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Written Update: Episode 59

Snowdrop Episode 59Igor clarifies that Nadya was falsely framed in the industrial spying case. Anastasia says that Ira too must be aware of it and still she chose to malign Nadya’s name. Nervous, Ira then blurts out that Nadya is an ex-convict who was in jail for murdering Igor’s sister. Igor loses his patience and excuses himself before storming out of the room.

At home, Igor chastises Ira for speaking recklessly before Anastasia and ruining the company’s reputation. Ira justifies that she did it only to ensure that Oleg and Nadya do not get an upper hand over them. She says that Nadya is crossing her limits and as the PR head she will not tolerate that. Igor counters that as the PR head she must encourage her employees when they come up with good ideas instead of pulling them down. She protests but he shuts her up saying that dislikes her way of working which always puts the company in jeopardy.

Snowdrop Episode 59Nadya is apprehensive about her next meeting with Anastasia. But Oleg calms her nerves by praising her efforts and encouraging her to go forward without any fear. As he hangs up, Polina walks into his room and hands him a box to be gifted to Anastasia. He is startled to see an expensive pendant in it and refuses to attempt bribing Anastasia. Polina dismisses his opposition and explains that such gifts are necessary to please an investor and that they are only trying to build good relations with a potential investor.

Next morning, Oleg hands Anastasia the gift that Polina sent for her. He tells her that Polina wanted to impress her with the gift and Anastasia acknowledges the fact that Polina is a very shrewd businesswoman. She then asks him how he plans to convince her to invest him in his company because she feels that he is not using his full potential to have her on his side. He admits that he feels that he has a commanding position only because of his mother. He says that there is more than just money and position that he craves for.

Snowdrop Episode 59He confesses that there is someone special who he always wishes to help and keep happy. She rightly guesses that he is referring to Nadya and he states that she has worked very hard for Pan cosmetics. Anastasia agrees that Nadya is indeed a very good girl.

Snowdrop Episode 59Olya panics when she does not find Lucia in her room. Boris calms her down saying that he took Lucia to the first floor where doctors are currently examining her. She looks petrified and he says she need not worry about her mother as she is safe. She reveals that Lucia is in this appalling condition because of her and had she not taken Lucia to Igor’s office, she would not have been attacked by Ira. She says she has vowed to be by her side as Ira is capable of harming her.

Nicolai’s assistant informs him that the IT department has confirmed that the malicious emails against him have been sent from one IP address which belongs to PAN cosmetics PR department. Nicolai is shell-shocked to hear the information and feels disoriented till he answers Tamara’s call who enquires about the culprit behind Nicolai’s emails. He does not divulge anything and hangs up.

Snowdrop Episode 59However, Tamara is worried about her son and she calls his assistant to update her on his case. She too is surprised to know that the culprit is someone from Ira’s department. She quickly calls Ira and tells her about it. Ira is not surprised as she tells Tamara about Nadya who now works in her department. Tamara fumes and orders her to have Nadya fired but Ira says that it is not possible to fire her as she is a contest winner and chucking her out will cause a huge scandal.

Tamara calls Nadya who reluctantly agrees to meet her in the evening. Tamara berates Nadya for maligning Nicolai’s reputation despite her and her family. She reminds Nadya of how Nicolai provided shelter for her mother and sister and even bore their expenses. Nadya calmly states that she has not lied in the mails and if Nicolai is innocent she will surely be punished for it.

Snowdrop Episode 59Nadya tells her detective to keep an eye on Nicolai so they can collect evidence of him meeting Kireev. The detective tells her that they have been exposed and will not risk meeting in a public place. She asks him to track them anyhow and he agrees to do so. He then asks her if she does not fear the consequences of her actions and she states that she now fears nothing at all.

Tamara complains to Nicolai about Nadya’s attitude towards her when she reprimanded her for the emails. Nicolai tells her that its time he talks to her personally.

In her hypnosis session, Anastasia once again sees herself trapped in a burning car. She wakes up with a start and the doctor concludes that she must have gone through a very traumatic experience that has blocked her memory.

Snowdrop Episode 59Kireev and Nicolai meet at their regular café oblivious to Nadya’s detective who is secretly clicking images of them together. Kireev tells Nicolai about how Igor’s father, Anatoli Panin first met Polina. He narrates that Polina was always fond of befriending rich men and that she met Anatoli when he was alone at a bar. At the same time, Anatoli’s wife Ana was pregnant with a child. Polina was furious with Ana so she first befriended Ana through their common dress designer and gained her trust. Soon, Ana delivered a pair of twins and Polina was sure that Anatoli will never abandon his family for her so she paid Ana’s driver to take her out of town and burn her to death. Anatoli tried to look for his wife but could never find her. The driver too disappeared mysteriously. Anatoli did not want his children to grow up without a mother so he married Polina. Since they never found Anastasia’s body, Nicolai commands Kireev find her at any cost.

Snowdrop Episode 59When Nadya reaches Anastasia’s hotel she sees her struggling to catch a breath. She tries to help her as Anastasia has flashes of her past. In a flashback scene, we see her wake up in a hospital with her face plastered with a bandage as the doctor asks her to calm down. Back in the present day, her assistant brings her medicine which she does not have as she feels better. She asks her to cancel all her meetings and tells Nadya that she will not be able to have the makeup session. Nadya understands her and leaves.

Snowdrop Episode 59Nadya meets Nicolai at a café where he chastises her for sabotaging his career. He receives a call and moves away from the table. Behind his back, she quickly steals a bunch of keys from his jacket left behind on his chair. When he returns he asks her what she is doing and she counters him that he knows if she is lying or no. She then asks him how much money he had to shell out to get the emails deleted from the website and he scoffs that whatever happened to her was only a misunderstanding.

Snowdrop Episode 59She laughs and excuses herself. She quickly hands the keys to a key maker and asks him to make a duplicate of the whole bunch. She agrees to pay the double amount to have the keys made quickly and he asks her to wait for 10 minutes. When she returns to Nicolai, he warns her from meddling in his career and she criticises him for being so conniving. Frustrated, he starts to leave when he drops his jacket. She bends to pick his jacket and also hands him the keys she has stolen before cheerfully leaving the café.

Snowdrop Episode 59Ira anxiously waits for Nicolai’s arrival at home. He tells her that Nadya was indeed behind those emails and she complains of how badly behaved she is at work. She tells Nicolai that he must have her arrested once again or else she will bring them doom.

Next morning, Nadya receives a call informing her that Nicolai has filed a case of defamation against her and that after she receives the subpoena she will have to be present at the trial. The person also tells her that if she wishes to counter the case then she can do so today itself. Ira overhears her conversation and teases her about it. Nadya retorts that since the Belous family is obsessed with evidence she will hand in her evidence only to the concerned authorities. She then picks her bag and storms out of the room as Ira screams after her to stop.

Snowdrop Episode 59Nadya meets the Judge (not sure of this) who tells her that Nicolai has claimed that he does not know Kireev personally. Nadya smirks at the statement and shows him the picture clicked by her detective where Nicolai is seen talking to Kireev at a café. (Just a sec. The camera angle of these images is wrong. Nadya’s detective was sitting behind Nicolai so the images should be from that angle. But here the images are from the opposite angle. In fact, the detective is clearly visible in this image. Director saab, yeh badi galti ho gai.) Flummoxed, the man has nothing to say to Nadya.

Snowdrop Episode 59The judge, Constantine then meets Nicolai and expresses his concern regarding the case saying that Nadya has handed over images of Nicolai meeting Kireev at a café. In his defence, Nicolai denies it and says that the image must be edited. Constantine states that it looks authentic but they have still sent it for further inspection. Nicolai gets angry and reminds him of how he saved his nephew when he was caught stealing from the place he worked at. The man acknowledges his help but says that he is helpless in this case. He then advices Nicolai to quit before matters escalate and the news becomes a scandal. Nicolai barks at his unsolicited advice and the man leaves offering to help him when the need be.

As soon as Constantine leaves, Nicolai’s secretary rushes in and tells him to beware of him as he wishes to have Nicolai’s post for himself and that he even invited the council of judges for dinner.

Snowdrop Episode 59Nicolai tells Tamara how everyone has turned against him for their own selfish needs. He then tells her that he can change the situation by having the Council of Justice on his side by treating them to expensive gifts. Tamara assures to help him with this rather simple task.

Nicolai treats one of the council members to an expensive meal. The man is mighty impressed with the gift Nicolai sent for his wife and is also happy with the meal. He tells Nicolai that they have received complaints against him but he need not worry as he will tackle everything for him.

Snowdrop Episode 59Nadya calls on the landline of Belous house but when it goes unanswered she surmises that the house must be empty. She then sneaks in with the help of the duplicate keys. She rummages through Nicolai’s drawers till she chances upon the suicide note that was supposedly written by Lucia. Reading the contents of the letter she is sure that it has not been written by Lucia but someone else. Just then, she is startled to hear the main door open.


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