win a larger amount of money after he speaks.”

Oleg tells them that the employees are not being fired and that they will only be on an unpaid leave. He promises to have them back once the company is in a favourable position. He assures them of sparing no pains is saving the company.

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Snowdrop Episode 32

Veera brings Nadya out of her ward and tells her that if she wants to meet her mother, she will have to meet a psychologist and asks her to follow her instructions and Nadya eagerly looks forward to it.

Veera hands over a form to Sensenich which indicates that Nadya is having suicidal tendencies and that meeting her family will help her improve her condition. Sensenich looks annoyed as he sees through Veera’s trick at helping Nadya and reluctantly permits Nadya to meet her mother.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Through the security camera footage, Boris looks into Igor’s cabin and furiously makes a note of something he spots in the cabin.

Lucia’s doctor gives Olya the purse that was found next to Lucia at the spot she was found. Olya remembers Lucia wanting to hand the purse over to Nadya and quickly hides it under her coat as Nicolai enters the room.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Olya waits outside and checks for the CD in the purse. Ira walks in and asks Olya for the purse but she refuses to hand it over to her. Ira manages to grab the purse and threatens Olya from mentioning anything to anyone. But Olya quickly snatches the purse from Ira’s hands and run with it.

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Snowdrop Episode 32

Boris visits the hospital to meet a friend and is surprised to bump into Olya. She tells him her mother has been hospitalised and that the doctors say that she is on the verge of death. He pities her saying that he knows how it feels to have a family in crisis. She requests him to not tell anyone about her and he agrees to it.

Nadya is devastated to see her mom in such a terrible condition. The doctor informs Nadya that Lucia’s condition is too bad to improve and that she will barely survive for another two months.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Oleg brings Boris home to celebrate but Polina looks upset. She sulks that she has been a bad mom to her son who himself said so and Oleg tries to pacify her by saying that he didn’t mean it. But she doesn’t look happy with his explanation. He informs her about Boris’s appointment with Pan Cosmetics and tells her that he handled the employee strike well. Polina rebukes him for personally interacting with unimportant employees. She warns him from making the same mistake as Igor who has spoilt his employees and has ruined the company. Igor walks in and overhears Polina’s comment.

Nadya refuses to believe that her mother tried to commit suicide. She tells Nicolai that Olya had sent her a telegram informing her of their imminent visit and indicated of having some good news to share. Nicolai denies having any information about the telegram and says that he found Lucia’s suicide note in her room after which she tried to commit suicide. He then tells her that Olya told him that she knows nothing about the whole incident. Nadya asks him about Olya as she doesn’t see her around and he tells her that she left to visit the washroom.

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Snowdrop Episode 32

Igor sarcastically asks if they had been talking about him and asks them to relax as he won’t be bothering them. He then congratulates Boris for his new job and taunts that his credentials must have impressed Oleg who never takes the wrong decision. Boris tells him he has something to say about Nadya and Igor takes him to another room to speak about it.

Boris tells Igor that Nadya’s mother tried to commit suicide and that she is on the brink of death. Oleg eavesdrops their conversation. Igor finds it hard to digest the news and Boris states that Nadya’s family is paying the price for their misdeed.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Nadya’s one hour is up and she tearfully bids her mom goodbye promising to meet her soon. Ira spots Olya and snatches the purse from her hand. She removes the CD and breaks in into pieces as Olya begs her to not do so. Olya then sees Nadya and runs to her.


Snowdrop Episode 32

Olya babbles that she has seen the CCTV footage and that she has seen Ira in it. She says that Ira entered the room the moment Nadya left and that Nadya is innocent as it is all Ira’s fault. (Olya did the scene so well her desperation was almost palpable.)

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